5-1-16 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

(These are pictures and videos that I uploaded to Instagram (and which auto-posted to Facebook and Tumblr) throughout the week. I know not everyone has access to that social media, so I’ll be posting them here once a week so everyone gets to see the cuteness.)

When mama Regina Phalange was off being spayed, the kittens had a very special visitor, Uncle Archie. Art Vandelay took one look and went #FLOOF. #Susie said “Why you floofin’?” And Archie said “I’d like out of this terrible room, please.”

I don’t know what I was doing, but it certainly caught their attention! #PrincessConsuela #BertMacklin #ArtVandelay

#ReginaPhalange, are you having a case of #TheMondays? #EarsOfAnnoyance

“Hi hi innernets, hi! Admire my belly, please. Isn’t it delectable?” #PrincessConsuela

#ReginaPhalange started sharpening her claws, and #KenAdams decided to join in.

#ArtVandelay, hangin’ out.

Time for breakfast! Starting at #ReginaPhalange and going clockwise, we have #ChanandlerBong, #ArtVandelay, #Susie, #BertMacklin and #KenAdams. #PrincessConsuela was too busy to stop and eat.

I appear to have stumbled onto a private #KittySisters meeting, and #PrincessConsuela and #ChanandlerBong are NOT pleased. #YouGoAway

Goodnight, innernets. #ChanandlerBong #PrincessConsuela

It’s only Wednesday, #PrincessConsuela. You can’t have reached #ShenaniganOverload already! #TiredOfYourNonsense

Oh, that little pink nose, those ears, those spots. #ChanandlerBong is the total package!

Kisses from Mama. #ReginaPhalange #PrincessConsuela

#PrincessConsuela is havin’ a think.

“Grab the kitten with bangs,” I said to Fred this morning. (Fred never bothers to learn fosters’ names.)
“I don’t know which one – Oh,” he said. He picked up #KenAdams. “This one with the Moe haircut? Hello, Moe.”
I think I know what Ken Adams’ nickname is going to be.

Hanging out under the ham-mick, biting the silvervine pillow, considering taking a nap. #PrincessConsuela

Goodnight, innernets. #PrincessConsuela #KenAdams

Sunny #Susie.

#BertMacklin, feeling emo in the Mouse Cave.

Goodnight, innernets. #ArtVandelay

#ArtVandelay in the mouse cave, thinking about taking another nap. Little slacker!

The fabulous #PrincessConsuela and her amazing whiskers.

Goodnight, innernets. #ChanandlerBong


All of this week’s videos are combined into one to make it easier for me. Apparently I didn’t share many videos this week, it’s a short one. I can’t believe these kittens are two months old!

YouTube link.


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5-1-16 Weekly Roundup — 7 Comments

  1. Even though I have probably “liked” all of these pictures previously, I want it to be known that I am “liking” them again. 🙂

    • I’m unconvinced that those phrases are what the cats are actually saying. “Have you washed your hands?” while eating from the hand? Really?? I’ve never met a cat yet who cared whether I’d washed my hands recently or not, other than to act insulted at the smell of my hand lotion.

  2. I just noticed in the video that Regina’s fur looks like a reverse skeleton image on her back legs. Her looking at the camera when the kitten starts to nurse cracks me up too!