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This is the amount of fur I got off of Kate in about 30 seconds with the Furminator. The kittens all came over and took turns sniffing it wildly, and then I mooshed it into a ball (so that it held together), and the kittens have been playing with it pretty much nonstop. The best kind of toy – free! Popular! And if the time should come when it gets barfed on, I can toss it on the compost heap! (Yes, cat fur is compostable.)

“Mama! ::poke:poke:: Mama! ::poke:poke:: Mama! ::poke:poke:: I’m hungry! ::poke:poke::”

Buttercup, on my knee, thinking about taking a snooze.

Kate, thinking Deep Thoughts.

And then the kittens came along, and Kate began bathing them.

Not the best picture, but the look on Kate’s face is cracking me UP.

Kate gives Aslan a bath.

Aslan gives Kate a bath.

“I lubs you, Mama.”

“Back atcha, kiddo.”

Charming and Jareth are still eating canned kitten food in the morning and evening (though sometimes I have to point Charming toward the food a couple of times before it clicks in his brain. Bless him, he is not the smartest kitten ever born.), and yesterday Buttercup joined in as well. I couldn’t get Leia interested at all, and she wandered around the room howling sadly. Finally, after everyone else was done eating, she went over to their plate and sniffed around, and then started eating the crumbs they’d left behind. Later, I spotted her eating Babycat from the bowl, so I wonder if she’s been doing that for a while and I just didn’t see it before now.

Aslan is the last holdout. I have smeared chicken baby food on his mouth, have put some canned food in his mouth, and cannot convince him to come over and eat on his own (or from my hand or a spoon). I know it’ll happen eventually, but for the time being he seems content to stick with the milk bar as his (as far as I know) sole food source. Stubborn little brat!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Khaleesi, still widening.

I cannot say that I ever noticed anything like this with Maggie or Kate or Emmy or Kara, but Khaleesi is obviously bigger on her left side than her right.

The alien belly movements continue. Khaleesi’s spending all her time just chilling and relaxing. I don’t even know what to tell you except that I check on her very regularly, and when something happens I will surely let y’all know as soon as possible. I had a dentist appointment yesterday and was away from the house for about an hour and a half. I just KNEW I’d come back to brand new baby dragons, but alas. All I found was Khaleesi looking at me, yawning, and saying “Is it dinner time yet?”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Maxi is pretty sure…

That Spring has sprung. FINALLY.


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5-1-13 — 37 Comments

  1. Here’s hoping that Khaleesi will hand over her cuties soonest. Meanwhile, Aslan and Kate together have made my morning — what a lovely sequence. Thanks, Robyn!

  2. The “I lubs you” picture has to be one of the sweetest ever posted here, and that’s with some very stiff competition!

  3. There STILL not be dragons?!?! I can’t believe it! Come on Khaleesi – give them up!

  4. Good heavens, Khaleesi is getting huge! Poor Mama! We need the patented ‘Fred shows off the belly’ centerfold pic! Maybe that’s what she’s waiting for. 😉

  5. AGGGGH! Maybe Khaleesi is cooking up one BIG baby dragon?

    Also, I think Kate was daydreaming for a moment there about what it will be like when she gets her freedom back. 🙂

    • I think I’m going to try letting her out into the house this weekend and see how it goes. She could use a little time away!

  6. I think Khaleesi is giving you a big raspberry in the second picture for commenting on her stomach size again! 😉

    Also I’m at a conference this week and the hotel has HBO so I got to watch Game of Thrones last night! Now if I only had HBO on demand here …

  7. Hey Robyn,
    You can take that clump of Kate fur to the sink, roll around in your hands with warm water and a little soap. It will felt into a nice ball and you’ll have a longer lasting FREE kitty toy. The other option is to take an old nylon stocking, put the fur down in the toe, tie shut and throw in with you next load of laundry, same end result.

  8. Khaleesi’s babies will be coming on Friday. Because I have a busy day on Friday, and I won’t be able to check every 5 minutes to see if the babies have arrived!

  9. Does Khaleesi spend a lot of time with her tongue sticking out just a little bit? It’s absolutely adorable – but I can’t tell if it’s just the way she is or if she’s talking all the time when you take the pictures!

    I make no predictions about the baybees. I just can’t wait to see them though!!

    • It’s a combination of her talking, and the fact that she’s usually just eaten. I love cats with their tongues sticking out, so I tend to use those more. 🙂

  10. Bigger on one side than the other: Since cats have “horned” uteruses (uteri?), do you think this means she might have more kittens in the left “horn” than she does in the right one? Interesting!

  11. Robyn, I think that when she has her babies, you should post like normal…and at the very end say, “Oh, did I mention that Khaleesi had er babies?” And then just end the post! Such torture that would be! (LOL…yep even to me!) However, you would KNOW that ALL your readers will be back the next day asap! hahahahahah (Well, we would be back anyway).

  12. Take that fur, pour a bit of water on it and roll it between your hands to make a tube and let it dry. Presto chango, best cat toy ever – and you won’t end up with as many tumbleweeds in the kitten room.

  13. I LOVE the “I lubs you, Mama picture is so adorable. I want it on a pillow !!!
    The kittens at the milk bar are so cute and it sure is getting crowded. They look huge next to Mama.
    I think I need Maxi to come over here to let spring know it is time to stick around.
    I agree that you and Fred need a “show off the belly” picture !! It might also show if she really is bigger on the one side.

    • Yes! Put that pic on the cafe press website! Or if I might “borrow” it??

  14. Just saw this “116 Spam Comments Blocked so far by Spam Free WordPress”. Wow…I never realized how bad the spam would be on your site. Yay for the spam blocker!!!!

    • I’m really liking the new spam blocker – it’s definitely not letting any spam through, thank god. Spam comments drive me NUTS.

  15. I will stick my neck out and say that Khaleesi will have seven kittens by Thursday evening 1159 pm EST.

  16. If you are not following on Facebook- Khaleesi’s having her kittens as I speak! 3 so far.