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You know that thing where you draw circles around a quarter with a pencil on a piece of paper then get your friend to try to roll the quarter from their forehead down their nose to try to get it in one of those circles, but what you’re really doing is getting them to put a pencil line down their nose from the rolling quarter? Who did that to Livia?? Just noticed her nose with the line down the middle! (Ok, I’m slow, I know, but it’s cute!)

I had honestly never noticed that before. How neat!


Can you sell those ducklings (IF any hatch)?

If we could catch them, and if the catfish didn’t get them first, then we could probably sell them. I’d rather not even have any hatch, though – and (as far as we know!), Fred’s been able to locate and remove all the eggs so hopefully we won’t have to worry about what to do with baby ducks.


Dennis has now spent three nights with free access to the entire house, and it’s gone very well. He must do nothing but run and play all night long, because he can barely keep his eyes open during the day. By the time Fred gets up at 4:30, Dennis is conked out in the pagoda cat tree in the upstairs hallway. When I open the blinds in Fred’s room, Dennis will sit in the window and snooze, and all day he alternates between the window and the pagoda with the occasional wander into Fred’s office to see what he’s doing.

I am SO glad that he’s not freaked out about being locked out of the foster room!

“What? Just hanging out!”

I tried pulling the blinds up out of his way, and he refused to lay there. He really likes to be between the blinds and the window. Little weirdo.


Are you ready to meet the new guys? Here they are!

I know it’s blurry, and I don’t care. That’s Gilbert.

Gilbert again.

Gilbert once again, going for the lick.

Grant, checking out the FroliCat Pounce (which I haven’t turned on for them yet.)

Grant, checking out the box of toys.

Grant, on the scratcher.

Marshall, wondering why I’m holding him up like that.

Marshall, checking out the room.

And Marshall, checking out his own cute self.

Grant and Marshall are brothers, who are 8 (almost 9) weeks old. Gilbert is a singleton, who is a week younger and needed some brothers to grow up with.

They are super friendly boys, especially Gilbert, who already runs toward me when I walk into the room. They’re little bundles of energy who play and play and play like wild things. I love picking any of the three up and kissing them; they purr like crazy.

I was curious to see what Dennis’s reaction to them would be. He’s super interested in our cats, so I thought maybe he’d be just as interested in the new guys. Yeah… not so much! He took one look at them and ran to hide. He has ZERO interest in those little kittens. When I walked out of the room and Gilbert stomped out with me (I’m telling you, I think we have a Stompers Jr. here – he doesn’t look like him, but he’s got that Stompy attitude going on), Dennis said “THIS IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE!” and ran into Fred’s room to hide under the recliner. He’ll adjust, I’m sure – especially when we start letting the little ones out in a few weeks. It always surprises (and amuses) me when older cats are freaked out by little ones.

Before I got the kittens yesterday and all I knew was that I was getting some buff tabbies, Gail referred to them as “Cheese Doodles.” So I’m going to refer to the three of them as a group, as the Cheez Doodles.

I need to get better pictures of them this weekend, because they are absolutely gorgeous little guys, and those pictures don’t do them justice at all.

Also, this brings us up to a total of 240 fosters!


On a rainy day over the weekend, this Blue Jay took his life into his hands. That’s Sheriff Mama in the house on the left, and Corbie on the right.

That stupid Blue Jay hopped around FOREVER before flying off. And neither of those cats even considered going after it.

They certainly look grumpy, don’t they?


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5-23-14 — 48 Comments

  1. Go, Dennis! Welcome, Doodles — you are endlessly cute! The Corbie and Kara sequence is too funny. And may the Crooked Acres grads awaiting families find them very, very soon.

  2. Ooh orange kittens! Someday I will have at least one orange cat. Every one I have ever come across has been super friendly. I have a pleasant memory from when I was younger- my parents went to someone’s house and I was sitting cross-legged on the floor with their daughter. Their orange kitten climbed up in my lap and fell asleep until it was time for us to leave.

    That blue jay reminds of the photo with the cat walking by a whole line of German shepherds…gutsy little thing!

      • When I was a kid, I remember watching our pudgy, mellow orange kitty uncharacteristically dashing across the yard — with a blue jay dive-bombing him the whole way!

  3. That is because Blue Jays will kick some butt! 🙂

    What adorable little Cheese Doodles! Gilbert’s first pic is adorable (even though it is blurry) and Marshal’s coloring is just gorgeous! Grant seems to be a little investigator! 🙂

    Dennis will be playing with them in no time!

  4. ORANGE / BUFF kitties!!! you are killing me, they are so cute.
    I WANT!! 🙂

  5. GINGER BABIES! <3 And lookit the stripeypants on Marshall. Wow. Dude's got it going /on/.

  6. Awww Gilbert! Last timid I saw him he was sucking on my neck on the way to the shelter. I’m glad he has some brothers now.

  7. I LOVE the new guys. If you need a shortened name for them you could call them the “Doodz”. I LOVE “The Cheez Doodles”! TOO CUTE! (Sorry for the shouty caps, and over use of !’s.)

    • Doodz! I love it – I had figured I’d call them the Doodles, but I like Doodz even more!

      (There’s never any need to apologize for shouty caps and lots of exclamation points, because I think that most days, the kittens call for lots of both. 🙂 )

  8. I like the regulars and the blue jay shots. They could be having the convo like this: “Are you going out to chase him away” “Not me-you do it” “I’m not going to do it” “Crap-I don’t think there is a cat named Mikey to do it” “crap-you’re right-never mind him then, maybe he’ll go away on his own”

    And I could tell by that first pic that Gilbert had a little Stompers in him. It’s in the face. Marshall’s face btw is so cute but so “what the heck is going on here”. Yay for new littles!

    • Haha, I figured it went more along the lines of “I’m not going out there. It’s wet!” “Me either.” “I’m not that hungry, anyway.” “Yeah… me either. ::sigh::”

  9. Cheez Doodles!!! Gilbert may have Stompie-tude, but Marshall has those big ol’ Stomper eyes!

    It will be the fate of all future orangey boys staying at Cooked Acres to be compared to Stompers! 😀

  10. Gilbert’s adorable! Love his coloring, and Grant, I get the sense he’ll be the Clint Eastwood type: intense but gorgeous.

    Marshall though, looks like something straight off a Precious Moments poster. I bet he knows how to use those big eyes.

    I’m curious how the catfish would get the ducklings if they don’t go in the water till mom’s ready. Are the catfish that big?

    Poor Corbie, has to share his Friay spotlight with Mama sheriff and a stupid bluejay.

    • We’ve got some really big catfish – I think all they’d need to do is yank the duckling down to the bottom of the pond by its feet, and then the other catfish would help with the eating of it. (That’s just conjecture on my part, but Fred’s so sure that catfish will eat ducklings that I’m assuming that he’s right.)

      Edited to add: I asked Google for details. There’s apparently a YouTube video of a catfish eating a duckling, but I am NOT watching it. (Google “do catfish eat ducklings” if you want to see it, it’s right at the top.)

  11. zomg. I NEED SOME MARSHALL IN MY LIFE!!!!! That bright orange kills me dead. EVERY TIME.

  12. I really like their names! But… I don’t think I’d have been able to resist naming them after cheeses. Kraft, Sargento and Velveeta maybe…. 😀

    • Ha – Kelly suggested Colby, Munster and Roquefort! I should have mentioned that the kittens came pre-named. Gilbert is named after Gilbert Grape (because he’s so buff he’s almost lavender colored), Marshall came from Marshall County, and I’m not sure about Grant. There’s a Grant in Marshall County, so I’m guessing that’s the connection.

  13. well if the house is comfy, why get out for one dumb bird??? 🙂

    Cute new boys…love it when they run around tails up in the air.

  14. 1. Love me some Livia!

    2. Is Dennis being mentored in The Art of the Nap by Stefan….?

    3. Are you crazy?! Those pictures totally do The Cheez Doodles justice! You completely captured their personalities. You made me instantly (and I swear this is true) gasp and say “oh my gawwwd” at that first who-cares-if-its-blurry picture because Gilbert’s sweetness SHINES THROUGH TEH BLUR! Also, Marshall is ADORBSSSSS!!! Grant is a cutie-patootie, don’t get me wrong, but he seems like the calmest of the three at this point.

    Can’t wait to see more of them! Sadly, it will have to wait as I’m going out of town this weekend and won’t return until Wednesday. Can I live without Love & Hisses for that many days? I’m not sure… it’s gonna be really really tough. But the bright side is that I’ll have a few posts to catch up on when I get back!

  15. a catfish will eat a DUCKLING?!?!?! I am freaking out! how big are the CATFISH??!?! omg. dying.

    the new crew is A-DOR-A-BLES!!

  16. OMG ! I almost fell off of my chair ! I love me some marmalade boys !!!!! Marshall looks just like my very first cat Cheetos !! sniff sniff makes me miss him so much 🙁 I will have such a blast watching the guys grow up.Of course not as much fun as you and Fred will have. I can already tell they have tons of purrsonality and cattitude !! Doodz does work very well for them ! Any orange boys being compared to the amazing Stompers should consider it the highest honor !!

    I know this is a lot to ask of you Robyn but please give tons of snuggles and kisses to every single kitty in residence !! Just do it even if you have force your self or ask Fred for help 🙂

    PS I so agree with Kerry, any fosters that leave Crooked acres should be called graduates !!!

  17. They are so cute!!! Marshall looks just like our cat Simba-they could be twins! I am beyond excited to have a Stompers Jr. in the house 😉

  18. Marshall’s eyes are so great big!! They are all adorable – I love that Gilbert has Stompitude! – but Dennis is still the prettiest boy of all (well, maybe after Corbie….)

  19. Welcome, Doodz! Each boy is so special, each in his way! Happy to hear Dennis is thriving in big-boy spaces now! And the laugh that Sheriff Mama and Corbie evoked was very much needed at the end of my rough week. Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

  20. catfish eats ducklings??

    by the way, have you ever seen this youtube video of a family with a little girl,releasing a bunny they had found into the “wild”, well, kinda into the grass or something beside their house…

    and the bunny hopped a few hops and got caught by an eagle..oops