5-17-16 Tuesday

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In case you read yesterday’s post early and didn’t get back to the site at any point during the day, I edited it about mid-morning to add that the woman who had decided to adopt Susie and Chanandler rethought it over the weekend, and thought Susie and Princess Consuela might work better. Since I’d noticed over the weekend that Susie and Princess Consuela seem to be more bonded to each other, I thought it was a good idea.

So that means that on the 28th Art and Bert are going home together, and Princess Consuela and Susie are going home together. This leaves Ken “Moe”/”Eddie Munster” Adams and Chanandler Bong available – it would be nice if they were adopted together too, wouldn’t it?


The day Regina went off to Petsmart last week, Fred decided it was time to take Stefan up for another visit with the kittens. This time, I had my camera with me.

Art was all ::FLOOF::

So was Princess Consuela.

Princess Consuela was NOT foolin’ around.

Susie got floofed.


Bert Macklin cast a look my way as he slowly went over to investigate this situation.

Art and Susie were all kinds of floofed (aren’t those some fabulous floof suits?), while Stefan was all “?”

The day we let the kittens out into the house – Saturday – it drove Stefan crazy that they wanted nothing to do with him.

“Hi, little kitten, hi! I’m showing you my belly! Come be my buddy!”

“That’s right, sniff my toes. And then we’ll be BEST FRIENDS!”

I keep telling Stefan that if he didn’t jump on them and nibble their necks, they might be more inclined to be friends with him. But that boy just can’t help himself sometimes.

Feather Frenzy play in the front room. If you look closely, you can see that Chanandler had hold of the feather, and she was NOT letting go. Just like her mama!

Ken Adams, racing after that teaser.

Stefan and Art were on my bed, checking each other out, and Stefan couldn’t stand it. He pinned Art down, and Art yelled “MISTER, YOU BETTER UNHAND ME RIGHT NOW!” Stefan’s face is cracking me up. He’s all “What? What’s the matter? I thought we was friends!”


Video! Bert Macklin and Susie wanted to sleep, but Princess Consuela was determined to get them to play (or fight – either was fine with her).

YouTube link.


Maxi, stomping across the yard for her morning snack, and NOT pleased about it. She’s pretty sure that at her advanced age, she should be served breakfast in bed.


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5-17-16 Tuesday — 11 Comments

    • The brick is, I’m sure, yet another tool (like the gym weights holding down the area rug) employed to keep things in place when rambunctious kitties are zooming about and uprooting stuff!

      • Yep, it’s a doorstop. If left to their own devices, the kittens will knock the door all the way open (which blocks the closet door, where the food and litter boxes are) or all the way closed, in which case they’ll scream and scream to be let out. There are actually two bricks, which sit on either side of the door when it’s open. I keep thinking I’ll cover it with something soft so they don’t fall on the corner of one of the bricks and knock all the marshmallow fluff out of their heads, but I haven’t done it yet, obviously.

  1. LOL, Stefan has no idea he’s not a kitten himself or how big he is so he just doesn’t get what the problem is. I love that boy! Can no one handle The Stefan? Poor guy will never have friends!

  2. One..two…CHOMP! Three, THREE licks to get to the center of a kitten!! 😉

  3. I don’t know why, but the phrase “WHILE I SNIFF THIS BRICK” has made me laugh all morning!