5-25-13 – Kitturday

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In case you were curious, this is the view from the foster room (where Kate and the Royals spend their nights) when the barrier at the end of the hallway is up. Kate could get over it, but the kittens couldn’t, so it was perfect. The doorway to the left is the bathroom, and Fred’s bedroom is off to the right. Now, though, there’s no barrier and the kittens are free to roam during the day.

Aslan, climbing the cat tree.

Leia, eyeballing the wall basket.

Aslan’s all “You see what I put up with, here?”

Buttercup, sound asleep atop the pagoda cat tree (in Fred’s room).

Aslan, worried.

Leia, pondering.

Buttercup, checking out the ceiling fan for the umpteenth time. I love that “dribble” of white under her mouth.

Charming and Aslan have trapped a toy by the brick. That brick is there as a doorstop, by the way. Otherwise, they’d be knocking that door closed all the time.

Aslan’s got places to GO, Leia’s got the Ears of Annoyance, and Charming’s just a puddle on the floor.

Tails: still the best cat toy EVER.

“He knows I’m here, doesn’t he?”

I’ve got TWO Royals kittens videos today. Basically, they’re wild little monkeys. You knew that, right?

YouTube link.

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Puff’s all yawning and stretching, and Norbert’s saying “Dude. Your toes are in my FACE.”

Pretty, pretty Khaleesi.


“You’ve got no need to escape the crate, little Big Head. Everything you need is in HERE.”

Oh lord, check out the faint stripes on that wee leg. SO cute.

Do you SEE the air high-five between Ember and Ruth? SO cute.

Norbert would like to know just WHAT is going on, please.

Video! Lots of Norbert, lots of cute. Can you believe they’re over three weeks old already??

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Oh, these dogs, with the shedding. Fred’s brushed enough fur off of them to make another dog entirely, but they just keep on shedding. At least they’re happy!


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5-25-13 – Kitturday — 37 Comments

  1. In Video Offering 1, I love the unexpected and unprovoked attack on Aslan in the pink basket by the fierce Leia. An assault that continues as he flees across the galaxy, erm, room. Then Buttercup takes over as the Dread Pirate Roberts until she and Charming successfully route the dastardly Vogon, um, Aslan. Happy Towel Day and the Glorious 25th of May!

  2. With all that cute sweetness in the house, it’s a wonder you’re not on insulin. Do the kittens ramrod around like that at night?

    • They’re actually mostly quiet at night, though they are confined to one room for the night, so even if they start racing around we don’t hear them all that much.

  3. The only thing better than a Saturday of a three day weekend is a Kitturday on a three day weekend.

    • My foster, Black Jack, is about that age, I think, but he doesn’t have anyone his age to play with, so he just harasses the older cats. And bites our toes.

      Aslan’s coat is SO PRETTY.

  4. A belated response to one photo of Puff yesterday. For me at least, it drew attention to the glorious little gray toe on his right front paw: cutest thing ever. And in view of the choices on Love and Hisses alone, that’s something!

  5. heehee…. I love that Leia tries so valiantly to sit on Aslan’s face. It’s almost like she’s being fired out of a cannon at him. *SPROING*

    Norbert is so sweet… he looks so different than the other babies in that pile and he sort of looks younger than them (to me). I can’t wait to see how handsome he gets. All those wee ones are going to be gorgeous, I just know it.

    Khaleesi is always so wide-eyed with wonder in her pictures that it make me want to smother her with smoochies. How can you even keep your hands off her long enough to take a picture of her?!

    • Someone actually asked about Khaleesi recently because there haven’t been many pictures of her. For the most part, if she’s not in the pictures, she’s laying in my lap or against me, being petted. πŸ™‚

      • Oh!!!! She is going to make someone a wonderful wonderful new family member!!!

  6. I just love the sounds of little kitten paws playing thundering heard of elephants across the floor. It’s such a happy sound.
    And every time I see a pic of “Little Big Head” trying to escape the crate, Queens’s song “I Want to Break Free” starts playing in my head!

  7. I always find it’s the smaller, lighter kittens who get out first- they all become agile enough at the same stage but those with less bulk have the edge. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you walked in one morning to find Ember rolling about all smug on the mat and Puff and Scorch fuming in the nest!

    • I can tell you that Ember is actually a little nervous at the idea of leaving the nest – I pulled them all out of the crate the other day, and she immediately turned around and went back in!

  8. I was just thinking about how noisy it must be downstairs when the Royals are romping upstairs. In the first vid they are truly just wild. Running and jumping for no reason. I was laughing out loud. The totally unprovoked attack by Leia on Aislan in the pink basket caused me to burst out laughing. So funny. I can hear you trying not to LOL but I don’t know how you could not just bust a gut.

  9. I said in yesterday’s comments that Puff is my favourite. I have to say today that Norbert is definitely a VERY close second. (But I really do love all of those big heads)

  10. Hmm…I see the orange on Ruth (the spots on either side of her head/neck) looking very similar to the orange on little Ember…Is it still just a trick of the light; or are we thinking Ruth might indeed be another little cali; but with just those two spots orange?

  11. One of my friends has a dog of similar amounts of fur as George and Gracie. So she groomed him and sculpted the fur into another dog (that was laying down–it was pretty convincing from a back/stomach view). Fred could do that with the extra fur.

  12. Do any of the permanent residents ever make it over the barrier into the foster room, or are they all “oh, another wee baby kitten, so what?”

  13. Today is my birthday, and I am so grateful for the bonus birthday post (I know you did it just for me!)

    The babies are all growing up so much. It is amazing! Thanks for the wonderful birthday gift!

  14. I LOVE kitturday!! And I love both of these families so much. I could happily watch the Royals run around all the live long day — and those Dragon babies, what unbelievable levels of cute… the wee roly poly darlings!

  15. I like to call Puff “Blockhead” or “That big-headed kid”. He is Charlie Brown in cat form.

  16. Whoa, when did Buttercup get that ridiculously long tail?

    And when did Norbert so chubby he looks like his wee legs can barely support him?

  17. many thanks for Kitturday photos…they’ve brought my blood pressure down to normal range! instant stress relief…

  18. Welp, I’ll be driving the 16 hours to Alabama to steal Aslan. Can’t be denied any longer. I tried, but am simply powerless.