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Pile o’ snuggly babies (Aslan was laying on the chair in the background, though you can’t see him in this picture.)


Oh these kittens, with the baleful looks.

Bath time!

Leia and Jareth snooze, while Buttercup ponders the overhead light.

“That’s pretty amazin’, right there.”

Even asleep, she’s got the ears of annoyance going on.

Kate came through her spay surgery just fine. She wasn’t a happy girl when I first picked her up – the spay/neuter clinic employee who handed her over to me told me that she’d been sitting in her carrier growling. When I stepped outside with her (in the carrier), the traffic going by freaked her out a little, and she hid under the bed in the carrier. I put her in the back of the car and covered the carrier with a towel, and when we got home half an hour later, she was sound asleep. She woke up when we got into the house, and she was ready to be OUT of that carrier. I took her up to the foster room and let her out, and she ate, drank, and then was perfectly fine. The babies were happy to see her and would have liked to nurse, but every time they tried she got up and walked away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“It’s an awfully big world out there…”

Hello there, Bright Eyes!

Yesterday afternoon I went in to visit with Khaleesi and the babies, and Norbert was the only baby awake. He came to the door of the crate, and I petted him for a long time. Then he turned and toddled off to the back of the crate, stomped over all his siblings, and came back for more petting. He repeated his circuit of the crate three or four times before he decided he’d had enough petting and it was nap time. He is just so CUTE.

The other Dragons have cottony-soft fur. Norbert’s is velvety. Lucky for me, he likes to be petted!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I didn’t have any recent pictures of Stinkerbelle, so I stole a couple off of Fred’s tablet.

I have no idea when these pictures were taken; Fred doesn’t organize his pictures or delete the blurry ones, so there are like 500 of them on his tablet. I mean, look, it isn’t like I’m SO organized or anything, but I’m more organized than THAT.


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5-23-13 — 16 Comments

  1. I just finished sitting here thinking that if I were driving through AL, I could stop off, play with the kittens…and then was deciding which two would I take. Leia for sure….then Charming…or would I take Puff??? I do this with every litter. (Yes, Corbie would have been mine. That was an easy one. He was the cutest kitten ever!)

  2. /Stinkerbelle/ has the ears of annoyance going on 🙂 Leia just looks sleepy 🙂

  3. Love how Leia is curled up with Jareth and then the little paw covering her face on top of that-SOOOOO CUUUTE!
    Puff looks a little worried about the big world outside of the crate but I’m sure in a week or two he’ll be all “what-I was never skeered of the world. You’re just sayin’ that to make me mad. Come here so I can tell YOU somethin'”. *smack*

  4. Those dragons still look like chinese dragons with those heavy peony heads. Except for Norbert who looks more like a Night Fury.

  5. Norbert must have found a note from Stompers about how to treats siblings. 🙂

  6. I had to laugh to myself when I saw that you had to steal pics from Fred’s tablet…considering they were pics of Stinkerbelle, I wasn’t surprised you didn’t have many recent ones, she is Fred’s cat after all 😉 And, yes, I still adore Stinkerbelle…beautiful Daddy’s girl!!

  7. Where are you guys again? Because Norbert does me in EVERY time. I love him to bits. And he likes to be petted?! ALREADY?! I wonder if he will be one of those kitties who can never get enough pettins.

  8. Leia is saying “OK take more pictures of me, I am very photogenic !!”
    Norbert is such a cutie !!!!!

    I hope you have pictures of Aslan tomorrow 🙁

  9. I just don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything cuter than those Dragon babies at the edge of their crate (yesterday’s pics too), on the verge of the big world! I mean… seriously!