5-23-15 Weekly Roundup (and a little extra!)

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!


Louis is about to hop the train to Sleepy Town.

“Good morning, innernets! Please feast your eyes upon my wonderful spotted #belleh !” (Louis)

A better shot of the belleh spots for Miss Connie! @tfkblog

Roseanne and Gilda have no desire to roll their lazy little tails out of bed.

“What you mean, you not takin’ a picture of me, you’re taking one of Belushi ? I thought ALL pictures were of ME!”

“Don’t look, Heart! That Grey’s Anatomy episode will break you!”

Would you like to start off your day with a bowl full of Roseanne ?

Louis, Roseanne and Gilda are pretty sure it’s Nap Time.


We have a #LightsAreOnNoOneHome situation going on here.

“Whuh?” #

“Hallo innernets, SEVEN weeks ago, we was in the process of bein’ born!”

Louis helpfully makes sure that Skelton has a clean chin to start off the day.

A bowl full of Louis and Shecky for lunch? Yes, please!

Roseanne fits pretty perfectly in that basket, doesn’t she?

“Gooood morning, innernets!”

There’s nothing like a lap full of kittens to make a bad day better!

#Carlin makes himself at home.


What you might have missed on Facebook.

Marilyn and Pam noticed Louis’s resemblance to a certain picture of Burt Reynolds (Google image search “Burt Reynolds Playgirl” if you don’t immediately know what picture I’m talking about), and I did this and cracked myself up:


And a little extra!

Oh, those eyes! Love that wee Louis.

Before she went off to be spayed, Lucy had a rest.

Skelton’s all “Hey! Take a picture of me biting Louis!”
And Louis is all “Yeah! Ha ha!”
And poor beleaguered Belushi is all “THESE idiots.”

Bowl full o’ Belushi.

Skelton on the left, Louis on the right. Doesn’t Louis look like a little bulldog?

Posin’ Skelton and Louis – and a photobombing Roseanne.

Snoozin’ Rickles and Skelton.

“But… I don’t WANT a new little brother!” Poor Skelton.

Belushi and Skelton in the wall basket bed.

Roseanne and Louis in the top of the little cat tree.

Carlin really likes to play with his toes!


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5-23-15 Weekly Roundup (and a little extra!) — 10 Comments

  1. I spy a fourth kitten in the Roseanne photobombing picture! Another orange boy I think.
    Just noticing or wondering, is Belushi a ticked tabby? I see stripes on his legs, but his side looks all ticked or solid to me.. Is there such a thing as a mix of ticked and mackerel?

  2. Awww. Your pictures are such a treat. And Carlin reminds me of a real-life version of Nermal, the World’s Cutest Kitten.

  3. just too many awesome ‘extra’ photos to make comment on them all.. but darn it if that shache photo isn’t awesome