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Poor Kate. She can hardly rest for a moment without this happening.

“Mama! Where you GOIN’?”

She doesn’t seem to mind it too much – she lets them nurse for a moment, then she gets up and walks off.

Wherever she is, you can bet there’s at least one kitten thinking about making a move to belly up to the milk bar.

“Who, US?”

Wherever she is, they manage to FIND her.

“One moment alone. Is that so much to ask for?”

“But… they’re my BABIES. I’m not going to have any more of them, I might as well let them get away with this for a while longer!”

“And who asked YOU anyway, lady?”

Kate and the kittens are spending about 95% of their day downstairs now. That’s due in no small part to the fact that Kate prefers to be downstairs near the kitchen at all times. They follow her downstairs and then spread out through the downstairs. All five of the kittens were on the cat tree in my room for most of the morning yesterday. It’s nice to have them downstairs with me so that I can pick them up and snuggle and kiss them whenever I want. One of them is always within reach!

Kate is eating like crazy – she’s taken to jumping up on the kitchen counter and foraging for food (RIP, bag of hamburger buns), so I’m basically shoving food at her every time I see her near the kitchen. She’s eating a lot, but I wish she’d stop letting the babies nurse as much as they do (even though it’s adorable and I squeal every time I see it. SO CUTE). I suspect that if she cut them off entirely, she’d put on some sorely needed weight.

Other than that, she’s doing great. We have a catnip kicker that we got from Andrea (from her fundraiser last year). I don’t know what kind of stellar catnip is in that thing, but Kate is in L-U-V. She’s always carrying it around, licking it, kicking it, and talking to it. It’s pretty cute (I haven’t gotten any pictures or video yet, but you know I’ll keep trying!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Puffhead in the crate.

“Tryin’ to sleep here, lady.”

These are actually the last of the crate pictures, because those kittens have ZERO interest in that crate anymore.

“A mere crate cannot contain me, lady.”


A snooze pile.

Yesterday, I took the crate out of the foster room and set up a cushy pile of blankets for them to sleep on. They all toddled right off that pile and haven’t been near it since – they want to sleep by the door, and THAT is where they shall sleep, by god. I put a bed there, and it’s big enough that Khaleesi and all the babies fit in it comfortably. It’s nice to be able to open the door and peek down at them to see if they’re awake without having to actually enter the room.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Snoozin’ Joe Bob. Is that a happy boy, or what?


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5-27-13 — 36 Comments

  1. OMG – are those Ruth’s gums in that mouth-wide-open picture? The thought of kittens teething is just so sweet.

  2. Robyn, thank You SO MUCH for the Saturday AND SUNDAY posts. Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Poland. Mine was rather crappy (13-year-old son – I’ve just discovered how many homeworks he ignored during the semester and I spent tha majority of the day trying to force him to do the homework tasks – not a success story). So, going to the L&H and discovering the Sunday post was kind of powerful therapy 🙂 And today’s pictures? Gosh, how I love Kate! And Norbert? I would definitely steal him from you if I lived on your side of the pond 🙂

    • Awww, I’m sorry you had a bad weekend, Joasia! I’m glad you enjoyed the posts – when Puff escaped the crate, I couldn’t wait ’til Monday to share the news. 🙂

    • Glad to know kids are kids no matter what side of the pond you are on! Best wishes!!!

  3. The black stripe down Aslan’s back is awesome. He is so gorgeous. I would love to see him all grown up, hopefully his Mom will send updates. What kind of tabby is he? Ticked?

    Love the pic of Norbert hanging out ON Scorch. LOL

    I don’t remember seeing this posted here – if it has I apologize. I found this on Pinterest and thought it was funny even though I haven’t seen Game of Thrones.

    • I think he’s a ticked tabby. Doesn’t he have the coolest coat?

      I’ve seen the GoT pictures, but don’t think I’ve posted them. They’re so perfect – they crack me up!

  4. Awwwww Katie is such a good and very patient mama!! Hope she gains weight eventually – hopefully when her babies lose their craving for mama’s milk! 🙂

    The Dragons continue to be even more gorgeous!! Hello happy Joe Bob! take care

  5. Robyn, Norbert seems a lot more forward than he used to be: no more Mister-bottom-of-or-back-of-the-mosh-pit. True? Many thanks for the Kate & Co. sequence and for the blissful image of Joe Bob! He is the cherry atop the kitten sundae.

    • That little man is definitely first off the cat bed and first to my lap these days. He’s really coming into his own!

      • Here’s hoping for a lot more Scorch-surfing from wee Norbert — the golden boy doesn’t seem to mind!

  6. Wow, those aerial shots of the Royals really shows how their different their coats are! (Hee hee I just had a visual of Robyn hovering over the kittens making helicopter noises and reporting on them a la Les Nesman from WKRP in Cincinatti!) 😛

    Poor hamburger buns…but at least they gave their lives to save a poor starving kitty! 😉

  7. I’m dying. Puffhead has the most adorable kitten head I’ve ever seen! How have I been missing out on this?! Please smother him with smooches for me!

  8. She who spends all day getting high on the nip is bound to get the munchies. You were apparently out of Cheetos, so the hamburger buns were consumed as a substitute snack.

    • The irony is that there was a bag of Cheetos ON the counter! I guess the Cheetos bag was too strong for her jaws.

      • I had a kitten that demolished an entire loaf of bread…well, then puked. I told her she was bulimic.

  9. Norbert’s little face just kills me dead! All those white whiskers everywhere. I want to kiss that little stripe on his nose! I’m sure that you give him enough kisses for all of us, Robyn.

  10. awwwwwwwww !!! Kate is so sweet !! I am sure all Mom’s go through this stage. They really want their kids to grow up but they can never really give up their babies.

    Ruth you are killing me with your cuteness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Robyn you can send me Ruth and Aslan any time you are ready !!!!!

  11. You guys are the only cat people I know, so here’s more in the continuing saga of Pumpkin, the spayed cat who went into heat. I took her to the vet school emergency room last night because there is a pretty obvious bulge right at her incision site. Incision itself was clean, dry, no swelling or redness, blah blah blah. Vet couldn’t tell over the phone or in person when we took her in if it was inflammation or a hernia. So she had xrays which show everything is in place, but her kidneys looked enlarged (pre-op bloodwork was normal). So anyway, she’s just hanging out at home now and we’re watching her. In the 7 weeks we’ve had her, she’s had a rabies shot, fecal exam, vet visit for being in heat, 2nd spay, and an emergency vet visit. I’m renaming her Money Pit.

    • As the owner of a Money Pit (Miz Poo) myself, I feel for you! Hopefully she’ll stop her shenanigans and soon!

  12. Is Puff’s right (I think) eye weepy or anything? I’ve noticed a couple of times that it looks almost like that one eye isn’t quite open all the way. Maybe he’s just winking for the camera and the shutter’s too slow to catch it?

    Also, there’s something about Norbert… he doesn’t look nearly as kittenish as the other kittens. I think of Norbert as the swan in the nest of ducklings – he’s a little odd-looking to my eyes right now, but I can see how handsome he’s going to be – I think he’ll be one of the sleekly elegant cats, the kind that gave ancient Egyptians the impression that cat should be worshipped! (In that picture with him leaning on top of Scorch, he looks almost like a therapist, with that one arm crossed over the other: “So tell me. When exactly was it that you began to have these worries about the milk bar, how did you phrase it, ‘just walking off one day’?”)

    • Elayne, you always make me laugh!

      I think Puff got nailed by one of his siblings when they were flailing around – I’ve been putting ointment in his right eye and it seems to be getting better, so hopefully it’s not going to turn into a chronic thing.

  13. Jareth looks like Kate’s mini-me in the forth and fifth pictures! Are his eyes really that vibrant, or is it just the lighting in the picture?

    • They’re pretty close to how they look in the picture, though (and I just went and woke him up to make sure I’m right about this) they’re not quite as dark. His eyes aren’t as orange as hers are – at least, not yet. I imagine he’s probably not reached his final eye color yet, so they may get more orange as he gets older.

  14. Hello Norbert. How about you come live in Canada? With 3 big brothers and a big sister who will love you and squeeze you and call you George?

    Looks like you’re running a daycare there in that first picture, Robyn, what with all the toys scattered about.

    • I just added a few more toys to that room. When those kittens become interested in toys, they’ll have tons to choose from. 🙂

  15. Wait a minute… Are you saying skinny Kate actually CARRIES the FUNdraiser kicky??? She picks it up? I’ve got a giant boy here and he can’t/doesn’t pick up and actually carry the kicky because they’re not that small! Oh please, I HAVE to see Kate the Awesome carrying one!! and singing to it!
    Love them babies! Especially lopsided mustache big head boy! 🙂

  16. Hmm. I see what you mean by Ruth’s color patches having a brown-ish look to them. And yet; they’re clearly a different color (and pattern, or lack thereof) from her brown tabby areas…So with the white andd those two, she’s appearing to be some sort of tri-color. Perhaps a new cat coloration: The Brown-lico LOL 😉

    And aww, Norbert is so cute!