5-21-17 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Happy Mother’s Day! (Nola with Beignet and Praline)

Time for breakfast! (Nola with Beignet and Andouille)

Bath time! (Nola and Praline)

A Mama and her girl.

A Mama and her boy.

That girl sure does love her Mama!

A Mama and her girl. (Nola and Praline)

Wild thangs.

“No, no, innernets, that’s okay, you go on and go to bed. I’ll just make sure these kids are fed. You have yourself a nice restful night, now. I’m sure I’ll get to sleep the whole night through again… SOMEday.”

Good morning, beautiful. (Beignet)

Would you care for a bowl of Praline?

It appears you’ve misplaced an ear, Roux.

Basket full o’ muffins. But probably my favorite part of this picture is Praline in the background, all side-eyeing and saying “Oh no, am I on CAMERA?”

Good night, innernets.

How ’bout some early morning toe beans?

Just referred to Frankie as “King Farouk” and immediately laughed out loud and thought of Bob Lacey.

Good night, innernets.

Uh oh. Andouille has examined your vehicle and is sorry to inform you that your floopleheimer is shot. This is going to cost you a LOT of kibble, my friend.

Oh kitten pie, my favorite dessert. You shouldn’t have!

Good night, innernets.

It’s Thlurrrpsday, and Praline is getting us started off right!

Sitting in his tiny basket, havin’ him a Thlurrrpsday.

Don’t stare directly into the sun, Beignet, it’ll make all that marshmallow fluff expand and leak out your ears, and it’ll just be a big ol’ mess.

She’s a very thlurrp-y girl!

Kittens aren’t the only ones who can do it – Newt will have you know that he can thlurrp if he wants to. He can leave your friends behind. ‘Cause your friends don’t thlurrrp and if they don’t thlurrp, well, they’re no friends of mine. Er, his. Whatever.

So. Much. FLOOF.

And our last Thlurrrpsday post for the day with Praline.

Oh, this little muffin. ::squoosh:: (Praline)

Mama needs a minute.

Good night, innernets.

The smuggest muffin.

Mama went away for a few hours yesterday, and when she came back she smelled funny, which made Roux and Beignet don their Stranger Danger Floof Suits for a while. (Nola went for her combo test, which came back negative, yay!)

“Laundry’s done, man.” (Newt)

“I sees you, innernets.” (Roux)


Videos! The first is most of the videos put together in a montage because that’s what’s easiest for me.

YouTube link

The second is one that I felt works best without the other videos to detract from it – Praline’s Kramer entrance at the beginning kills me DEAD.

YouTube link

And the third is Praline’s Kramer entrance slowed way, way down. If you think I haven’t watched this 75 times and cackled every single time, you know nothin’.

YouTube link


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5-21-17 Weekly Roundup — 7 Comments

  1. It took a minute for Bob Lacey to translate to Robert Lacey in my head. A litter named after Saudi kings (and princesses) would be fun!!

    • I had to go look up Robert Lacey and here’s what’s funny – the Bob Lacey I was referring to is the radio personality, part of Bob and Sheri. I listen to their show via podcast regularly, and Bob will occasionally refer to a spoiled kid as “like King Farouk.” So naturally he’s the first one who pops into my head when I see/read/hear King Farouk. 🙂

      • Oh that is hilarious! Because you read a lot, I was immediately thinking of the book The Kingdom, and I knew the author’s name was Lacey!

  2. The audio in the slow-mo version of Praline’s entrance is almost as funny as the video.

  3. I’ve somehow fallen way behind in reading the daily blog posts… but wanted to ask that the Praline/Kramer video (both of them) be added to favorites. That is just waaaaaay too funny!