5-20-15 Wednesday

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A Mama and her boys (Rickles on the left, Skelton on the right).

Louis senses a disturbance in the Force.

Roseanne is quite proud of herself for figuring out how to get to that shelf.


I got that cardboard mouse thingy (it’s one of these) with my Fresh Step Paw Points, and the kittens have a good time dragging it around the room.

“Pardon me, lady, I can haz a snuggle?” That Gilda is the biggest snugglebug ever. She’s also the one who’s most DYING to get out of the foster room.

This is the Savvy Tabby version of the Best! Toy! Ever! (the one I thought was handmade and then found out it wasn’t). I had to order one of the Amazon version so I could see how it compared. It’s pretty close – in this one, the wire is more springy, and the toy on the top squeaks rather than rattles, but it’s pretty much the same size, and the kittens like both of them quite a bit. As you can see, Roseanne has staked out a spot next to the toy to protect it from her siblings.

Skelton gets his veggies in. (I can’t swear to it, but I’m pretty sure that’s a Japanese eggplant he’s got there. It came in a KitNipBox.)

Bowl full o’ Rickles. I bought a fishbowl a few weeks ago, in hopes that the kittens would climb into it, fall asleep, and provide a good picture-taking opportunity for me. However, it was too tall for them to get into, and they took to chewing on the edge of it, which made me nervous. This bowl is a better size for them, it has rounded edges that they ignore, and they really like hanging out in it. Perhaps one day someone will fall asleep in it and provide a good picture-taking opportunity for me!

Lucy’s annoyed that the milk bar is CLEARLY open for business, but Roseanne’s too busy playing with her tail to partake. That’s gratitude for you!

Skelton in the bowl, considering his next step.

Louis gives the new toy a try and thinks it’s pretty cool.

Racing girlies.

“I SEES you, weird lady!”


Video! These kittens have turned into wild little skitterbugs. (If you only have a moment, you’ve got to check out the leap at the 25 second mark!)

YouTube link.


Jake has been increasingly difficult to take pictures of in the past few months – I think he doesn’t like the sound of the camera, because as soon as he sees it in my hand, off he goes. Such a loony brat!


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5-20-15 Wednesday — 13 Comments

  1. Check out the smile on Roseanne’s little face as she proceeds to disturb the Force and sneak up on Louis. That makes my day!

  2. Robyn, see if you can quiet the shutter. You won’t be able to silence it completely — some of the sound is mechanical — but many DSLR’s offer a ‘quiet mode’ that might slow the shutter down, but it does reduce the noise a good bit. I know mine (Canon EOS 70D) does.

    • Yeah, mine doesn’t have that option, unfortunately. I think this means I need a new camera, don’t you? 😀

  3. I need new glasses. I read “Louis senses a disturbance in the Farce” which I thought was a cute pun for the Kittens of Comedy, then I rubbed my eyes and saw the joke was on me. 🙂 Still adorable!
    Doggone it Jake! You know how much I love you, stop avoiding the camera and show me some tooning loons!

  4. I love Rosie sneaking up on Louis. You have some natural photobombers!

    And that photo of Gilda is utterly SQUEE.

  5. The milk bar is still open for business? Sigh. I was hoping for some “denied” videos.

    • She’s been spending more time laying flat on her belly, which confuses the kittens – “Where is the milk bar? Wasn’t it right around here…?” 🙂

  6. Lucy’s got some good weight on her. She was getting so skinny!!

    there are very few things cuter than kittens up on their back legs.

  7. Robyn reading g this at 30000 feet…Kittens great therapy,even way up here…much needed. Thanks!

  8. we’re boring, all we can say is SQUEELLL kittens, so cute!!
    please squish their fluff for me

    Japanese eggplant ? hmm, is it green? that photo is a bit dim,looks like a okra to me