5-19-17 Friday

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Today marks 12 years since my post about our very first foster litter. TWELVE YEARS, can you believe that? 12 years and 328 fosters, if you include Belle and her kittens (which I shouldn’t since I’m not actively fostering them yet, but let’s throw caution to the wind, shall we?)

And while we’re on the topic, just to let y’all know – Nola and the Cajuns are being fostered for Forgotten Felines of Huntsville (I think I didn’t really make that very clear at the beginning). Their Facebook page is here, and if you’re interested in adopting your very own Cajun (or Nola!), drop an email to info@ffhsv.org to discuss adoption procedures.


And how about Belle’s little outlaws! Would you look at those sweet little faces… Have you been thinking of names for the babies?


Any thoughts on names for Belle Starr’s litter? Clearly Wild West bandits/icons are in order. The girl can be Calamity Jane.

Calamity Jane is the name I had in mind for her, too. But the lady who found Belle and her kittens works at a radio station and mentioned having a naming contest for them! I don’t know when that’ll happen, but I’ll certainly let y’all know when it does.


When I read this, I thought that he’s a bit like Khaleesi, but on the other side of the planet.

I think I love him! “A despot and a dictator” cracked me UP.


Did you notice the tiny teef in the pic of your girl-foster-in-waiting? Keel Me Deed!

I certainly did! Isn’t that girl just terrifying with those bitty earses and those tiny teef?


So cute! How do you not squeeze the floof out of them every day? Isn’t there a spaceship toy that is kitten sized? & a tank? How do you decide what toys they are exposed to?

It is REALLY hard not to squoosh them every single day! I think the spaceship toy you’re thinking of is actually a track ball toy, as modeled by Beulah back in 2009.

I actually moved that toy into the foster room yesterday morning, and the kittens spent the day pushing it around the room, but no one climbed into the middle. I fear they’re too big to fit now, anyway.

I do have a kitten-sized tank, as modeled by Stefani back in January 2016.

It’s currently in the back of the closet, and I need to dig it out!

I mostly decide which toys the kittens are exposed to by seeing it in the closet and saying “Oh, maybe they’ll like this!”, putting it in the foster room, and seeing if they’re interested. I usually give it a couple of days, and if the kittens show zero interest, then I put it away again. We have a LOT of toys, as I’m sure you’ve figured out!


So it seems, just from photographic evidence, Roux and Praline are together a lot, while Benny and Andy are together when Andy’s not sleeping in your lap. Or am I reading too much into the sliver of their day we see??

There’s maybe an ever-so-slight preference for the floofy ones to team up and Roux and Praline to team up, but it changes from day to day.


This picture of Andouille reminded y’all of Chessie, the mascot for the Chesapeake Railroad, Keyboard Cat’s look at the end of the video, this smiling kitten, this smiling cutie, Maneki Neko (the Fortune Cat), and Shironeko. Shironeko is the cat I was thinking of, especially this cabbage picture right here.

Thanks, y’all, for helping me figure it out!


Is there a ceiling fan in the foster room? Watched the GMA montage and one of the girls stops and looks up and starts rolling her head like she’s following a ceiling fan.

There is, and that’s exactly what she was fascinated by. It cracks me up when the kittens notice the ceiling fan for the first time.


Roux in the sun. Isn’t that thin band of blue around the outside of her iris cool?

Praline kicking Andouille’s butt, while Roux snoopervises.

“Look, innernets, I gots claws!”

Praline, the first one to figure out that you can sit atop the blue cat tree like this.

That FACE.

A picture of my current setup. I play music on the TV via my Fire Stick, and keep a slideshow going of random pictures (my own random pictures, I mean, which I upload to my Amazon Drive), which I love watching. (Also, Andouille watched his sister sit atop the blue cat tree and copied her.)

Sittin’ in the teddy bear basket, as you do.

And biting the bars with his tiny teef.

Floofin’ on the shelf. (Beignet)

Roux’s all “Outta the way! Places to go!” and tromps right over Andouille.

Then Roux sat atop the blue cat tree and fought with Andouille through the bars, and poor Praline was all “You’re squishing me!”

Roux was victorious, and claimed the teddy bear basket for herself.

The kittens ripped a feather to shreds, and all that’s left is this little bit of feather. Praline LOVES it. She’ll pick it up and carry it around and growl at anyone who comes too close. It’s utterly adorable.

Nola and Andouille are sound asleep in this picture. I wanted to get this picture from another angle, but when I walked across the floor Nola woke up and moved. Hmph.


Videos! In the first one, I have TWO kittens spitting. First Andouille does it, and apparently it’s catching because Praline does it too.

YouTube link

And in the second, Andouille learns about the track toy, with some assistance from Fred.

YouTube link


I mean, I don’t know. You think Joe Bob is looking at his daddy?


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5-19-17 Friday — 9 Comments

  1. Talk about disrupt a casino operation–Andouille at the roulette table!!

  2. So I was sitting down for a cup of coffee and to start a new book. The story is set in Virginia and has ghosts and post Civil War action in flashbacks. Very atmospheric. A new character has just been introduced. His name is Congressman J. Dudley Apperson. I just about spewed coffee all over the place. I immediately saw a picture of Senator Stanley J. Boogerton. I have to put the book down because I cannot read any further until the laughing stops!

  3. I think Belle Starr’s kittens should have star/constellation names. You might have already done that at some point but I just think it goes nice with her starry last name =) I looked a few up: Rigel, Canopus, Cassiopeia, Orion.

  4. The video “Andouille learns about the track toy” made me LOL. Which is not good as I sit near my manager. I should NOT be looking at such things at work! 😉

  5. Thankfully I had swallowed my coffee before I watched Andouille and the track ball. That boy still has a way to go before he masters the paw/eye coordination!

    Has Fred succumbed to the charms of this group like the rest of us? I’m not use to seeing him in there playing with the babies until they are a little bit older. 😀

  6. and with each new litter, I say “THIS is the most beautiful of all!!”

  7. Andouille is my favorite in this litter. I usually don’t care for orange kitties but he is cute and seems somewhat uncoordinated which just makes him even more lovable.