5-21-15 7 Weeks Old!

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Can you believe these little muffins are SEVEN weeks old already? In celebration (and because someone recently mentioned the idea), here’s a side of them that you don’t get to see all that often.

That’s right.

It’s Tummy Thursday!


Gilda. (Don’t you love the white “buttons” holding her waistcoat closed?)



Roseanne. (I think she looks like a white cat wearing a tabby blanket!)

Shecky. (FYI, it only took me SEVEN weeks to realize that Shecky’s got white paws.)

Skelton. (“Unhand my foot, lady!”)

Lucy has no intention of showing you her tummy, so don’t even think about asking.

And here they are, right-side up (or not).

Gilda is the sleepingest sleeper who ever slept.

Rickles looks a little concerned about my intentions.

Shecky, the zipper to your cat suit is showing! Cover that up, people will get suspicious.

Doesn’t Louis look oh-so-innocent? Like he wouldn’t bite your lips if you gave him half a chance.

Skelton was the very first kitten to purr for me!

Belushi always looks so scowly, but he’s the sweetest little lovebug.

Roseanne, taking a rest from kicking tails and taking names.

At weigh-in yesterday, I found that we’ve got three kittens who are at or over 2 pounds. Rickles and Shecky are 2 pounds 2 ounces. Skelton’s at an even two pounds. Louis and Roseanne continue to be the two smallest at 1 pound 12 ounces each, Belushi’s at 1 pound 15 ounces, and Gilda’s at 1 pound 14 ounces. I was glad to see that Lucy gained 1/4 of a pound, putting her back over 8 pounds. She still needs to put on some more weight, and with the kittens eating well on their own, that shouldn’t be a problem!

You can see their weight chart at the bottom of their page.


Alice Mo, stressin’ it.

YouTube link.


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5-21-15 7 Weeks Old! — 22 Comments

  1. LOVE the tummy pix!!!! So cute to see!! Doesn’t look like any of them were too stressed at having to lay in your lap! 🙂

    • It actually took me several tries to get those pictures – I found that what worked the best was to wait ’til they were all sound asleep, then gently move them onto my lap. They were confused, but sleepy enough to lay there!

  2. Is there a BETTER way to start a Thursday than with kitteh bellehs? No. No, there is not.

  3. Lucy thinks you had enough pictures of her belly right before she gave birth, and in all kinds of flattering angles too!

  4. Cute bellies! In that last picture of Rosanne, it looks like she has more gold in her fur than I’d first noticed. Or it might be the light. Either way, she’s a cutie. The only buff kitty I ever had was named, “Blondie.” My sister gave her to me, and oh so tiny when I first got her. She grew to be a HUGE cat, but always a love-bug.

  5. I’m on my second visit — and those tummies are even better this time round. Hope some adoptions are in the offing for this delicious family.

    Nice pic of La Mo, too!

  6. Maybe some pics are a few days older, but Louis sure looks like his eyes are staying bright blue while everyone else is changing.

  7. I love pictures in which Alice Mo appears to be a butterball. I know it’s not flattering for a lady but it just makes me want to snorgle her for some reason. 😀

  8. If I could ask an indelicate question….are Gilda’s buttons nipples too?

  9. I absolutely adore this post. I think I remember suggesting a belleh post a little while back, and it’s fantastic to see this as one of the first things in my morning. Kitten bellehs make everything better!

    I love how Shecky seems terrified of the camera lens. “What IS dat, lady?!”

  10. To me, Belushi has always had a lion face. I hope he keeps it. I’d keep him in a millisecond if Challenger House would deliver to the West Coast.

    I hope whoever brings him home keeps us updated.

  11. Re Gilda’s belleh…In addition to buttons I also see two kitties facing each other like one of those classic vase/face drawings.

  12. you carping slay me.. SLAY ME DEADED!! and I have kittens.. I have the most awe-y kittens eva.. and STILL you slay me deaded..