5-18-16 Wednesday

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Readers! Do you live in or near Gulfport, Mississippi? Renee needs a recommendation for a great vet!

This is Bobo:

Renee said: I am moving to Gulfport, MS for a year and I need a good vet. I have one cat with stomatitis and it started acting up yesterday pretty badly. I think i may need to take him once we get down there. I was hoping one of your readers might be in the area and have a good vet they could recommend.

Got a recommendation? Please share in the comments. If you’d rather not post a comment, you can email me at mizrobyn (at) gmail.com and I’ll pass the information along to Renee. Thanks!



I don’t know what Bert is thinkin’ about, but he’s thinkin’ about it real, real hard.

I love that I caught Chanandler Bong in mid-leap, as well as Bert Macklin walking on the footboard like it’s a tightrope.

Chanandler Bong’s got the sleepies.

I love this picture so much, I made it my desktop background.

Princess Consuela readies her slappin’ paw, while Art Vandelay awaits his slap.

Sweet Susie, keeping an eye on me.

You don’t have to put Ken Adams on a pedestal, he’ll do it himself, thank you.

Lineup! Left to right: Susie, Art Vandelay, Princess Consuela, Ken Adams, Bert Macklin and Chanandler Bong.

Chanandler Bong and Susie. This cave has been in the front room for ages. Very occasionally (like once every other month), Alice will hang out in there. For the most part, it’s been ignored. UNTIL NOW. There’s always a kitten hanging out in there, and the other day (when I didn’t have the camera at hand, of course), four of them were piled up in there.

Susie and Bert Macklin. Near the above-mentioned cave is this scratcher. Alice loves to lay in it, and so do the kittens. (I would provide a link where you could find one, but I can’t find one!)


“Today, the back yard can look after itself!” I guess even the Sheriff (Kara) deserves a day off.


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5-18-16 Wednesday — 9 Comments

  1. The header that came up for me today is Mia and her kittens, and that little one covering her mouth as she laughs looks like she (or he, shoot, I don’t know!) was mislabeled and belongs in this group! Who is that little Faker wannabe?

    • That’s Flossie! I’ve thought that exact same thing (that that litter and this could be related) – Mia looks a lot like Regina!

  2. On the lineup picture, it seems Ken Adams is sulking. “I don’t wanna have my picture taken, lady”. ;D

  3. I have found two of those oval scratchy-bed things at TJ Maxx. Just keep checking in, they come and go. Less than $10 each.

    • Oh, I bet I got mine at Homegoods, that’s why I couldn’t find anything in my receipts! I go into Homegoods solely to check out their pet section. 🙂

  4. I love the tuffs of hair on Bobo’s ears. I hope Bobo gets to feeling better.

  5. The slapping paw – that is a bit from How I Met Your Mother! Too funny. In some of your photos, Art V and Ken A. look so much like Mom with their long faces. So cute, wish I could adopt Chanandler. But I am at my 2 cat limit 🙁

  6. Ken really should have been born a Fools. When I see him, all I can think now is Moe Howard. Thanks, Fred.