5-18-17 Thursday

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FYI, a montage of Nola’s Cajuns was posted on the Good Morning America Facebook page yesterday morning (see it here), which was really cool and totally unexpected! Those babies are going global, y’all.


I got to visit with my fosters-in-waiting Belle Starr and her kittens the other day (they were introduced in Friday’s post, if you missed it). Did I take pictures? Oh, just a few.

Belle is clearly stressed out.

This is the girl.

She was a bit hissy (though not overly so – she only hissed a few times, and luckily I was able to catch it!)

She is mostly gray, but has some peachy-pink patches of fur, as seen here on her left hip.

This is the gray boy. They’re so alert!

The row of boys, bellied up to the milk bar.

That face!

Brown tabby boy. That’s Belle’s arm across the front of him. As soon as I snapped this picture, she pulled him in for a hug. Awww.

Look at all those stripes!

Belle looks so stern and serious here, but my LORD what a lovebug she is. She requested lots of petting and sat in my lap for a little while. SO sweet!

“Hi, Mama!” That’s the girl, and I know that because she has a dark gray dot on her forehead. Only – it doesn’t actually look like a DOT, it looks like the outline of a cat’s head. Do you see it?

Brown tabby boy again. Those stripes!

Wearing Mama’s foot as a hat.

I was just amazed (though I shouldn’t have been) how much they’ve grown since I first saw them a week ago. You have no idea how much I wanted to bring them home with me, but everywhere I’ve thought of to put them just won’t work. My bathroom – but we use that bathroom a lot, and that’s a small space for a family this size. My bedroom – but there are always 4 or 5 of our cats hanging out and snoozing in there. It wouldn’t be fair to shut that space off from them, especially since we’ll be putting the screen door at the bottom of the stairs and shutting the upstairs off from them in another week or two.

I did think of clearing out the small blue coop that we’re just using as storage for now, and putting them in there, but that’s not really a good idea – the way the doors open, a cat could easily get by me, and I don’t entirely trust the local raccoons not to bust in and steal whatever food is in there if they realize it’s there. (UGH, those freakin’ raccoons. I need to do a Crooked Acres post soon to update y’all on The Raccoon Situation and how it’s all Fred’s fault.)

I have a playpen I could put them in, and would be willing to do so if it was just the kittens, but Belle would get stressed out with all our jerks sniffing around.

Like I keep saying to Fred – we just need ONE more room!


Can I interest you in a cuppa sweet Roux?

Or would you prefer a creamy Andouillatte?

Is a Pralinepresso more your speed?

Maybe you’d rather have our specialty, the Beignetcano?

Whatever you’d like, let us make it for you!

I found that giant cup/bowl on eBay. I used to have one that had flowers on the front, and have zero idea what happened to it. Either I’ll discover it when I clean out a closet, or I broke it and threw it away. Who knows? I certainly don’t! Anyway, it’s been a hit with the kittens. They like to sit in it and hang out… or do other things. Roux, for one, has discovered a use for it.

Here’s 50 seconds of Roux in the giant cup chasing her tail. Because why not?

YouTube link


We haven’t really been able to get Nola to play much, until last weekend, when Fred got out a teaser and waved it around. Her eyes got dark, and she WENT AFTER that thing. She was not kidding around – she must have been a mighty hunter before she came to us.

She kinda freaked the kittens out.

She kinda freaked me out, too!

Here, enjoy a video of her showing off her skills, me gasping at Fred, and the kittens floofing.

YouTube link


Speaking of mighty hunters. (Sheriff Mama* is smilin’ ’cause she knows it’s true!)

*AKA Kara


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5-18-17 Thursday — 20 Comments

  1. Everything and every picture/video in this post is wonderful!
    Did you notice the tiny teef in the pic of your girl-foster-in-waiting? Keel Me Deed!

  2. Mama probably was a ferocious hunter in her previous life! Like I’ve said before, one of the strays I feed caught a squirrel and ate the entire thing — fur and all, leaving only the tail. I have two small dogs, and they’ll occasionally make a lame attempt to chase one of the many squirrels in the backyard, but that cat got ‘er done. I call him ‘Squirrel Killer.’ LOL

    Congrats on the GMA! Hopefully, it brings some new readers here, and some who start fostering or adopt from an animal welfare organization.

  3. I love seeing Mama Nola playing! And I gasped at her jumping, too! I also apologize to my cats if we are playing and they get too excited and slam into furniture or the floor, though of course it is entirely their own doing! 😀

  4. Any thoughts on names for Belle Starr’s litter? Clearly Wild West bandits/icons are in order. The girl can be Calamity Jane.

  5. Vampire Kitty from 2007 needs to be on the calendar for October next year. Love it! Also added to the favorites page.

    I will take a Venti Andouillatte, please and thank you.

  6. So, there must be a lot of caffeine in those? Oh, what the hell. I’ll take uh, a large I guess, of each of them. To go, please. No whip or foam on the Andouillatte or the Roux. Or sugar. I think they’ll probably be sweet enough.

    And how about Belle’s little outlaws! Would you look at those sweet little faces… Have you been thinking of names for the babies?

    Atticus at 19 goes apes**t whenever I bring the laser pointer out. Bat.S**t.Crazy. So nuts in fact it freaks 7-year old Malcolm out. Whodda thought the Old Man, at 19, still had so much jump in his jump?!

    *kiss* I love me some Kara…

  7. You know why kitties get so peeved at us, right?? It’s because they are the world’s perfect assassins but we insist on picking them and kissing them.

  8. Belle and her kids REALLY need move into your house. If Fred can’t give up his office maybe someone can give up a bedroom. There’s a couch in the living room, right? Or you can fit twin beds in one room, right? I mean seriously, who is more important; the humans or the kitties?

    (You know I’m kidding, I really wouldn’t tell you how to run your life, but it sure would be nice for that little family to move in)

    • Oh don’t think I haven’t been trying to figure out a way to make it work!! 🙂 Belle and her kittens give me the definite grabby hands!

  9. Is there a ceiling fan in the foster room? Watched the GMA montage and one of the girls stops and looks up and starts rolling her head like she’s following a ceiling fan. So cute. You and Fred are so lucky…