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2011-05-23 (16)
As the oldest cat, Spanky thinks that what to watch should be HIS decision.

2011-05-23 (17)
“But *I* wanna watch those wacky Real Housewives!” says Dorothy.
Jake: ::facepalm::

(Dorothy won. She always does.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Seven weeks old! Can you believe it?

2011-05-23 (11)
Ciara goes for the butt bite as Cillian attempts to flee up the cat tree.

2011-05-23 (9)
Declan (left) and Fergus Simon (right) in my lap. They’re looking all wild-eyed because the camera strap is hanging down, tempting them.

2011-05-23 (10)
Their little faces crack me up (please note the foot-sniffer in the background).

2011-05-23 (8)
Macushla and his fangs.

2011-05-23 (7)
Finnegan at play (note to self: someone really needs to paint those baseboards.)

2011-05-23 (6)
“I feel skeered, but I don’t know WHY.”

2011-05-23 (5)

2011-05-23 (4)
Ciara, hanging on the cat tree while Cillian’s over there all “I don’t know why you’re taking HER picture, she’s not doing anything all THAT impressive. I can hang there like that. I can hang there from only ONE paw. She’s nothin’ special. Hmph.”

2011-05-23 (3)

2011-05-23 (2)
“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the Bat signal, and I am BatCat!”

2011-05-23 (1)
“::sigh:: Picking that up would be SO much easier if I had opposable thumbs.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-05-23 (15)
Are we comfy, Suggie? (Sugarbutt and Tommy love to lay like this on the back of Fred’s chair.)


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5-23-11 — 15 Comments

  1. “Dorothy” wants to watch Real Housewives? hmmmm….

    It really doesn’t seem like it’s been 7 weeks but it probably seems much longer to Maggie. They are adorable. All of them. The Chinese finger traps are a favorite toy at my place. I tucked one end in about an inch to make it flare, fewer end up under the stove or fridge that way.

  2. Ciara going in for the butt-bite slays me. Great shot, Robyn. You got a lot of really great shots of them in their rough and tumbly stage. Brightened my morning.

  3. Hey there Robyn,
    I am still being bounced to the pseudo-site from the home button… any ideas as to why??

    • Hi Anita –

      All I can guess is that something in my domain setup doesn’t like the link. I went and added the “www” to the front of the web address, that might make a difference. Let me know if you’re still being redirected, would you?

  4. I loves me some Dorfy first thing in the morning. And knowing that she’s a fan of trash-TV?? Even better!

  5. I cant believe it’s been 7 weeks already – my how time has flown and they have grown!

    Aw sugarbutt – your so silly!

  6. Dorothy is more and more perfect every day. I love the Real Housewives of OC. Very sad that next week is the finale, but it looks like a doozy. I hope Dorothy will be watching, too!

    Those kittens are so damn cute. And LOL at the “skeered” picture! Hahaha!

  7. This is the age that I like in kittens – inqusitive and playful and a lot of cute!

    Love pic 2 love the way they are in Robyns legs!

  8. These action pictures are TOO FUNNY!!! As much as I love all the snuggly cuddly business, these mid-pounce and super fierce action shots had me laughing out loud!!

  9. Fantastic shots! (The “butt bite”, hee!) I swear, I’d probably never leave the kitten room… except to go hang out with Dorothy, of course!

  10. Awww lovely Dorothy!! Of course she rules that sofa and the TV! Yay!! The McMaos are just the best! Seven weeks?!?! Amazing – they’ve changed so so so so much!! Awwww!!

    Hugs to mum Maggie, Jake, Spanky and Sugarbutt! I love their names!! :-)Take care