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A couple of people asked in yesterday’s comments how many fosters I’ve had in the past 9 years. The answer is 237! (I should put the number in the sidebar like Connie does, but I fear I’d forget to update it. In fact, I can just about guarantee I’d forget.)

Of that 237, 128 were male, and 109 were female. We’ve had five litters born here: Kara’s kittens, the McMaos, the Nominees, the Royals, and the Dragons). We’ve also had six litters, already born, who came to us with their mothers (Mia and her kittens, Maxi’s babies (Maxi herself was never a foster), Catie and her kittens, Fantine and her kittens, Brandywine and the ‘Maters, and Livia and the Sopranos.

Of that 237, we kept a mere 7: Sugarbutt, Tommy, Stinkerbelle, Kara, Joe Bob, Alice and Corbie. Jake and Elwood were initially going to be fosters, but we changed our minds within 24 hours. They were never officially “in the system”, so I don’t count them as former fosters.

Not all of the posts about fosters have made it to Love & Hisses yet, but hopefully before we hit year 10, I’ll have gotten it done!

(Also, I should point out that from October 2005 to September 2006, we didn’t foster because before he’d agree that we could keep Sugarbutt, Fred made it a condition that we not foster for at least 6 months afterward. And then we got caught up in life, and before I realized it, it had been almost a year!)


Livia, checking out the feather teaser.

I love her whiskers and that crazy look on her sweet face!

“Hey! Where ya goin’? I thought we were going to sharpen our claws together!”

There she goes with her curly tail again.


Livia and the Ears of Annoyance.

Sweet, sweet, SWEET girl.

Love that Tricki.

Dennis and Tricki – and my foot.


Livia and Tricki are off to Petsmart later this morning. I really, REALLY hope that they get themselves adopted quickly, because they’re such sweet, awesome girls. I’ll have pictures of them for at least a couple more days, then you might be subjected to all-Dennis all the time. 🙂


Oh, Stefan. Rough life, ain’t it?

Sometimes we have to plug him in to recharge him. I think his battery might be going bad, though.

EXHAUSTING, this life.

Speaking of Stefan, if you aren’t following Love & Hisses on Facebook, you didn’t see a picture of Stefan’s latest “gift.” I was sitting at my computer Sunday evening, and Fred – who’d been reading in the front room – came in with this guy.

The bunny was completely unhurt – Fred said that Stefan had been carrying it around by the nape of the neck. When he realized Fred was coming to take his new toy away, Stefan made a run for it, but let go as soon as Fred grabbed him.

Fred released the bunny over in the woods (near the horse field next door to our back forty), and it hopped off.


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5-20-14 — 27 Comments

  1. You know that thing where you draw circles around a quarter with a pencil on a piece of paper then get your friend to try to roll the quarter from their forehead down their nose to try to get it in one of those circles, but what you’re really doing is getting them to put a pencil line down their nose from the rolling quarter? Who did that to Livia?? Just noticed her nose with the line down the middle! (Ok, I’m slow, I know, but it’s cute!)

    Stefan.. do not attempt to eat the cute wildlife please! Only eat ugly things we don’t care about! lol!

    • I had NEVER noticed that, and you are so right! Now I keep going and looking at her picture and laughing. 🙂

  2. Godspeed, Livia and Tricki — and may you find the perfect homes soonest.

  3. I just love Livia’s fur in the second photo. It seems as soft and thick and glossy as Charlie and Patty Pepper’s fur, at their Christmas photos. First off, Charlie and Patty are my absolute favorites of your fosters (so I can’t help but love Livia as well) and second, how do you do it? How, oh how do you take a little scrawny kitten, round bellied and chip-toothed and tired of all the baby nursing, and turn it into a diva? You must be a fairy kitten mother!

  4. Disapproving bunny is disapproving! He doesn’t look at all frightened though.

    • Oh, I love his disapproving look so much!

      Fred was afraid the bunny would bite him, but it didn’t struggle too much and wasn’t too terribly freaked out. Maybe he sensed that we were helping him!

  5. I had a cat that did that on a regular basis — he would always get this bewildered look on his face as if he was saying, “but Mommy I brought this for you”

  6. I’m impressed that Stefan caught that bunny rabbit! On the other hand, I’m glad you were able to get to it before it was nommed on by Stefan. It looks so disapproving in that last picture!

  7. Robyn you simply must stop making Stefan do so many chores. The poor boy is completely worn out. The picture of him rechargin his battery made me laugh out loud. How much more relaxed can you get short of a coma?

    • My favorite thing that Stefan does is when he’s sound asleep in a cat bed or a spot on the floor, and he stands up, takes two steps, and then flops down and goes back to sleep. He’s such a nut!

  8. Poor Stefan – bringing bunnies to Fred it tough work. 🙂

    Good luck Livia and Tricki!!!

    So….with just Dennis in the foster room…. ????

    • I think I made a mistake by keeping him in that foster room for so long – he’s strongly bonded to it, and it’s his “safe place.” I’m trying to convince him that downstairs isn’t so bad (so at least we could keep him here for at least a while longer), but he’s super skittish about it. Last night I said “Dennis, you need to vacate that room, because I want to put BABIES in there!”, and he told me he didn’t care.

  9. I think Stefan is my new favorite internet kitty.. he brings you unharmed bunnies, and sleeps like a champ..

  10. I suspect that Stefan caught that bunny to taunt Jake, who can only catch a mouthful of feathers.

    It’s hard to imagine not loving Tricki but sometimes it takes people longer to find the treasure right in front of you.

  11. Oh fingers and paws crossed for Livia and Tricki, but especially Tricki! I hope that sweet girl will come out of her shell for folks this time.

  12. “Fred made it a condition that we not foster for at least 6 months afterward.”

    Well, Fred got over that nicely! Now he’s helped make the whole house foster heaven, down to the screen door on the stairs. Sometime, you’re going to have to do a full expose on how the cats have taken over the house. 🙂

  13. That first picture looks like Fred is putting the bunny’s ear back on.

  14. Anyone who doesn’t want cats as obviously good as Livia and Tricki is just an OAF.