5-30-05 – Mia & babies


In the past few days, those kittens have gotten WILD. They’re little playing machines. I walk in the room and they rush at me. If I don’t immediately sit down on the floor, they give me the sad kitten eyes and sit on my feet and wait impatiently for me to sit down. When I finally do, they climb all over me, and kick and bite at me, and then they jump on each other, and then they run across the room with their ears back, and let me tell you – it is UNBEARABLY cute.

Flossie, especially, is turning into a real spitfire. She runs across the room and jumps on her brothers, she stalks them and jumps on them, and when they jump on her, she kicks their butts. When I pick her up to kiss her atop her fuzzy little head, she has been known to dig her needle-sharp claws into my cheeks and try to bite my lips. She’s also EXTREMELY possessive when it comes to her food. Fred has been bringing a small handful of Kitten Chow into the room with him at night – they have Science Diet kitten food available to them all the time, because that’s what they’ll be eating when they’re up for adoption at the pet store – and the kittens and Mia LOVE IT. Fred put a small pile down in front of Flossie, Edgar, and Oy, and when Edgar and Oy tried to eat some of the food, Flossie growled fiercely, and then PUT HER PAW on the pile of food so they couldn’t get to it.

My god, it was cute.

Yesterday, she was eating some food out of the food bowl – the Science Diet Kitten food – and Snoopy went running over to eat, too. He tried to eat out of the same bowl (we have three different bowls of food), and she growled and smacked her paw down over the food so he couldn’t get to it. I laughed so hard.

Speaking of Snoopy, he’s getting to be a big one. I’m looking forward to deworming and weighing the kittens on Thursday so I can see how much he weighs now. He clearly weighs quite a bit more than the other kittens.

The little tooth peeking through on one side is cracking me UP.

It’s rough work, being a baby kitten.

Flossie informs Peanut that the kitty condo is occupado.

Snoopy checks out the kitty condo. (And then I kissed him.)

Peanut is indecisive about whether he wants to use the litter box.

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