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Marshall is just a little wild thing.

Always on the move!

Places to go, toys to play with, brothers to bite!

Oh, his stripes are FABulous, aren’t they?

Of the three, Marshall’s the smallest, just under two pounds.

Gilbert’s in the middle, at 2 pounds, 1 1/2 ounces.

“He might be bigger, but I’m wilder!”

::thlurrrp:: (That’s Gilbert.)

I love the swirls on Gilbert’s side. Back before I knew that those markings were called “classic tabby”, I referred to them as “cinnamon bun tabbies.”

Grant is the biggest, at 2 pounds, 2 1/2 ounces. He’s also the first one to start purring if you pick him up.

Grant and Marshall still have blue in their eye color (well, Gilbert does too, just a tiny bit around the edge). Which is funny, since they’re older than Gilbert is.

These kittens, OH. They are just the sweetest little things! In just a couple of days, they’ve learned the sound of someone outside their door, and they’ll race to the door and wait for it to open. Gilbert will do his level best to stomp through the door, but he’s not fast enough to evade me, so I scoop him up and bring him back into the room with me. They’re little things, but when they get to racing around, they sound like elephants. My only gripe is that they get impatient with being kissed and want me to put them dowwwwwn because they’ve got things to DO.


I bet you thought Sheriff Mama hated all other cats, didn’t you? Well, it’s not true. She can often be found rubbing heads with Tommy, Jake, and Stefan.

As is his way, Tommy puts up with it nicely, and cleans the ears of just about any cat who comes near.

But Kara is surprisingly sensitive for a sheriff kitty, and can be easily offended.

Tommy’s casual lean away is cracking me up.

“What’s HER problem?!”


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5-26-14 — 19 Comments

  1. The Kara and Tommy sequence is wonderful, and the kittens are adorable. I can’t wait to see close-ups of those eyes.

  2. Love the term cinnamon bun tabby!

    By the way, someone posted that picture of your kittens lined up to eat on facebook and I mentioned that it was yours and they basically said it’s public domanin and they’ve never heard of Love and Hisses. I tagged you there. Is that something you usually deal with or does it matter? I hate being a pain in the ass to people, but I thought the least they could do it give you credit…

    • Did they edit out the love-and-hisses.com mark or was it an early photo before Robin marked them? The FB poster may of course have passed on the photo from yet another site without proper credit. It’s not easy to control the fate of a photo once it’s posted *sigh*

    • The tag didn’t show up for me on FB (I just checked), but that picture is absolutely everywhere. I’ve given up on trying to do anything about it. The reason I don’t submit to Cute Overload anymore is because they don’t watermark, and nothing stops people from saving the picture, sending it to other people and posting it on FB and a million other sites. I figure, as long as no one’s trying to make money off it or putting their own watermark on it, I won’t worry about it.

      But of course, I watermark everything now!

  3. Oh, the cuteness!!Kittens!!
    and I agree, cinnamon bun tabbies ought to be official.
    Tommy appears to be the perfect gentleman, too.

  4. Wow, I did not realize that either Tommy is quite the large gentleman or Kara is much smaller than I thought. Love the pics of the two of them. Tommy is loved by everyone. I call the swirl pattern “bullseye” kitty. I love that pattern.

    • It’s a combination – Tommy’s pretty big (it’s all muscle! I swear it!) and Kara is tiny. She’s our tiniest permanent resident, just over 8 pounds the last time I checked, and Tommy’s at 12 1/2 pounds.

  5. I spent part of yesterday reading about Kara and her babies. How long did it take for Kara to play nice with Mr Boogers, Tommy and all the rest?

    • The obvious joke would be to say that we’re still waiting for that to happen. 🙂 But actually, when Kara’s kittens left, she calmed down a lot. She’s not a laid-back cat (she’s pretty high-strung), but except for her occasional run-in with Stinkerbelle and when Jake decides to chase her around and bother her, she gets along pretty well.

  6. Cinnamon bun tabbies! I love it!

    Tomorrow or Wednesday, I will be welcoming a new baby into my house. Hubby and I went to the local animal shelter on Saturday, which was overrun with tiny kittens, especially of the black variety. It was tough to decide, but we picked out a young lad named Kipper (that may be changed) who seemed calm yet curious, okay with being held and handled, and who even played and talked to me a little.

    I WISH I could introduce another adult cat to my clowder, especially after Saturday’s visit to the pound, and the 7-year-old black Loki who utterly charmed me, but my Philo is extremely jealous and alpha, and I have tried twice to introduce another adult, both times ending up with me having to rehome the cat. Philo simply won’t accept another cat that he hasn’t helped to raise from a kitten. He’s gone through the same pattern with Maggie and Jack: hissy-pissy for a couple of weeks, and then he takes a positively maternal attitude toward the newbie.

    Anyway, wish us luck. The visit really, really emphasized how there is ALWAYS a need for adoptions, especially among the black babies.

    • Awww, sweet! I love that Philo becomes maternal, it is the sweetest thing ever when kitties do that. 🙂

      Good luck, Noelegy!

      • Congratulations, Noelegy. Excellent news for young Kipper — and I love his name!

  7. Who doesn’t love Tommy? Seriously? I’d rub heads with him if I could.

    Marshall and Gilbert are off the chart cute but Grant, he’s got that suave leading man quality I tell ya.

  8. OMG! The cuteness of the ginger kittens is KILLING us! And Marshall’s wild eyes! What a bunch! We’d spend all our time kissing, kissing, kissing these boys regardless of how much they didn’t want it!