5-2-16 Monday

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Three years ago yesterday (though I didn’t post about it until two days later), Khaleesi had her litter of kittens. While she was in labor, we got a call that a newborn kitten had lost his mother and siblings, and would we be willing to try introducing the orphan to Khaleesi? We decided to give it a try. The people who had him brought him right to us, and we rubbed him down with a rag covered in birthing goo (sorry to be so technical – and okay, a little gross!) and slipped him in among her kittens. She had one more kitten after he arrived, and though she was puzzled and knew that something wasn’t right, I don’t think she was ever quite sure what had happened. She was a wonderful mother to him as well as her own kittens, and I have to admit that it’s one of my favorite stories.

That kitten, of course, was Norbert – almost always called Norbie – and when he was ready to be adopted, he went off to Chicago to live the wild life with Kirsten.

Here, as a reminder (as if you could ever forget da Norbs!), is a collage of Norbie pics.

And here he is now!

Ready to go on vacation – you’re taking me right?

Thanks for the pictures, Kirsten! You know we love seeing that sweet boy.

Happy third birthday to Norbie, to Hook (formerly Puff), and to Scorch, Ember, and Ruth – and if you adopted one of those kittens (or ANY of our former fosters), we love love LOVE updates!


I don’t usually announce this sort of thing in advance, but I can’t imagine this falling through, so I am announcing that as of Saturday:

They’re still here with us ’til they’re neutered and ID chipped and have all their vaccinations near the end of the month, but they are going home TOGETHER (love it!), and I bet we’ll get updates on them from time to time. Isn’t it awesome?

So just so y’all know: if you’re seriously interested in adopting any of the remaining four kittens (Chanandler Bong, Ken Adams, Princess Consuela, Susie) or Regina Phalange, let me know and I’ll shoot an application your way. They’ll be ready to go in early June. It would be awesome if they could all go straight from here to their new homes.


Can you believe that the Fakers are TWO months old as of yesterday? Here they are at 1 week old, and 2 months old.

Art Vandelay.

Bert Macklin.

Chanandler Bong.

Ken Adams.

Princess Consuela.


And here’s each of them in a posed (or refusing to pose) picture.

Art Vandelay.

Bert Macklin.

Chanandler Bong.

Ken Adams.

Princess Consuela.


Do you get the impression that these kittens are 100% over my shenanigans? I certainly do!

Here are a couple of outtakes from the 2-month pictures.

“What the-? SIR, I demand that you unhand me RIGHT NOW!”

Those are some SERIOUS Ears of Annoyance!

In honor of their birthday, we put the screen door up at the bottom of the stairs and opened the foster room door to let the kittens and Regina have the run of the upstairs. It went well – the kittens spent pretty much the entire day hanging out in Fred’s room. They all came to the bottom of the stairs, looked through the door, and went back upstairs. They definitely enjoyed having more room to roam, though I think it made Regina a little nervous, having her kittens spread all over the upstairs. I’m sure she’ll adjust after a couple of days.


Video! Wild times in the foster room. There’s a lot of Ken Adams and Art Vandelay, some Chanandler Bong – and lots of running and jumping. Which, y’know, is unusual for 2 month old kittens!

YouTube link


“Hmph. KITTENS.”


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5-2-16 Monday — 20 Comments

  1. Ok, who is adopting my little man, Bert? I demand update pics FOREVER! LOL. 🙂 Ok, I will be focusing on little Susie, then. Love her markings!

    Dear Norbert’s mom (a.k.a. Kirsten), thank you soooooo much for the updates. Yes, we do love updates, ever so much. AND we soooo love Norbie. I cannot believe it has been three years! I think a piece of every reader’s heart belongs to your boy. His story is as special as he is.

  2. I can promise updates from Bert and Art. They’re going to a home with a 7 year old girl who is so excited about kitties.

    • Oh, thank you ever so much!!!! You know how certain ones out of each litter get to you!!!

  3. Happy birthday to Khaleesi’s kittens! Her grace is coming here for a few days and I’ll try to get some pictures.

    Congrats to Art and Bert!

  4. Aww, love the Norbie update!
    Yay for the early adoptions, but booo that it’s getting closer to time for them to go! Stop growing already, kittens! Sheesh!
    Miss Bong is certainly giving Fred some wonderful withering looks! I’m surprised he didn’t get singed from the het!

  5. I cannot believe it has been three years since the Norbster was with you Robyn. Time flies. Thank you Kirstin for the update. Speaking of that Robyn, maybe you could make a post about the “most popular” kitties you’ve had. I think Stompers, Rocky Horror Pickle, and those little Cheese Doodles would be among the choice picks for sure (not to slight any of the others of course).

  6. Hooray for Art and Bert already being adopted!!

    (One thing I’ve learned, though, is to NEVER count your kittens adopted until the papers are signed.)

  7. That top right pic of Yoda/Norbie….oh the CUTE!

    Yay for Bert and Mr. Vandelay!

  8. YAY! for the Norbie update (he and his story made a permanent impact on my heart!)
    YAY! for the early adoptions and promise of updates!
    YAY! for the comparison pics – – Regina sure did make some beautiful kittens!
    YAY! for the video of bouncy cats and all pictures in between!
    YAY! for Archie – he’s adorable! Did you yell out “Abercrombie!” before this pic?
    YAY! that I have the vision of Robyn going through the house, with her camera, yelling Abercrombie! at unsuspecting cats and kittens right before she takes the picture! (this is funny to me on a Monday morning! hehe)
    YAY! for Love and Hisses!
    That is all.

  9. I laughed out loud at the off screen crash in the video. Hope whatever crashed is okay. So funny.
    Aw, Norbie. Such a rough entry into our world but so happy he is living the high life. He is so handsome. And it is not possible 3 years have passed. Time does indeed pass way to quickly.

  10. Oh Norbert!!! You are a special “little” man to so many of us! I squee’d when I saw the pictorial (as I do every time his header pops up on this site) and hoped there would be an update picture. 😀

    The Dragons are definitely my favorite litter, though the fluffy Grocers come in a close second!

  11. Awww, Norbdate! Thank you.

    Nothing is cuter than a kitten who is just OVER. IT. LADY.

  12. Chanandler Bong seems to be wondering what Fred is doing with those hands..

    and Kirsten is very lucky she has Norbert.. I ALMOST drove all the way down there to nab him.

  13. Norbs! What a handsome Mancat you grew up to be! Awesome update and we so love updates. Congrats Art and Bert. We’re shedding a little tear to know adorable Art is leaving but wildly happy he’s taking a brother with him. Yippee!