5-26-13 – Kittunday – Breaking news!

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If the milk bar won’t come to Puffhammed…

Then Puffhammed must escape the crate…

..show off his little row of tiny teeth…

…examine various things in the room…

…follow the scent of the milk bar…

…put up with the RUDE milk bar insisting on cleaning him…

…and partake of the milk bar.



“Stop that! I YAM CLEAN!”

So yes, Little Big Head has escaped the crate. And he has ZERO desire to return there. His escape opened the floodgates, and ALL the kittens are now free of the crate. I put them back several times, but they came right back out every time. Whenever I entered the room yesterday, Khaleesi and the Dragons were all piled up against the barrier (which is at the doorway – the door to that room opens outward instead of inward, necessitating a barrier to stop the outflow of kittens). I finally put a cat bed there, because it was bothering me to see them all piled up on the hard wood floor.

Yesterday afternoon I took Khaleesi one of her many daily snacks – half a can of kitten food – and I was very surprised when Ruth bellied up to the plate, planted her front paws in the food and… BEGAN EATING. I’ve never ever seen them even be AWARE of food at that age (3 1/2 weeks), and certainly not when their mama is present and feeding them regularly.

I told Fred last night that Ruth is clearly a genius. And then we both looked over to see her sitting there, staring at the wall with great concentration and interest.

“Oh yeah,” Fred said. “I can see the brilliance radiating right off her.”

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Jake and Miz Poo, watching the birds. Don’t be too impressed that Miz Poo was allowing another cat that close to her – moments later, she hissed, smacked, and ran away from Jake.


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5-26-13 – Kittunday – Breaking news! — 26 Comments

  1. Freedom! I claim this milk bar (and what ever this other thingys are) in the name of Pufflehead the Dragon!

  2. I love the little dash of white on Puff’s back – he is the cutest little chubby thing ever!

  3. Is it wrong that I just want to squoooooooze Puff’s chubby little kitteh cheeks? He is the most adorable little guy, but his face just doesn’t look like a normal kitten face to me, and I can’t figure out why.

  4. HAHAHAHA n’awwww XD Surely you saw this coming. Puff just kills me dead. Look at those gray and white splotches.

  5. You and Fred crack my shit up. You are so much like my husband and I. I totally wish we lived closer so we could hang out πŸ™‚

  6. Some kittens do take to food at surprisingly young ages, though it is more common in orphans than in kitties with walking milk bars. Between three and four weeks is usually when we start putting down tiny shallow bowels of kitten formula for orphans (or kittens whose Mommy doesn’t have enough milk or have been “adopted” by a non lactating but Mothering/uncle cat/dog etc). Usually they just walk through it, some show a bit more interest with a bit of cook scrambled egg, cream of wheat or kitten food mashed in it, especially on the side of the plate or your finger.

    The one exception is kittens (like our last litter) who seem to be nearly a week late when born, so are bigger and more developed than you’d expect. We didn’t get any born with open eyes already (though sometimes that happens) but they were all open within a week, and they were eating by four weeks or at least sampling Mom’s dish.

    I don’t think these kittens are “late” births given their other development, just hope they figure out “litter box” early or that Momma keeps cleaning them up anyway as usually they stop cleaning the kitten’s butts as a regular and constant task after the babies go onto solid food.

  7. A big Congrats to Puff for making his escape from the crate. His cute factor IS off the charts. BTW.. besides his obvious, and adorable big head, he looks to have some big paws as well. I think Puff is going to be a rather large, and very handsome boy. Seems to have a mind of his own and very determined to get what he wants. A leader of the pack & head mischief maker perhaps?
    Oh… and thanks for the extra post today. Much better ‘breaking news’ than any of the drivel on tv.

  8. I love the picture of Khaleesi watching Puff explore — she is such a good mama!

  9. Thank you for Kittunday. I love Puffhammed’ s smug little face when he finally escaped.

  10. I am sure Ruth just saw little angels only her innocent eyes could see. Puff looked mighty proud at finally escaping. Soon they will be bouncing all over like the Royals.

  11. Wheee…!!! That little gray-and-white Puff boy is THE cutest thing ever. Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it πŸ™‚

  12. “..show off his little row of tiny teeth…”

    Hmm; perhaps that’s why the milk bar wouldn’t come to him… πŸ˜‰

  13. I’ve been telling my mom that it’s a DARN good thing I live aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll the way on the West coast because otherwise I’d be in great danger of adopting Puff for myself. And I spend way too much time talking about how it’s selfish of me to have *any* cats (I have 3, plus a dog) when I’m away from home all the time (own a business, work 7 days a week, 12+ hours a day). But dang, if I lived closer, Puff would *definitely* be mine. Oh, he’s so cute!!!

  14. Oh Puff, I could eat you up! I just noticed your back grey toe which matches your front grey toe. This makes you completely, utterly irresistible! If you were mine, I would *have* to nom on those toes several times each and every day. And softly kronche your head.

    • I, too, have become oddly obsessed by Puff’s gray digits. And did you notice that his mum also has a dark one? She is the prettiest, sweetest thing ever! As for the brood hanging right by the door, they’re eagerly awaiting the next visit from Kitten Whisperers One (Robyn) and Two (Fred). Many thanks for the extra dose of weekend fun, Robyn. And could we hear word of how beautiful Kate’s been doing?

  15. Oh! Puff’s little face is adorable! I guess I have never noticed how cute he is before. I mean obviously ALL the kittens are cute, but I just meant that I’ve never noticed his unique markings on his face.

  16. Little “Big Head”, snort. That’s funny. Mades me laugh, that did. Good work.

  17. Hey, I bet there are secret messages on that wall from all the other kitties and she was just doing some studying to get even smarter!! πŸ™‚