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Dennis, in the belly of the whale fish.


Tricki checks out the feather teaser.

“I see you, feather teaser.”

“Come closer…”


Oops. Looks like one of your ears fell off, Tricki.

Have I mentioned that she is just such a goofy girl? SO goofy.

Got it!

Playful Livia.

Livia and Tricki’s trip back to Petsmart went about as I’d expected – Livia flopped down in her cage and got comfy, and Tricki went and hid in her litter box. I hate it when they do that!

I got to see Orlando, Angelo, and Thomas, and gave them all quick kisses and snuggles. I just wish someone would come adopt them ALL, the sooner the better!

We’re working on getting Dennis comfortable in places other than the foster room, but he’s pretty strongly bonded to that room, and considers it his safe space. We tried shutting him out of the foster room the other night, and opened the screen door at the bottom of the stairs so he could explore. He made it clear, at the top of his lungs, that he wasn’t having it. I expected him to be freaked out after Tricki and Livia were taken away yesterday, but he actually wasn’t. In fact, he might have been even friendlier – I know that oftentimes skittish cats feed off each others’ fear, and so maybe Dennis and Tricki are more skittish together than they are apart.

We’ll keep working on it, because I’d like to be able to keep him here until someone sees his sweet face and reads about his personality and falls in love rather than send him off to the shelter. It’s going to be slow going, I think, but hopefully we’ll get there!


Miz Poo is not impressed with that Dennis guy, and made sure to let him know just how unimpressed she was, in the form of a Paw o’ Doom upside his head.


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5-21-14 — 14 Comments

  1. I wish I could take Dennis, he seems so sweet, but I would be afraid that the dogs would just blow his little mind. 🙁

    • I had a cat that loved dogs…and didn’t like cats (she would suffer quietly in their presence as they were breathing her air.) If it was a Rottie, she would still want to get ear rubs off of him. 🙂

  2. Oh Dennis you sweet little baby! You are just breaking my heart. Let Robyn help you so you can find your forever home

  3. Oh noes! Dennis felt the Wrath of Poo!! Maybe Miz Poo was doing her Cher imitation from Moonstruck and was telling him to “Snap out of it!”. 😀

  4. Tricki is just SO GORGEOUS! How anyone has not adopted her silly monkey self yet is beyond me. It is too bad that Dennis decided to howl until he got back to his “safe space” in the foster room. I guess some kittens just take more work than others.

    • I agree. Tricki has such expressive eyes, just beautiful. Black cats are my favorite (tuxedo cats next) so when I hear that people don’t like them it just floors me. I have my fingers crossed for Tricki & Dennis to get a good forever home.

  5. Dennis may be a lot like my cat. Jenna was Miss Congeniality at the no kill shelter. However, once I brought her home she hid in my walk-in closet. It literally took months to get her out and about. I used toys and treats to ease her out of the closet. The break-through came one day when I saw her quietly head toward the kitchen. I discovered her bowl of dry food was empty. She had been prowling the apartment at night and knew the kitchen had another cat food bowl. She is definitely a one person cat. She hides when anyone else is in the apartment.

  6. Ugh, I would take Dennis in a heartbeat!! Just need to win the lottery so I can fly/drive down and get him… 🙁
    Stay strong, Dennis! Your forever home is out there…

  7. Sigh.. poor Dennis. (either that or very sneaky Dennis to convince you to keep him.. maybe he’s just REALLY smart)

  8. I’m sending lots of positive thought rays in Dennis and Tricki’s direction and was so pleased to hear that Livia took things in stride. Great to see Miz Poo though not to hear about the Paw o’ Doom…