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Time to eat! (Oh, wait. It’s ALWAYS time to eat!)

You see Ember over there, laying on her side nursing? A few days ago I walked in to check Khaleesi’s water bowl, and the kittens were all lined up. Ember was laying across the top of the row of kittens, kicking her back feet in the air, nursing. It was the cutest thing EVER.


Despite Scorch’s drama-queen beginning, this is one laid-back litter of kittens.

The ears are starting to come up, you’ll notice.

Puff, checkin’ things out.

Norbert keeps on snoozin’.

Video! They’re two weeks old now, and those Dragons are WILD.

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kitten tails are still the best! toy! ever!, apparently.

Jareth, hanging out in the recliner in Fred’s room and lookin’ grumpy about it.

“Who, me?”

Charming and Aslan, on the cat tree.

Hmmm. One, two, three, four… Where’s the fifth?

“Not. Funny. Lady.”

“Did you know this door is open? It’s not supposed to be open, is it?”

“Why is this door open?”

A girl and her amazing mouse (I can only assume it’s amazing, judging by that expression!)

Here’s a video of Aslan and Buttercup – and then Aslan and Jareth. They’re 8 weeks old now, and they’ve learned how to keep busy!

YouTube link.

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Tommy has always loved to hang out in the grocery bags. It’s his favorite part of grocery day!


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5-16-13 — 21 Comments

  1. Re the Dragons vid: apparently Puff wasn’t in the mood for the upside-down spinning session. And oh those Royals are growing up much too quickly! Slow down, y’all.

  2. Those flailing Dragon legs are adorable. Aslan is a good boy; brother is much better toy.

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Dragon kitties’ paws up in the air!!!! LOL!!!!
    🙂 Take care

  4. Lookit those dirty spots on Ruth’s socks. ERMAGERD. <3

    And, is it me or is Jareth starting to look like he might turn out a bit floofy too?

  5. Ack! The paw flailing in the Dragons video: SO. FREAKIN. CUTE!

    By the way, is this the only occasion you’ve had 2 mama cats give birth within this short of a time span in foster care before?

  6. Dragon ears popping up? Not Puff’s! I think he is going stay just the way he is!

  7. My eight month old kitten, Clove, likes to look at this website with me and purr. She really enjoyed the kitten videos this morning, but when we reached Tommy’s picture her purr became so intense she began to squeak and reached out a paw to tap his image. Tommy now has a girlfriend all the way across the country! Does his charm have no bounds?

    • New band name. (Did someone already call it? I’m working 12-hour days this week and not keeping up with my internet. If no one called it already, as soon as I learn how to play an instrument and magically develop a singing voice, I’m going to name my band Flailing Dragons.)

  8. Also, I want to take a moment and say that Ember just /is/ the cutest thing ever. Period. That pic where she’s grabbing Khaleesi’s paw should be on your front banner. (I noticed you don’t have any mother/baby pics in it!)

  9. All that paw-flailing — does this mean that the Dragons are about ready to start wrasslin’ with each other?

  10. The Dragon babies remind me of turtles when you put them on their backs. They flail and can’t quite get upright again…

    • I was just about to say the same thing. They’re a new kitten-dragon-turtle species! Dra-kit-tles?

  11. Robyn, you’re killing me with that video of the baby dragons! They are just too cute! Ember just falling down to sleep after trying to climb over her sibling — too cute for words.

  12. At the Baby Bottle Nursery the kittens were restless yesterday waiting for their food and I started singing to them and all but one shushed. One little fluffy orange one hissed super loud (probably 3 weeks old) and then growled at me. I told him “If you didn’t want to hear me sing, ya’ll shouldn’t have popped your ears open!” heheheh They can hear some with them all shut up though, right?

    Also, I dare you to watch this video without having one of your cats investigate or without laughing – http://hypervocal.com/vids/2013/cat-freaks-out-lizards/