5-19-15 Tuesday

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As of today – well, yesterday – we’ve been fostering for 10 years! (Well, actually, we’ve fostered for 9 of those 10 years. We took a year off from fostering after adopting Tommy and Sugarbutt, at Fred’s request.) 10 years ago today I posted about Mia and her kittens. We’ve fostered (including Lucy and her kittens) 269 cats and kittens!


A few people have asked when the kittens will be ready to go. We’ve got a little while still – they’re almost 7 weeks old now, and they need to be spayed and neutered and up to date on all their vaccinations. They can’t have their rabies shots ’til they’re 3 months old, so rather than having them spayed and neutered and then having to take them back to the vet for their rabies shots, I’ll just have it all done at the same time.

So, long story short: the kittens will be ready to go at the beginning of July, and Lucy will be ready to go in about 3 weeks. If you’re seriously interested in any of them, let me know and I can send you an application. We’re in North Alabama, and adopters are required to come here to get their kitten.

Lucy went into heat over the weekend. Luckily, it only lasted about a day and a half; she’s going on Thursday to be spayed. I’m going to try letting her recover in the downstairs bathroom, but if she kicks up too much of a fuss, I’ll put her back in with the babies. I’d, personally, prefer that she recover in peace, but you know how those mama kitties are, they have minds of their own!


“Mama, Mama, Mama, I hug you!”

Shecky and Roseanne are halfheartedly fighting, but you can tell by their eyes that they’re juuuuust about to drop off.

Gilda, semi-floofed.

Rickles the sweet monkey.

Rickles is just obsessed with that little cardboard “egg carton.”

Skelton gets his floof on; Rickles ignores him.

Sweet little Roseanne.

Shecky and the toy of awesomeness. By the way, I found out that that toy was NOT homemade, Winnie said that it was in the back of a closet. It might have come as a Publisher’s Clearinghouse prize or something like that. I’m not sure where I got it in my head that it was homemade! (Homemade or not, it’s still awesome!)

Shecky sleeps like this a LOT.

Having tired of Rickles’ shenanigans, Lucy doles out some discipline.

Louis looks a little offended here, doesn’t he?

I think a loud car went by outside, and it startled Skelton, who apparently thought this was a good place to take cover.


The kittens got a cool new condo last week, and after a few days of ignoring it (as they do), they’ve decided that it’s the best thing since the milk bar!

YouTube link.


Smilin’ Joe (Bob) gets his relaxation on.


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  1. Many congratulations on saving lives and augmenting the world’s cuteness quotient over this past decade and, with luck, a few more. Hail to handsome Joe Bob, and ten out of ten to Rickles (that was him, right?) for that fearless leap into the condo.

  2. Robyn and Fred, thank you so much for these ten years! You are making the world a better place πŸ™‚

  3. Skelton is clearly an exceptionally smart kitten and knows that in case of emergency or natural disaster, you should have a week’s supply of food and water next to you.

  4. So is the post from 2005 your very first Love and Hisses post ever? Thank you so much for all you and Fred have done over the past decade and for sharing it with us.

    • Love & Hisses actually wasn’t around back then – I had another blog, where I posted that entry. I started Love & Hisses in 2008, with Kara’s arrival and her litter. There are still more posts that I need to get moved over here before the blog is complete with posts about all the fosters. I’m hoping to get that done sooner rather than later!

  5. 10 years!! That is so awesome!!! Was the new kitty condo your anniversary present to yourself? πŸ˜‰

    • Ha – no, that was from another foster mom. I think someone bought it for a cat they’d adopted, then they returned the cat, and donated the condo. It’s too small for adult cats, so she gave it to me. πŸ™‚ (But buying a kitty condo to celebrate the anniversary is SO something I would do!)

  6. Thank you for all your dedication and love over the past 10years. Your fosters hit the jackpot. I personally know it’s not all fun, games and cuteness. It is a lot of hard work with cleaning, sick animals, doctor visits and sometimes a lot of worrying and did I mention cleaning oh, yeah. Your an angel !!!!

  7. Happy 10 year anniversary! Your dedication is amazing, and looking forward to more catventures and flioofball fostering. What a terrific milestone to mark.

    Skelton is adorable. In case of emergency, I’d hide next to the water too.

  8. Happy Anniversary! And thank you for all you do for the felines.

    You’re really going to let that look o’ lurve on Rickles’ face leave you?!?!?

    • It’s the laid-back snuggly little monkeys I never have to worry about, I know they’ll find a great home, fast. πŸ™‚

  9. That is ten years of WIN!

    Thank you so much Robyn and Fred for taking in these half-grown monkees and homeless mamas.

    You’re doing what I wish I had the time and space to do. Also the heart, you love them enough to let them go, which I don’t think that I could do.

  10. Wow, ten years, congrats and thank you!

    I just told my husband last night that if we ever win the lottery (have to play to win, which we very rarely ever do. Heh) that after all the traveling is done and we’re ready to come home and settle down I’d go into fostering cats. He said he’d do dogs. So just imagine that household. LOL But you’re definitely an inspiration, I just wish I had the time, money and space.

    I wish I could bring one of them home but with a tiny house and having 4 cats and 1 dog already it’s not possible. Le Sigh

    • I always say that when we win the lottery (which I only do when I go into Tennessee, since Alabama doesn’t have the lottery!) we’ll build a house with a wing devoted to fostering. πŸ™‚

  11. CONGRATULATIONS on your 10 year anniversary!!!

    It’s so nice seeing the love and care you have, plus KITTENS!!

  12. Wow 10 years fostering That is amazing and to think of all the forever homes you’ve helped to find for all of these kittens and Mama cats!

  13. Oh, those pink leeps and little teefs! Congratulations and THANK YOU for fostering and raising so many lifes, and for sharing them with us!

  14. 10 wonderful years! Congratulations, Robyn!

    Of course I had to go to read your very first blog post – it was fun to see the Love-and-Hisses style was there, even before Love-and-Hisses!

    No matter how tough the day, my evening relaxation reading the latest entry elevates my mood. Kittens + Robyn + permanent residents + mama cats + Fred + Crooked Acres’ denizens = instant therapy!

    • Thanks, Webbthistle! I’m glad that this blog is a bright spot in your day, that’s what I always aim for. πŸ™‚

  15. Wow, 10 years! Knowing how you’ve given such a healthy, happy and much loved start to the lives of so many kitties – you should be so proud. Is that the right word? Well, I think you’re both awesome, and pretty damn cool to boot. Thanks for making my days start off on such a happy note!

    And of course – Stompers. If there was ever one little dude that defines Crooked Acres, he’s the guy.

    Hugs from Brigitte, Atticus, Mae and Malcolm in Toronto

  16. I’m wondering…. what happens when you spay a lactating mama? Do the milk bar taps turn off abruptly with the sudden lack of hormones? Inquiring minds want to know! (Or at least, I do!)

  17. Happy 10 year anniversary! I remember mine like it was yesterday and sometimes I’m still floored that I’ve been doing this so long.