5-27-05 – Mia & babies

I am pleased – nay, THRILLED – to announce that as of last night, every single kitten has used the litter box at least once. When Fred and I were in the room last night, I said “I haven’t seen Edgar or Oy use the litter box yet…” and as if he’d heard me and wanted to prove himself, Edgar went over to the corner and pooped in the litter box. And when he was on his way out of the litter box, Oy climbed in and pooped too!

By god, I think they have the hang of it. They’re all eating kitten food now, too, and nursing as well. I’m sure Mia’s going to wean them in the next few weeks.

They’re getting more playful, too, with the jumping and the running and the climbing. I need to find some stuff to take in there that they can climb on – maybe a scratching post – and maybe some small boxes they can hide in.

This morning Edgar ran at Peanut, who reacted by humping up and running sideways. It was about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

By god I love these kittens, can you tell?

Snoopy would like a cuddle, if y’don’t mind.

Mia looks for a way away from those crazy kittens.

Silly Edgar and Peanut.

Love those boys.

Flossie stalks.

Snoopy would like a cleaning, please, Mia.


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