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Yesterday I got word that Rufus was adopted on Tuesday! He spent a week at Petsmart, and honestly I don’t think that’s bad at all.

Yay, Rufus!

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2011-05-19 (1)
We planted some grapes in the back yard. So far, they seem pretty happy. Maybe in ten years, we’ll be able to drink some of our own grape juice!

2011-05-19 (22)
Squash flower! Maybe we really will end up with some veggies this summer. Fingers crossed!

2011-05-19 (35)
Rooster, flappin’.

2011-05-19 (20)

2011-05-19 (40)
Mama chicken and some of her babies.

2011-05-19 (39)
Meredith Gray, strutting with attitude.

2011-05-19 (41)

2011-05-19 (42)
Gracie’s always trying to goad George into playing. Sometimes he indulges her, sometimes he doesn’t.

2011-05-19 (43)
Happy Gracie.

2011-05-19 (44)
Can you tell there was some Furminating going on out here?

2011-05-19 (45)
Silly girl.

2011-05-19 (46)

2011-05-19 (21)
Snack time!

2011-05-19 (47)

2011-05-19 (37)

2011-05-19 (36)
Furminating in progress. Gracie LOVES to be brushed, and she’ll flop over on her back and roll around, she’s so giddy with delight.

2011-05-19 (34)

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Snackin’ Time for the McMaos.

2011-05-19 (24)

2011-05-19 (26)

2011-05-19 (27)

Note that Maggie works her way down the line, elbowing kittens out of the way. Like I said to Fred the other night, “You know how they say a mother is a person who, seeing there are only 4 pieces of cake for 5 people, promptly announces she never did care for cake?”

“Yeah?” Fred said.

“Maggie is a mother who, seeing there are only 4 pieces of cake for 5 people, promptly announces ‘You kids don’t need cake, anyway.””

You can hardly blame her, I guess – the babies are almost 7 weeks old, and can still be seen nursing several times a day.







I still think it’s about the sweetest thing ever. We’ve talked about moving Maggie to another room for a few hours during the days just to give her a break from the kittens and to give them some idea that life goes on even if Mama’s not right there. I may start doing that this weekend and see how it goes.

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2011-05-19 (23)
Miz Poo would like to know just what I think I’m doing out here in the back yard.


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5-19-11 — 14 Comments

  1. Look at Miz Poo’s face! That cracks me up.

    Lookit the size of those munchkins! 7 weeks? Really? So what does that make them? Tweens?

    Gracie and George are the prettiest puppies ever. Do you have any baby pictures of them?

    • I guess it depends on how you judge. They’re still nursing, which most humans stop doing by age 1 or 2. They’re probably best off having another month with mom and siblings before leaving for their forever families, which I guess you could compare to being ready to go off to boarding school (typically age 12-14, I think), which’d make them 8 or 9.

  2. Yay, Rufus — I hope that boy’s new family knows about his monster fanbase. The kittens are H-U-G-E! Glad to see Miz Poo and the outdoor crew.

  3. Are you sure you didn’t get plant food mixed up with the kitten food? They are growing like Jack’s beanstalk!

  4. By the way, Maggie looks a bit overwhelmed with all those kitten attached! Pretty soon, we won’t even be able to see her!!!

  5. I second the idea of removing Maggie for a few hours a day; that will be good for Mom and good for the babies. Your not taking Mom away for ever, just a few hours so she can rest and babies can get used to the idea of her not being there. Seven to Eight weeks is when a lot of Momma Cats start pushing the babies away anyway. Not all of them do this, many will keep nursing even after kittens are all grown up (if they are spayed and have no more litters). But quite a few of them do a sort of of “kittens, what kittens? I’ve never seen you children before in my life, go away or I’ll slap you silly,” between seven to ten weeks.

  6. OMG! Yay Rufus! Now can we track his new fam to make sure they love him enough? JUST KIDDING! LOL! But I have to admit, I did have a crush on his lil cute furry a**.

  7. I love this blog. I wanna move to a farm in the country and raise some critters.

  8. I love where you live and how you live!! Awww the baby chicks are just adorable, the chickens are gorgeous, George and Gracie are polar bears dressed as dogs – LOL! – and you may have home grown wine soon with roasted squash for nibbles! LOL!! How wonderful!

    As for the McMaos – awww mama Maggie needs all the energy she can eat for these babies – I really like your HUGE bowls of dried treats for them too!!

    For some reason I think of Cleopatra ala Elizabeth Taylor when I look at adorable Miz Poo here!! 🙂 Take care

  9. i LOVE the furminator tool – my yard looks like that too after i get done with the kitties lol

  10. Hurray for Rufus! I am so glad he now has a forever home. Lucky family!

    Gracie and George make me smile; they always look so happy!