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Bath time for Aslan.

“Mama! I am CLEAN ENOUGH!”

Leia, digging at the patch of sun.

She digs and digs, but it just REFUSES to get bigger!

Aslan, tail on fire.

“What’s going on over THERE?”

Sweet Miss Buttercup.

“Hey! We SAID no pictures!”

Buttercup likes to occasionally remind Aslan that she might be small, but she’s FEISTY.

Kate went off to be spayed yesterday (I’ll be leaving in a little while to pick her up), and I expected that her kittens would be all over the place downstairs, getting into things and keeping me company. But no – they had no desire to leave their comfort zone. They spent all day upstairs, hanging out in their room and playing in the hallway and Fred’s room. They were always super happy to see me when I went upstairs, but that’s where they preferred to stay. I know that it always takes time for them to be comfortable with coming downstairs, but come on. It’s been DAYS. I need fluffy little fuzzbutts snoozing on my desk (next to the fluffy BIG fuzzbutts, that is.)

Video: the Royal kittens, throwing themselves around at 50mph, as usual. If we could bottle that energy, the world would be OURS!

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ruth is just NOT quite sure what I think I’m doing.

Her sweet little face kills me dead.

Norbert isn’t quite sure about the mesh on the side of the crate.

Scorch, keeping an eye on me from the back of the crate.

More Ruth. She is so CUTE.

Ember peers out from behind Norbert’s butt.

Norbert’s pretty much laying completely on top of Scorch and Ember. Silly boy.

Video: Ruth’s just hanging out taking a bath and having her belly rubbed, and everyone else is flailing around. You know, the usual.

YouTube link.

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Sheriff Mama takes a quick nap between shifts stalking around the back yard. A Sheriff Mama’s job is never done.


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5-22-13 — 32 Comments

  1. So adorable as ever. I’ve been watching the dragons ears and between yesterday and today Norberts ears plinked up. πŸ˜€ the rest are surely going to pop tomorrow.

  2. Thank You Autopost! another night of insomnia cheered by the 5am ping! of Love & Hisses to the rescue.

    I know y’all say Norbert’s gonna have a chat with his mama about how different he looks, but in yesterday’s post of the pic of Khaleesi, her head is shaped a lot like his. Maybe the other dragons are the true cuckoos (in all senses of the word πŸ˜‰ )

    I love the way a third Royal (seems to be Jareth or Charming mostly) will come running full bore at two playing/wrestling kittens, not to attack (they seem to stop short) but just watch the two floof, leap and run away (Nee! Nee!)

  3. Man, mama Khaleesi sure did produce some gorgeous kittens. Ruth, your cute is killing me.

    I wonder if they realize you’re downstairs yet? You might take one or two of them downstairs with you and sit them on your desk while you work.

    • Oh, they’ve been downstairs lots of times, they just don’t stay here. I’m pretty sure it’s because they think of the upstairs as “home base” and they’re most comfortable there.

  4. Ruth has some SERIOUS cute going on. I don’t know how you don’t just hold her 24/7.

    I think Puff’s head is bigger than all of Norbert. πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve been curious – since we haven’t had a Crooked Acres update in a while, are you getting any little piggies this year?

  6. sigh…..tiny baby cuteness. And I will never understand why kittens are constantly in a hurry to go nowhere fast. πŸ™‚

  7. The Dragons just slay me with the cute! -see what I did there πŸ˜›

  8. What a difference a few weeks make! Watching the two videos in succession almost gave me whiplash. Such speed in the first and slowness in the second!

    And Ruth is the cutest cutie ever!

  9. I wonder what the doc’s going to think of Kate’s weight? She looks so skinny these days. I know that you’ve been trying to build up her weight but keeping up with kittens that are almost as big as you has to be draining.

    • It helps that she’s not letting them nurse, really. Every now and then she’ll let them nurse for a minute or two, but then she gets up and walks off. Hopefully that’ll help her put some weight back on!

  10. Wow that photo really brought home the size difference between Aslan and Buttercup.

  11. Big hugs to Katie – hope all goes well!!

    Norbert is tiny! Awwwww!! Take care

  12. I just fell over from all the cuteness !!!! Ruth and Aslan I want to take you both home with me. Robyn you can come over to visit them too !!!
    Amazing Norbert is actually the oldest and he is the tiniest. I am sure he will have a super growth spurt soon !
    Speedy healing to Kate. No more unexpected babies, you have done a great job! Now you can live a life of luxury !

  13. I think you should put up a kitten cam up in a corner in each room. Set them to come on in the late afternoon till it gets dark or so. I think we would all like to be able to see those kittens running around like little crazy fuzz balls during the day to get a quick smile and laugh!

    They are all so cute, but Ruth and Aslan are my 2 favs of these groups. But they are all adorable so maybe they are all my favorites!

  14. Is there anything cuter than baby kittens washing themselves? I didn’t think so!

  15. How big is Sheriff Mama? She looks very much like my Leia, but I can’t tell if they are the same size. Leia is about 8 pounds.

    • She’s about 8 1/2 pounds (at least, last time I weighed her). She’s actually our smallest cat, all the others weigh over 10 pounds.

  16. I hope Kate is feeling ok after her spay. She is so pretty!

    The Dragons seem to be on the fast-track growth spurt now….they will be chasing one another like Kate’s beh-behs before much longer! Thanks as always for the infusions of cute into my day.

    BTW – If any reader here also follows the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee and hasn’t heard today’s GREAT news – hie yourself over there and read for yourself. Bring tissues – for happy tears!

    • She was a little unhappy when I first picked her up from the clinic, but now she doesn’t seem to know there’s anything different!

      I hadn’t read the IBKC post – that is awesome news. Oh, I’m so glad that floofy little girl is sticking around, she is one sweet little monkey!

  17. Loved the videos today & I really don’t know how you handle all the cute everyday. One comment though… while watching the Royals video I couldn’t help but notice how those poor little kittens have absolutely nothing to play with. It must be awful to be so toy-deprived. An outrage I tell you. Only 15 or 20 toys per kitten isn’t nearly enough. Shame on you Robyn.

    I am kidding, of course. Thanks for the great post today. I needed it.

  18. I love the videos of the Royals acting like crazypants, and my most favorite part about watching is that I love hearing you laugh at them, Robyn. Hearing how much joy they bring you makes me really happy. How can you ever have a bad day with fuzzy goofs flailing about like that?

    Ruth giving those teeny toes a bath just killed me dead. And the fuzzy bellies…..swoon!

    I bet Sheriff Mama’s responsibilities are completely overloaded right now, with so many little fuzzy lawbreakers racing around the house. No wonder she’s tired!

    Happy to hear that Kate is doing well!

  19. I was going to say what Catdad7x said. Excuse me for a moment here while I make up a middle name or two for you to I can really rev up and get my ‘Mom’ on: Robyn Louise Mandalynne Destynee Ann Olga ANDERSON! How DARE you not give those babies anything to play with! Or on, or under, or around, or at. Aren’t you just ASHAMED!

    I usually smile a little, perhaps a chuckle, while watching the videos, but today you got literal LOLs out of me on both of them – in the first one, at about 0:12 where someone sees a tail and sets off a chain reaction, at 0:23 when there are “too many monkeys jumpin’ in the bed,” and basically everything from 0:47-0:57, where it seems like a slight misjudgment wound up causing a domino effect. Then the little sideways fly-by on the way out of the room to top it all off.

    In the second one, though, it was less madcap hilarity and more absurdity: I can just hear Ruth saying, “Look! A foot! It appears to be mine… let’s get it a little closer – oh. Darn. It ran away. Oh hey! Here it is again! Oops, dropped it. [pretends to try to reach] Oh, oooh, it’s soooo far away…” And at ~0:56-58 she looks *precisely* like she smells something rank! “Is that MY foot? Oh okay, it’s Scorch’s. Pfwooo, now that’s just nasty.” Maybe it’s the rough week I’ve had*, but I just can’t stop giggling at the expression on her face in ~56-58.

    I love all your videos (except the ones with frogs – have you made any with frogs? Please don’t just because I mentioned it) but I must admit I think your earlier cameras were a bit quieter with their refocusing noises. I know that the sound is probably loudest on the video and probably barely audible even from behind the lens, but every time I hear it, especially when it’s a video where the kittens are sleepy or nursing, I cringe every time: “Shh! It’s gonna wake them all up!”

    *My brain is absolute mush. I keep realizing that Monday is a holiday – every time someone mentions it, I’ve forgotten it from the LAST time someone mentioned it (usually less than an hour prior), so I get all crazy excited about it, like I’m learning it for the first time. Two people I work with have started taking turns – about every 90 minutes one of them will say, “Now you remember we’re off on Monday,” just to watch me spaz out and get all giddy about it. SOO tired. And my coworker keeps trying to push one of her “sponsored strays” (none of the shelters or rescues here will touch them) on me – she’s found out which one stole my heart the last time she brought them up to try to find homes for them, and she stops me every day to tell me the latest cute thing that one’s done. She’s taking advantage of my weariness and distraction this week, and trying to trick me into it: “So Elayne, you know that little kitten, the one you’re gonna be taking?” “Uh-huh, yeah, what abouHEY I never said I was taking it!” (I’m still waiting for her to send me some pics so I can send you.)

    EDIT: OMG it’s Godzilla-comment, come to eat Tokyo! Everybody run! Sorry.

      • They always do, Connie, they always do… *sigh* I must’ve been sick on the day we studied “brevity” at school.