5-22-17 Monday

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In case you missed this in yesterday’s post, I took the video of Praline’s Kramer entrance and slowed it way, way down and it is CRACKING. ME. UP. Make sure you watch it with your sound on, because the sound really makes it. (I didn’t add that sound, that was part of the original video.)

YouTube link


Praline gets her thlurrrp on. She’s also got a case of the crazy eyes. That girl’s got it all!

Roux, also with the crazy eyes. Somehow, her reflection looks less crazy-eyed.

Just sittin’ around, bein’ floofy.

A bird flew by the window, and Roux wasn’t quite sure what had happened.

I haven’t taken nearly enough pictures of these kittens from above.

Praline’s chin and belly. Delightful, if you ask me.

In fact, she’s just one delightful girl.

When they start fighting up on top of the little blue tree it makes me nervous, but they’re pretty surefooted these days, I haven’t seen anyone fall from up there. (Please note Beignet’s Open Mouth of Outrage. OH the drama!)

Another Open Mouth of Outrage. Andouille got a boop on the nose from Roux, and didn’t appreciate it.

They LOVE to chomp on this thing. I don’t know what it’s made of, but it’s holding up really well to the chompings of kittens.

“What doon, weird lady?”

“Lady, you is just weird.” Thanks, Praline.

The speckled belly of the Praline.

I had no clue this was even a possibility – it looks like Roux didn’t either! (That thing she’s balanced on is an outlet box, which I use on all the outlets in the foster room because some kittens really like to unplug stuff. I like that it’s got “doors” on it so I can plug and unplug things without too much of a hassle.)

Oh, that boy. If you think I didn’t snatch him up and squoosh him, you know nothin’.


Video! Andouille and Praline doin’ the skitterbug thing.

YouTube link

In the second video Fred shows us how to properly play with the track ball toy with kittens.

YouTube link


Jake’s tunes are fully looned, as you can see.


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5-22-17 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. It is amazing how better coordinated they are in just one week. The legs work so much better!
    Looks like they are gonna have amber eyes.
    That is exactly how I get my track ball spinning. I must say that Andouille is ADORABLE in that video. I would sooooo foster fail!

  2. Andouille does this little under-handed (under-pawed?) swipe move at the trackball that just kills me!!

    I hope he does have a lot of of people asking about him. I really want this litter to go as fast as the Grocers. I want to say they are the record holders for all being adopted either before they got to Petsmart or the day they arrived?

    • I’m trying to remember – I think it might be a tie between the Grocers and the Fakers – 4 of the 6 Fakers were adopted and never had to sit at Petsmart, whereas the Grocers… 3 were adopted and didn’t have to go to Petsmart, 3 went to Petsmart, and 2 were adopted the night they went, so yes – the Grocers are the record holders, because only PW had to sit at Petsmart, whereas 3 of the Fakers (if we’re including mama Regina Phalange) had to sit there.

      Whew, I need a nap after all the hard work of remembering that. 🙂

  3. as always, your pics are perfect and perfectly annotated (um, not sure if that is the right word but it sounds so, so grownup). But the pic of Andouille at the end, with the funny expression on his face, is tops. I busted out laughing. And I do wonder what a kitten thinks the first time they see a bird fly.

  4. Oh these kittens are just killing me with the cute! Especially that fluffy butt boy Andouille!!

    Love me some Jake! Look! Even his whiskers are loonified today! Looks like he needs to run a mustache comb through them, lol!