5-16-16 Monday

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We have a Khaleesi update to start off your week right!

Alton says: I promised you Khaleesi pictures and it only took a week to get around to sending them to you. She and the Daughter came for a week and have already headed home. It didn’t take her long to claim the top of the cat tree.

She and Lily found each other on the cat tree. What you’re missing in this picture is that Khaleesi was hissing and Lily was growling.

A couple of days later they were more comfortable with each other and settled in for chipmunk patrol.

Sometimes Bubba needed a little quiet time by his favorite chair.

We’ll see her again in a few months!

Thank you so much for the update and pictures, Alton. We sure do love seeing those sweet faces!


On Saturday, someone who was interested in adopting Susie came to visit. She stayed for a while, got some kitten love, and…

She decided she wanted two of them! I was sitting there talking to her, trying to figure out how to casually float the idea of adopting two of them, and she brought it up! After some deliberation, she decided that Susie and Chanandler were the ones.

Edited to add: After thinking about it over the weekend, she decided (with some input from me) that Princess Consuela would be a better choice. Oddly, I had just noticed yesterday that Princess Consuela and Susie seem to be a little more bonded to each other, so it works out well.

The timeline is thus: the kittens are scheduled for their surgeries next Tuesday, May 24th. They’ll get their rabies shots and microchips at the same time. Then, on Saturday (the 28th), Bert and Art will go home with their new family, and Susie and Princess Consuela will go home with theirs.

This leaves Chanandler Bong and Ken “Moe” Adams available for adoption (as well as mama Regina Phalange, who was not adopted over the weekend). If anyone’s interested, let me know and I’ll send you an application!


Regina Phalange, before she went off to Petsmart, obviously. Isn’t she just the prettiest girl?

“No, Mama, no!” says Princess Consuela.

“No, Mama, no! I am CLEAN!”

“Mama, don’t look! It’s that weird lady with the camera again!”

“Mama, stahhhhhhhhp. I’m cleeeeeeean!”

“That right there is a particularly tasty kitten. ::thlurrrp::!”

I call these next few pictures…

Sunshine Through Earses

Ken Adams.

Bert Macklin.

Art Vandelay.

Chanandler Bong.

Susie and Princess Consuela weren’t in the mood to sit in the sun for me, I guess!

On Saturday, because he couldn’t wait one minute longer, Fred opened the screen door at the bottom of the stairs and let the kittens free. Those kittens ran and played and ran and played for about two hours. We shut them back upstairs with me at nap time, and they slept like the dead. They came out again in the evening and watched TV with us, then spent most of yesterday downstairs with us. Stefan was DYING to play with them, got all flirty and batted his eyes at them and sat and watched them play. They wanted nothing to do with him, especially after he lost his cool and jumped at them (I swear he’s a puppy in cat’s clothing). By yesterday afternoon they were less apt to floof and hiss at the permanent residents, and I imagine that in a few more days there’ll actually be some playing.


A while back, awesome reader Fluppette sent us a Feather Frenzy teaser. Yesterday, with the kittens racing around the house, Fred decided it was time to get ’em hoppin’. I took a short video. About 7 seconds in, Princess Consuela hopped up on the chair where Archie was sitting, and got to meet him. There was a little hissing, but Archie wasn’t too concerned with the likes o’ her.

YouTube link.


It’s a Newt in a box. He is clearly SO pleased to see me!


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5-16-16 Monday — 18 Comments

  1. Good to see Khaleesi doing so well! She’s so pretty!
    Oh my gosh, I knew these kittens wouldn’t last long! But before they’re even fixed, wow! Gonna miss them like mad!

    Ok, there is something wrong with those kittens’ leap buttons.. No one jumped until the very end, ONE gray kitten (couldn’t tell which) got some air.. They clearly need more leap lessons!

    • Ha – I think they were sleepy. I’ve told Fred we need to get ’em when they’re first awake in the morning and their bouncers are ready to engage!

  2. Hooray for Chanandler and Susie being adopted together – that means four of them never have to go to Petsmart, ever! Will Art and Princess Consuela go to Petsmart on the 28th?

    • If there’s an available cage, yes, they’ll be going too. Unless they’re adopted first, that is (fingers crossed)!

      • Wouldn’t that be great if Ken Adams and Chanandler Bong were adopted together? I don’t think that I’ve ever had a litter where all the kittens were adopted in pairs (although I have had litters of five where two pairs were adopted together and one by itself!)

        Edited to change Princess Consuela to Chanandler Bong since the adopter changed her mind.

        • I’ve never had it happen, either, though it’s something I always hope for! It was nice of Regina to have an even number of kittens to make it easier, wasn’t it? 🙂

  3. I expected to see those kittens popping like popcorn after that feather teaser! What’s up with that? And YAY for all the adoptions. Now, if only Princess Consuela and Ken “Moe” Adams were adopted together, all would be right in the world. Mama almost deserves the peace and quiet of being adopted all by herself after herding that brood around! 🙂

    • They were getting sleepy, I think. They’d been racing around for the better part of the day – you know how kittens are, either going flat-out or dead to the world. 🙂

  4. Hmmm. I seem to have missed the post about Art and Bert being adopted. Please direct me to that entry or tell me about it. I love mama Regina.

  5. I really wish the mother of dragons could be more assertive. Look at her wandering in and claiming her throne! Thank you as always Alton!

    Love that kiss with Archie. Such a softy!!