5-20-10 – The Rescuees and the Bookworms.

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It’s funny – if I pick up and snuggle Miz Poo or Elwood and then pick up and snuggle a Bookworm, I practically end up accidentally tossing the Bookworm over my shoulder, they’re so light compared to the grown cat.

But if I pick up a Rescuee (that’s what I’m calling them, the Rescuees. Cydney, who’s another Challenger’s House foster mom as well as the sister of the woman who gave me sweet little Franco, suggested that name for the group – since they were also rescued from an engine block, behind a wall, and a cage at the vet’s, it fits pretty well, and it rolls off the tongue a lot more smoothly than “The 99s”!) and then pick up a Bookworm, I feel like I’m about to throw out my back, since the Rescuees weigh about 1/4 of what the Bookworms do.

Between the Rescuees and the Bookworms, my home is awash in sweet kittens. And I’d have it no other way!

Franco checks out the green tube.

Sheila keeps an eye on one of her brothers.

Franco looks like a wee bear cub, doesn’t he? And Gavin CLEARLY does not approve.

Gavin is killing me with that stink eye he’s shooting at Franco.


Gavin examining the inside of the green tube, while Garrity checks out the toys.

Gavin’s aghast at the intrusion from Franco. “Sir, I am in MY PRIVATE ABODE, you cannot just PEER through the windows at me! Gendarme! Arrest this man for invasion of privacy!”

* =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= *

“What doin’, lady?”

Rhyme, balanced on the end of my bed and staring up at the ceiling fan.

Rhyme, trying to decide where to go from here.

* =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= * =^..^= *

Maxi, trying to look innocent.


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5-20-10 – The Rescuees and the Bookworms. — 13 Comments

  1. I put a post about the three kitties who need homes up at my blog – hope it helps!

    And well, those kittens are all just adorable. And wait, are you trying to tell me that Franco isn’t a bear? Io (the brother of the two kittens I am taking in) is black too, and I always say it is strange that their mom gave birth to 5 kittens and one tiny bear. There is just something about black kittens that is totally bear-like!

    And of course all the pics are wonderful as always!!

  2. Awww Franco is a sweetheart!!!! Gavin is just so funny and the rest of the new kitties are just lovely! Big awwwww!

    The Bookworms have competition in the awwww factor! Not really, they are too precious for words.

    Maxi IS innocent!

    and GREAT news about the kitties finding new homes – wonderful news!!

    Take care

  3. A house awash with kittens…that sounds just perfectly delightful 🙂 I cracked up about how each group seems so tiny compared to the others…my three cats weigh 12 lb, 8 lb, and barely 6 lbs respectively and I totally know how it goes when you pick one up after having held the other 🙂

    Oh, and Maxi is totally innocent! Look at that face! How could she be guilty of any mischief?

  4. We pray and purr that the kitties will get a forever home…

    * it will be very sad if they have to ‘put to sleep’ :((

    take care


  5. You always put up a lot of pictures with great captions, but I have to say that I am always disappointed when the post ends. More, more, MORE! Yes, I am selfish like that.

    The Rescuees are neat in that you have almost a full complement of colors (black, gray, orange, buff).

  6. Awash in kittens… sigh… sounds heavenly! Busy, but heavenly!

    Gavin is going to be the most terrific grumpy gus, ever!! What a face!

    Terrific news on Callie, Muffy and Fluffy!

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  8. Glad all the cats were placed. I posted a link to this entry on a cat lovers’ group at a website I read regularly, in case anyone was nearby.

    And what a stinky son to take away his mom’s pets when she’s already bereaved. I wouldn’t go back to Houston with such a meanie.

  9. I’m glad those three cats have found new homes! Sounds like a difficult situation for that family, and I can sympathise with both sides, because the son may already have pets in his home and couldn’t cope with three more cats – or perhaps members of his family are allergic to them.
    I LOVE ANGRY LITTLE GAVIN. Angry, surly, grumpy kittens are just hilarious to me.