Kara & babies – 5-20-08

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I noticed yesterday that the kittens’ eyes are starting to change color. Around their pupils, the color is lightening and starting to turn to green.

Inara has taken to immediately coming over to me and asking to be picked up as soon as I come into the room. She likes to be cradled like a baby, and she likes to pat my face with her paws and then sniff my face and just when I’m about to melt from the cute, she starts with the claws and teeth and I have to put her in timeout. She’s the one who reminds me the most of Maddy.

Speaking of cats, I cannot believe it’s been three years since we got our very first batch of foster kittens. A quick check of my Flickr sets tells me we’re on about our 16th set of fosters. Some of them I remember fondly, some of them I barely remember. Very few of them – THANK GOD – have been returned to the shelter.

Inara makes the goofiest faces.

“You ever get that feeling like someone’s watching you?”

“So, I was mindin’ my own bidness and she climbs RIGHT into the litter box with me and she’s all kicking litter around and I’m all ‘Do you MIND? A man needs his privacy!’ but she just ignored me. I mean, seriously. Have you EVER?”

God, they’re huge.



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