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For those of you who asked where I got those adorable plates in yesterday’s Snackin’! Time! pictures, here’s a closeup of them:

2011-05-25 (10) 2011-05-25 (5)

I got them at Petsmart, quite some time ago. It just so happened that I had seven of them on hand. I don’t use them for snack time for the McMaos because it’s a huge pain to try to carry 7 plates at once, just used them the once so I could get some pictures of all of them in a row. These days I’m doing what I thought of last week: I mix up their snack (one can of kitten food, one jar of Gerber chicken and gravy baby food – they don’t need the baby food, but they like it, and I like to make them happy as I’m sure you’re shocked to hear) and then put seven blops of food around the edge of a regular sized (human) dinner plate, and that works out really well.

I need to get a picture of that, too, while I’m thinking of it!

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Poor Maggie. She sure does put up with a lot from those bratty little brats.

2011-05-25 (18)
“Hi Mama! ::thwap::”

2011-05-25 (19)
“HI Mama! Make way!”

2011-05-25 (21)

2011-05-25 (22)
Note, please, that he’s standing ON her.

2011-05-25 (23)
And now he’s biting her tail. She just lays there and puts up with it.

2011-05-25 (2)

2011-05-25 (1)
That look on her face epitomizes ::SIGH::, doesn’t it?

2011-05-25 (3)
“HI MAMA! Hi!”

2011-05-25 (4)
“You takin’ a nap? You takin’ a nap, huh, Mama? You gonna take a nap? You want me to take a nap with you? Huh, Mama, huh?”

2011-05-25 (6)

2011-05-25 (7)
“Lord help me from killing this mouthy little child.”

2011-05-25 (8)
“Just a little bite on the side of his neck will make me feel so much better.”

2011-05-25 (9)
“HOLD STILL, child, I’m gonna bite you.”
“No, Mama, noooooo! Mama! Hi Mama! Hi Mama, what you doin’?”

2011-05-25 (11)
“Come on, guys, Mama’s drinking water! That means WE need to drink water, too!”

2011-05-25 (12)
“Hi Mama, hi! Hi Mama!”

2011-05-25 (13)
“MAMA! I said HI! HI Mama, can you HEAR me?”

2011-05-25 (14)
“Mama, I smack you on the face! I smack you, Mama! Hi!”

2011-05-25 (15)
“Mama, I’m hungry. Is it time to eat, Mama?”

2011-05-25 (17)
Note that she’s holding Declan down with one paw while she bites Fergus Simon on the neck. She’s multi-talented!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-05-25 (20)
Boy, someone’s a little crankypants and apparently missed her afternoon nap.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-05-25 (24)
Miz Poo in the Poo Cave.


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5-25-11 — 17 Comments

  1. LOL!!! God love you, Miss Maggie! (and all the other mothers in the world!)

    Thank you, Robyn!

  2. I just noticed the little round mirrors low on the wall (reflecting the kicker-roo). Do the kittens like them?

  3. Maggie needs some R&R ASAP. Does she get 2-3 hours a day without the kiddies?

  4. And I refuse to fall in love with Dorothy. I learned my lesson from loving Rufus. Once bitten, twice shy.

  5. Awwww mama Maggie!! You are such a STAR!!!! You and your babies are adorable!!!

    Those kitty plates are fabulous!

    Hello there sweet Dorothy and Miz Poo! take care

  6. I’m betting Maggie wouldn’t mind stuffing a few kids in a Poo cave herself. LOL…kittens!

    Miss Dorfy is a doll.

  7. Come on, tell us what else you’re feeding the babies, I mean monsters? If you don’t put them up for adoption soon, Maggie’s going to be putting an ad up herself! (Not really! I know they aren’t old enough yet!)

  8. Maggie’s a *very* good mom.

    Take heart, Maggie, you won’t be having another litter. LOL.

  9. Another brilliant batch of “hi mama” photos! Oh, dear Maggie, how I admire your patience!

  10. Dorothy’s pout just kills me!! It is sad that such a look just makes me laugh, because I know cats don’t appreciate being laughed at when they are cranky, but I can’t help it..

  11. Oh Miss Maggie – soon you will be free of those super cute little monsters.
    They are all great photo’s – thanks,as always,for sharing!

  12. Oh that sweet mommy! She is so patient! And those darn babies are just so cute!!

  13. I love the “Hi Mama” photos, too. And I love seeing Maggie’s fangs when she’s had enough! What a great Momcat she’s been, and the kittens are irresistable. And thanks again, Robyn, for sharing!

  14. Maggie has got to be THE most patient mamacat in the world! And Dorothy is still beyond adorable even as a tiny Miss Crankypants!

  15. Oh, excellent captioning of the “Hi Mama” photo stream. Very funny, very cute!
    And does Maggie look like “Oh My Lord!” or what?
    Is that Dorfy being Miss Crankypants? Nooo!!! She’s such a cute crankypants.
    Miz Poo’s the Mistress of the Cave. None shall enter!