5-20-05 – Mia & babies

So, the kitties.

We really, really, really aren’t going to keep any of them. I know y’all don’t believe me, but it’s true. The only way I could get Fred to agree to let me foster them is to promise I wouldn’t beg to keep one (or all!) of them. I know it’s going to be really hard to give them up, but I know that they’re going to go to good homes, so it’ll be worth it.

Yesterday we cleared out the guest bedroom – and I mean cleared it out completely. We moved the bed out, and it’s leaning against the wall in Fred’s bedroom, the dresser is now in the hallway, and the table is in the hallway as well. The only thing in there is the leaf to our table, which I left in there because I’m going to have to weigh the kittens pretty regularly, and I’ll need a hard surface to put the scale on.

We’re not going to let the mother cat and kittens out into “general population” (heh), because the mother is extremely protective, and when she sees our cats sitting out in the hall, she loses her mind. She went after Mister Boogers yesterday, and scared him so badly that his tail was puffed up for the rest of the day.

Poor Mister Boogers.

As far as naming them goes, I got a list of names from the shelter – names that they’ve used in the past – and the idea is to use names that haven’t been used before.

This is Peanut. The spud named him.

We haven’t definitely come up with names for the other ones, but we’re probably going to name one of them Oy. We briefly considered naming them Roland, Eddie, Jake, Oy, and Susannah (Fred got really excited when he came up with that. “It’s the perfect ka-tet!” he said), but most of those names have been used before. We also thought of using Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer, but again – they’ve been used.

We’re also probably going to name the one with the little speck on his nose – the one I was holding in yesterday’s entry – “Snoopy”, because that was Tubby‘s “official” name. Also, we might name one “Edgar.”

Give me suggestions for names for the mother, would you? She doesn’t have a name, either, and I can’t come up with one that fits her. Fred suggested “Mrs. Boogers”, but as Mister Boogers has proven himself to be a chicken when it comes down to it, I’m not sure that really fits her.

Little fighters.

This morning there was baby poop all over the place – all over the towel in the box they sleep in, all over the babies, and a tiny little baby turd on the floor. I replaced the towel with a clean one and picked up the poo on the floor, but left the babies for mama to deal with. If they’re still dirty tonight, I’ll wipe ’em down with a damp cloth.

I also need to take a good look at each of the kittens and see how I’m going to tell them apart. I’m okay with all of them except the two black and white ones. I’m sure their markings aren’t exactly the same, but I haven’t noticed any obvious difference yet.

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