5-22-15 Friday

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If I could ask an indelicate question….are Gilda’s buttons nipples too?

They are! It’s kind of amazing how perfectly placed they are, isn’t it?


Re Gildaโ€™s bellehโ€ฆ In addition to buttons I also see two kitties facing each other like one of those classic vase/face drawings.

It took me a minute, but I totally see it! How cool is that? SO cool!


Maybe some pics are a few days older, but Louis sure looks like his eyes are staying bright blue while everyone else is changing.

His eyes are starting to change, but from a distance they still look completely blue. I wish they’d stay blue!


Aww is that Pepsi in the first picture? I want that feisty girl to find her forever family!!

I think it is – good eye, Amy!


An outtake from yesterday’s tummy pictures. That’s Skelton, and he looks for all the world like he’s asking me why I’m torturing him so – but he was actually in the middle of a yawn.

That’s smilin’ Skelton in the middle, with Roseanne on the left and Shecky on the right. I think it’s interesting how Skelton’s eyes are taking longer to change than Roseanne and Shecky’s did.

Louis wants to know what I want.

Tusslin’ bros Belushi and Louis.

“Hallo innernets, lookit my toebeans!”

Roseanne’s having Deep Thoughts.

Rickles is grumpylicious.

Roseanne and Skelton, tusslin’ on the little cat tree.

Louis has to really work to make it up to the platform.

Skelton snoopervises Lucy’s water consumption. A mama kitty’s got to keep hydrated!

Lucy heard Fred in the hall, and waited expectantly for him to come into the room. I think it’s a federal law that all mama kitties must adore Fred.

Keepin’ Skelton clean.

I dropped Lucy off for her spay yesterday, and at the same time took the kittens for their combo and fecal tests. The combo test (which tests for FIV and Feline Leukemia) was negative. Lucy was tested the day I got her, and she was negative, so no surprise that her kittens were, too. What did surprise me is that the kittens’ fecal showed them negative for any parasites. I’m pretty sure that’s the very first time that’s ever happened, usually they have giardia or coccidia or some sort of worms (and very often they have coccidia AND giardia AND worms). But not these guys, and I am NOT complaining!

The kittens had actually never been in a car before, and they handled it well. I picked them up after their tests and brought them home with me, then picked Lucy up late yesterday afternoon. She’s spayed, she’s had her rabies shot, she’s been id chipped, and she’s had her first vaccination. The clock is ticking for that girl – another three weeks, she’ll get her last vaccination and be ready to go. She was still a little dopey when I got her home last night, so I put her in the bathroom upstairs (where there’s already a litter box and food and water bowl set up), and she was happy to just zone out in there for the night. I’m hoping to keep her out of the kitten room for a couple of days, but we’ll see how she feels about that.


Here’s a mystery for you to ponder.

Rickles is all “WHO IS THAT? Oh, it’s Belushi. He looked different.” But…

“Did someone call me?” asks Belushi, coming out from behind the litter box.

This is Carlin.

And yes, I’m going to make you wait ’til Monday to hear his story. (And no, they didn’t find him incubating inside Lucy when they did the spay surgery!)


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5-22-15 Friday — 37 Comments

  1. Can’t hardly wait for the story on Monday. And that Stefan picture is just fab, you need to frame that. It looks like some fancy margarine ad (no idea why they should use a cat as their spokes-model, but who knows)!

    • You are right….maybe with the concept of “fresh” and “springtime”???

      • I think it is the yellow-flowers. They always show yellow rapeseed flowers on margarine packages. Go on margarine producers do yourself a favour and hire Stefan!

  2. Happy and safe Memorial Day weekend to you and your US followers! The kittens are so cute – I love this age! (and your photography skills!) Alma is right, that is an awesome pic of Stefan, the weathered wood, the pretty yellow flowers, the handsome mancat! Perhaps a profile pic for Stefan’s entry on a dating site??? “Down to earth country boy seeks……” (I think he’s channeling Bo Duke for some reason… need more coffee, obviously!)

  3. Carlin is the luckiest boy in all of Alabama — and among the cutest. Re making us wait till Monday: at least you’re not taking the day off!

    I’m with Alma; that is one lovely picture of Stefan. But I see him on the packaging of a top-notch, full-fat European sweet butter.

  4. Carlin! Lol, I love the name, and what a handsome tabby lad he is!

    So, you must not be able to stop yourself from scooping a kitten or two whenever the urge hits you (read: always) and just smooch smooch smooch those little monkeys!

    Stefan, you are a ray of sunshine, and I love seeing your chill self.

    • I spend so much time kissing kittens that my lips are perpetually chapped, and I am NOT KIDDING (but it is completely worth it!)

  5. What a fabulous picture of Stefan. I think you found his calendar picture for 2015, what a handsome fella.

  6. That’s a beautiful picture of Stefan! I think it’s worthy of putting on canvas!

    oooooo… Carlin is a cutie and I can’t wait to hear his story!

  7. He looks so worried! But I don’t think he’s got anything to be worried about. Rickles is saying PLAY WIF ME! Lookit them handsome tabby stripin’s.

  8. Hello, Carlin cutie! You look a little skeered, but don’t worry, you’ll be in with the Fools in no time!

  9. I am so glad Lucy is getting a moment to herself.

    Hello, Carlin, nice to meet you little man.

  10. Oh Cruelty, thy name is Robyn! Making us wait till Monday, humph. JK!! Looking forward to hearing Carlin’s story, he’s adorable.

  11. (And no, they didnโ€™t find him incubating inside Lucy when they did the spay surgery!)

    LOL, a cutie pie though.

    Sis/bro-in-law recently went to Key West, and got to visit the Ernest Hemingway home. She sent me pics of the many cats still living there, gorgeous. Said if you were in the house, a cat would sit in front of the door waiting for someone to open it…which they usually did. How cool is it that Hemingway declared descendants of his cats could ALWAYS have a home there?!

    • Key West is definitely on my list of places I want to visit, and mostly because I want to see Hemingway’s home!

      • That is the best thing there. Spare yourself the aquarium. Just look over the edge into the water. I saw over half of what was there just by doing that! Seriously!!

  12. Carlin is a cutie. Looks like the Fools are cool with having one more Bro to play with ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Oh, you picked up a singleton! Hi Carlin! You look a little concerned, but don’t worry – you’ve hit the kitty jackpot little one!!

    And I’ve been wondering what the handsome and suave Stefan has been up to lately! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. I am having so much fun following along with your current foster litter. I love all the pics and stories in general, but this time I’m particularly enjoying it because your group is just about exactly one week ahead of mine (https://www.facebook.com/supernaturalkittens), and it’s fun to get a glimpse of what my little fosters are going to be like seven days down the road.

  15. As usual, I love all your pictures. The Rorschach kitty prints on Gilda’s tummy are amazing. You can’t unsee those.

    Hi Carlin! Can’t wait to hear about him and see how he gets along with the Fools. Belushi now has a lookalike bonus brudder.

  16. You are a sly one Robyn !!! Trying to trick us !!!! Then making us wait !!!! You know we are not a patient bunch when it comes to meeting new kitties !!!!

    Welcome Carlin to best foster home ever !!! Anxious to here your story !!

  17. Carlin is adorable! Can’t wait to hear how he found himself at Crooked Acres.

  18. Robyn, my dad and his wife are adopting the little calico that I sent you a picture of, and one I call Buddha baby ( gray and white tabby with a black nose – as you can lay him on his back and rub “the belleh” all day long). ๐Ÿ™‚ So if I can’t have that little calico myself, this is the next best thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Awww, that is wonderful! And you’re absolutely right, this is the next best thing to adopting her yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Gorgeous picture of Stefan!

    Can’t wait to read about Carlin-he is a real cutie!

  20. OMC Robyn, I didn’t see the 2 kitties on Gilda’s belly and then with a thunk to the forehead I saw them. That is so cute. I also hate that we have to wait to find out about Carlin. But he looks like a sweetheart.

  21. lol I think if you really wanted to troll us with Carlin was just to post pictures, not say anything about him, and then monday go: “Did anyone catch what was different?” XD

    can’t wait to hear his story.

    • I wish I’d thought of that! But I bet someone would have noticed. Someone always does, I’ve got some observant readers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Dare I assume you used the long, arduous integration process of “here’s your new buddy!” and let him loose with the kittens? Wonder if he’ll smell enough like the others when Lucy comes in that she’ll just think, hmm, one of mine I guess. Not as easy as sneaking one in under the tail between birthin’ kittens, is it? ๐Ÿ™‚