5-25-10 – The Bookworms & the Rescuees.

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For those who asked, I wasn’t able to get a shot of Spanky’s acne area because he’s a skittish and wily one, and if you come toward him with a camera or a syringe of medicine or even nothing at all, his Spanky sensors send out a Warning! Warning! Attack is imminent! signal, and he’s gone like a cloud of smoke.

His acne isn’t quite as bad, but this is what it looks like.

We don’t have plastic dishes for the cats, they eat off of ceramic only and have for years – Miz Poo had acne a few years ago, and we switched to ceramic at that time. Had we known that it was acne that Spanky was suffering from, we likely wouldn’t have even taken him to the vet, just dealt with it here at home. We had no idea what was going on with his chin, and Fred suggested that it could be ringworm or a TUMOR, so off to the vet we went.

Next time (I’d like to think there’ll be no “next time”, but I think we all know there WILL) we’ll know what it is and won’t have to traumatize him by a visit to the vet.

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Reacher and Bolitar: Brudderly Love.

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I’m sorry if I worried any of you yesterday – upon a reread, I can see where you might think I was leading up to telling y’all that Sheila didn’t make it. Not only did she make it, she is THRIVING. She’s packing on the ounces, and when she gets going, her brothers don’t know which way is up.

I love that these four kittens came from three different places, but they almost immediately bonded and seem to think they’ve always been siblings. Franco and Garrity, especially, love to play together.

Sweet Sheila.



Is that a smug look, or what?

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Smilin’ Joe.


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5-25-10 – The Bookworms & the Rescuees. — 5 Comments

  1. Wow, it is amazing that the Bookworms are already starting to get more cat-like and less kitten-like!

    I can sympathize about the acne – Floyd’s was HORRIBLE when he had it. You should see if there is anything Spanky likes to rub on that isn’t necessarily plastic but is a hard, non-porus surface – I am positive that it wasn’t the dishes we were using even though they were plastic – they had these cute toys they would use to rub on (that is what they are for) and I think it could have been those or one of the hundreds of other things in the house they rub on (furniture is my guess). If he likes one thing specifically cleaning it with something antibacterial could help prevent it (I did that with the cabinets – Floyd LOVED to rub the bathroom cabinets, and even though they were wood the finish make them pretty non-porus).

    And it is good that Sheila is doing so well – she is so darn cute! And it is so great that they have all bonded!

    And I am very curious what Joe is thinking about with that big smile on his face!

  2. Robyn, I’m glad the post ended with a healthy Sheila yesterday. I had to read half of it with one eye closed.

    My big orange boy Murphy suffers from kitty acne sometimes and it doesn’t seem to matter what we change in the house, lol. It just comes and goes and he’s older, too!

    There is absolutly nothing like the look of pure joy on a kitten’s face when they are being groomed by their buddy. My two cats do this often and they look so happy it makes me smile!