5-18-15 Monday

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Look what was set up in the cat room at Challenger’s House over the weekend!

That’s a cat exercise wheel from One Fast Cat. Susan used the funds from a fundraiser last fall to order one for the cat room, in hopes that it would give the cats something exciting to do. Susan reported:

We sat in the catroom for about an hour waiting for somebody to show some interest and a few of them did some sniffing and a few actually got on but once it started moving a little, they just jumped off. We finally gave up after doing some teaser teasing and treat throwing & decided that they’d just have to discover it on their own. Will probably be at 3 in the morning.


Silly Louis.

Roseanne and Lucy, sharing dinner.

Louis, atop the scratcher (you can see the fleece bear basket behind him.)

Roseanne and Lucy. She is certainly a Mama’s girl.

Paws UP, y’all!

~thlurrrp~ (Rickles)

Roseanne, biting Skelton on his head.

Bath time for Rickles (I LOVE the whiskers!)

~thlurrrp~ (Skelton)

Licking Skelton’s ear gives Louis the crazy eyes.

I swear that Belushi’s front legs aren’t twice as long as normal, it’s just the angle. The angle, I say!

All 7 in one picture! I’m not sure that’ll ever happen again. From left: Shecky, Belushi, Roseanne, Skelton, Rickles (in front of Skelton), Louis, and Gilda.

And then Louis wandered off.


Kara surveys her domain from atop the dryer.


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5-18-15 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. I guess the reason why the kittehs at Challenger’s House are skeptical about the giant green thingy is that they think it is some kind of a human-made time-and-space gate to other dimensions, and that it looks rather primitive in comparison with the time-and-space gates they use on regular basis (to begin with, it’s visible to humans). I’m not a kitteh, I would gladly use it 🙂

  2. EEEKK!!! That Bath time for Rickles pic initially looked to me like he was carrying around a bloody chunk of one of his siblings! The larger version just showed a big ol’ pink tongue in front of a big ol’ pink mouth with some widdle pink toesies for good measure. FAR less traumatizing…

  3. The Sheriff has a bit of the Maru look to her in that side angle. She’s such a pretty girl.

    The picture of Louis atop the scratcher makes me think he has future in psychotherapy. He is clearly listening intently and asking “and how does that make you feel, Weird Lady?”.

    • Or Louis is imitating Dr. Frasier Crane…”Hello caller, I’m listening…” 😀

  4. Aww is that Pepsi in the first picture? I want that feisty girl to find her forever family!!

  5. wait, kittens are the new hamsters? haha, will cats even run on wheels :p

    by the way, I’ve seen on the internet, a wheel like that for humans in playgrounds (not available in my country), and apparently, they’re rather hard to really run in… you just fall kinda on your hands and knees, so I don’t know if cats will do it :p

  6. I clicked on that link you provided for One Fast Cat — perused the website for a while, watched all the customer videos, read the FAQs, etc — at 9:30 AM when I got to work. It is now 7 PM, and every website I’ve been on today has had a Google Ad for One Fast Cat. All day I’ve been followed by a kitty on his wheel, running merrily along! Too funny!