5-2-13 – DING!

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Last evening at 5:30, I posted this picture on Facebook with the caption “Here we go!”

At 7:30ish, I posted this one:

And at 10:45ish, this one:

At this moment (I’m writing this at 11:30 Wednesday night, for the record), Khaleesi is the proud mama of five kittens – a brown tabby, a white with orange, a gray tuxie, a black tuxie, and what appears to be a mostly orange with some white. If I wake in the morning to find that she decided to have more while I was sleeping, I’ll come back and edit this post to reflect that.

I have some errands to run in the morning and a busy day ahead of me, so at this point I don’t expect the full entry about the experience to be up ’til tomorrow morning.

I had already mostly written a post for today, so that’s below.

Also – I had thought that I would stick to dragon names from Game of Thrones. I’m undecided about that and may still go with that, but just in case I opt to go with dragon names in general, but if you have a good one, feel free to leave it in the comments! Edited to add, 7:04 am: There are still a total of 5 kittens (and this does include the little orphan.) Khaleesi and the babies are doing great and I look forward to giving y’all the details in tomorrow’s post. πŸ™‚

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Would you care for a cuppa kitteh to start your day?

Or perhaps you’d prefer a floofier, more robust flavor?

This flavor is also pretty robust and a little bit naughty.

So strong it can stand up and plug itself in!

Didn’t I predict this?

All five in one bed!

I love how COMFY Aslan is. “A bed made of kittens is the best idea EVER!”

It only took about 300 tries to get them to all look in my general direction. That’s Leia in the back, Buttercup right in front of her, Aslan in the middle, Jareth over there on the right, and Charming in the front.

Someone’s always gotta be the funny guy.

Grumpy faces.

Leia, chortling.

And Aslan stretching, while Leia grumps.

Yesterday, when I took Kate her mid-day snack, Charming and Leia pretty much elbowed her out of the way and ate off her plate. Kate is just skin and bones -I’m thinking that it’s time she start getting short breaks from the kittens. This weekend I’m going to try letting her out into the house and see how that goes. I can put her in the bathroom and let her eat to her heart’s content, and then she can check out the house and meet the permanent residents.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


“What babies?”

She’s such a pretty girl.

Oh good lord, the BELLEH.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Newt. Newtles. Newtlebug. Newtlebutt. He’s such a sweet boy!


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  1. Welcome to the world, behbies! And great work, Mama K…you baked a variety pack! Now the fun begins….

  2. Dragon names? Only Puff comes to mind.
    Can’t wait for the whole birth story!! You all did a great job!
    The pictures with the five royals should be submitted somewhere. What cuties.

  3. I’ll take a venti “All 5 In a Bed”, please. Yes, whipped cream sounds good.

    Yay Khaleesi! BABIES!!!! Congratulations pretty lady! Ooo, so can one be named Puff (as in “the Magic Dragon”)?!!!

  4. So if your plan was to weaken me with baby kitten sweetness and then finish me off with the Newtie sucker punch, it worked. πŸ˜‰

    Dragon names… You already know that I am partial to Norbert (as I have suggested it at least a million and one times). Another Harry Potter dragon name? Draco is Latin for dragon.

  5. Yay for babies! I’m partial to Smaug, the dragon in The Hobbit, but I’ve always been a Tolkien geek. There’s Puff, too — might be okay for the gray one, since it could double as meaning “puff of smoke.” And I almost forgot about Elliott, from Pete’s Dragon.

    • Seconding, Elliott from Pete’s Dragon. Norbert would be okay for the black one. Puff just seems too predictable and not that much dragon-like.

  6. Great timing, Mama K! I do love this happened on the second anniversary of the post about The Tornado That Brought Dorfy! The link to the start of her story is the 2011 story under “previously”. It’s hair raising!

  7. Toothless from How To Train your dragon, Spyro, MooShoo (my Siamese’s name!) ,Saphira from Eragon, Scorch,

  8. The Sliver one is obviously “Puff” you can also have a Wyvern, Fafnir (for a golden or gold and white, he guards the Rhinegold!), Draco (Dragon), my husband would of course use Jormungandr (the Norse Serpent/Dragon that lives at the bottom of the world tree) but since that is hard to pronounce and all our kitties with names like that end up with nicknames how about Nessie instead (Monster/Dragon of Loch Ness).

    There’s a wonderful webpage called Famous Dragon names here: http://www.dragonorama.com/famous/

    Have fun, but the Silver one really is Puff! If I could adopted the name would stick even after it came to live with me.

    • I agree with Puff. I didn’t put it on my list cuz it was already mentioned.

  9. Those are some mighty cute kittens you got there. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see Khaleesi’s open their eyes!!

    • Oh and some names (these could be shortened to Val, Arch, ect):
      Balerion – black dragon, largest ever.

      or Dracarys, which means dragonfire in Valyrian (from season 3 GOT)

      Non- Game of Thrones:
      Norbert : Hagrid’s dragon in Harry Potter
      Prothero: The dragon from ‘Looking For Ilyriand’ by Jay Ashton
      Saphira: Eragon’s blue dragon from Christopher Paolini’s “Inheritance” novel trilogy.
      Devon & Cornwall: The “two-headed dragon with an identity crisis” from “Quest for Camelot”
      Mushu: from Disney’s Mulan
      Ness: the dragon of Loch Ness
      Ladon: from Greek mythology, guarded Hera’s golden apples
      Zu: a famous dragon from Sumerian mythology; symbol of chaos

      I can find you more if that wasn’t enough! πŸ˜‰

  10. Oh, she had one in every flavor!!!! Beautiful babies!!!

    Norbert – Harry Potter
    Elliott – The invisible dragon from Pete’s Dragon
    Draco – From Dragon Heart
    Thorn – From Eldest. A red, immature, and vicious dragon who has Murtagh as his rider.
    Ruth – From Dragonriders of Pern.
    Moon – From Baby Unicorn and Baby Dragon
    Katla – A fictional female dragon from the Swedish children’s book.
    Saphira – From Eragon – A kind, fierce, and blue dragon who has Eragon as her rider.
    Toothless – From How To Train Your Dragon
    Falkor – From The Neverending Story
    Scorch – Scorch, a 1,300-year-old puppet dragon created and controlled by Ronn Lucas, main character of a television series that aired on CBS in the early 1990s.
    Fin Fang Foom – From Strange Tales – a member of an entire race of alien dragons, the Kakaranatharans.

  11. Ramoth, the queen dragon from Dragonriders of Pern. she’s also the biggest dragon ever, so maybe for the biggest girl? there’s also Faranth, the first senior queen dragon and Canth who’s the biggest brown dragon on Pern. I add another vote for Ruth frop DRoP. I’m a total DRoP addict though!

    I was so excited to see the posts about babies! yay!!!

    • Seconding the Anne McCaffery theme, as her birthday was a month before these babies arrived. Lots of interesting dragon names in the world she created, Pern. All you have to do is have a ‘th’ at the end of each combination of letters!

    • I was just about to say the same thing about Temeraire! That series has soooo many incredibly cool dragon names, enough for dozens of kittehs! Speaking of kittehs, how unusual is it for a litter that size to have basically none that look even a little alike? Not that I’m suggesting Khaleesi is a ‘ho and all the kittens have different baby daddies (is that even possible?), but in the previous litters you’ve fostered, it seems like there’ve always been at least a couple that looked similar.

      • Khaleesi looks like she has a bit of calico in her – a cali-tabby. Calicos can have any color baby in the rainbow. My black and white tuxie’s mom was a calico. She had 2 tuxies, one orange tabbie, an orange and white, a tortie and a calico.

  12. Baybehs!!!! Of course I’m out of town at a conference so missed all of the posts last night… but what great news to wake up to! Can’t wait for better pictures of the little dragons. I vote for Puff!

    • Wasn’t Puff also the name of the kitty in the Fun with Dick and Jane children’s books? πŸ™‚

  13. I’m not a huge fan of the dragon names from GoT… I think they’re too… I dunno… serious? and not easily pronounceable for when they eventually go to Petsmart. I’m a huge medieval/fantasy fan/reader but if I saw those names on their cages I’d be all “Really? That poor itty bitty needs a new handle, STAT!” hehehehe…People are going to change their names anyway when they get adopted so (and this is just my opinion), I’d go for the FUN names of storybook/fairytale dragons that most families can relate to. Who knows, someone might even decide NOT to change it. I would definitely keep the name Norbert or Puff if I was going to adopt one! πŸ˜€

  14. My husband suggested Falcor – he’s the luck dragon from The NeverEnding Story. Toothless is perfect too since he acts like a cat. I also lile Norbert and Smaug as others have suggested.

    • Replying to myself to add Haku from Spirited Away (also my husband’s suggestion).

  15. Many fantastic ideas above, and I second the Nessie notion. Also, may I recommend the marvelous Terry Pratchett’s Errol, the Night Watch’s swamp-dragon mascot; Ogden Nash’s none-too-brave Custard; Chris D’Lacey’s Gadzooks; and Jennifer Lance’s vegetarian beastie, Herb? Also, thanks to Robyn for letting us in to her world. `Your kindness quite undragons me,’ as E. Nesbit’s creature tells the children in ‘The Last Dragon.’ And Royals and Newt: superb job on not being upstaged by the blessed event!

  16. I agree with sourpuss. I have always thought the names from GOT are too “big” for little baby kitties – even if they are dragons. If you do decide to go outside of the GOT theme, please oh please name the black tuxie Norbert. Kelly’s idea is great – Norbert was adopted just like that little baby. My other dragon names have already been mentioned – Puff, Nessie and Elliott. I had a beautiful all white kitty named Elliott (named after a Nascar driver not the dragon πŸ™‚ ). He was SO smart and a bit of a smart@ss too. Still miss him. Anyway – thank you for giving us a play by play last night. Enjoy those babies!

  17. More beebee kittehs to watch grow, yay!

    Going out on a limb here, and predicting Princess Leia will be the first kitteh adopted in her batch! She’s almost too pretty, looks like a little stuffed kitten toy!

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Don’t listen to them!! Go with all GOT dragon names! That would make the massive nerd in me very happy.

    • That’s the first thing Fred said, “It’s a little Spanky!” A little GIRL Spanky, mind you. πŸ™‚

  18. Drake, Draco, Wyrm, Naga,Lueng, Ryu, Imoogi, Gyu,Azazael, Bolla, Fafnir, Jormungandr, Ladon, Typhon, Yu, Smog, Falkor

    I can keep going πŸ™‚

  19. i knew there would be blood but there looks like there is a RIVER of blood in the left of the picture and i’m troubled by tht… and what do you mean by “the little orphan?” i hope they all do really well and cannot WAIT to see more pics.I think brown kitties seem pretty rare and can’t wait to see more pics!

    • That part of the story is on Facebook, but in a nutshell Robyn got a call yesterday about a kitten born that morning whose mother died and she was able to convince Khaleesi that she had birthed five kittens instead of four. So the little orphan has a new family.

  20. I love these name suggestions! Completely agree the Silver fella should be Puff, and Elliott from Pete’s Dragon if that name isn’t already taken by another Challenger’s House kitty.

    Also, on the famous dragon’s list is Ouroboros, one of my favorite words/ideas. You could call him “Boros” for short.

  21. I had a feeling there would be good news on your blog this morning. Congrats to you & Khaleesi on the 5 beautiful kittens. What a variety… only a Tortie or Calico is missing, but no complaints. Hope they are all well don’t have any problems come up. Can’t wait to see more of them.

    • So far, so good. They’re wiggly, vigorous little things, and their lungs definitely work well. πŸ™‚

  22. Yay for Khaleesi!

    I had to laugh at the kitteh pile photos, with Aslan on top. If you go back to the Day 1 video where the kittens are rolling around in one big squeaking ball and watch carefully – it’s Aslan who initiates that, and Aslan who ends up facing the camera. Some things don’t change XD

  23. I totally think the orphan should be Temeraire. French for temerity. From the Novik book Ann Rose made mention of above.

  24. Oh beautiful Khaleesi!! Huge huge huge congratulations!!! You have beautiful babies just like their beautiful mama!! Same goes for sweet Katie too – beautiful pile of kittens! Take care

  25. I thought she’d have a variety with her colors! You have me stumped with the orphan so I hope you come back and do some ‘splaining!

    Congrats Khaleesi on your new babies!

  26. Lov e the babies. Great job Kahleesi! Leia chortling stopped me in mid-scroll. She’s a doll.

  27. So from what I can figure out from reading the GOT wiki (no, I haven’t gotten in to watching it yet, and I haven’t read the books either, I’m behind. I know.) : it looks like the white with orange one NEEDS to be Viserion (who is described as creamy white with gold). I liked the idea of the black tuxie being named Jon Snow (although he kind of looks like a bad guy – is he?) and I loved the suggestion of Puff for the grey one (Puff the Magic Dragon and a puff of smoke! πŸ™‚ ) Which leaves you with 2 kittens and 2 more GOT dragon names. Seems like providence to me!

    They’re all so cute!! I’m so happy for Khaleesi! She’s already being a good good mama. Sweet girl! Can’t wait to see more pics of the newbies. And I am still in complete love with the Royals and Kate. Ahhhh…. good days. πŸ™‚

    • No, Jon Snow’s not a bad guy. I mean, I haven’t read all the books (still on #1), but at least halfway through the third season he’s a good guy. πŸ™‚

  28. YEAH!!! She popped!

    Love those Royals…..yep – one funny guy in every crowd πŸ™‚

  29. Oh, but if that gray tuxie is a girl, maybe she could get a respite from the dragons and be Jo Barb.

  30. Baaabeees! What an assortment of kittens πŸ™‚ An orphan–is it a kitten or ???

    Khaleesi, congratulations are in order!

  31. It looks like Charming’s eyes are still blue. Is he going to keep his blue eyes? Everyone else’s looks like they have changed…

    • I was onderi g the same thing! Jareth and Buttercup seem to be leaning toward green, while Leia’s look grey (which will make her even more stunning)

      • I’ve got eye pics (though I need to get better ones) in store for tomorrow’s post. πŸ™‚

  32. No one has said Magellan. He was the dragon on the TV show Eureeka’s Castle. It was a kids show with puppets. If you use Puff and Elliott, you simply MUST also use Magellan.

  33. I’ll take a cup of Aslan to go please with a Charming and Jareth for desert!

    It was amazing hearing about Khaleesi and her most adorable babies last night. It so reminded me of when my tuxie Max was born. His Momma let me be there (her water broke while she cuddling me) and watch. I had never seen anything so amazing. Robyn you are so lucky to be able to be there so many times for this miracle. I have to admit I was a little choked up watching facebook. Then I lost it when you told us about the sweet little orphan and how Khaleesi accepted him/her. Animals are amazing in that way, they know what needs to be done.

    There seems to be so many amazing dragon names for these little ones. I do love the idea of Toothless or Norbert for the black tuxie. Falcor, Sephira and Elliot area also amazing names. They might go on my future kitty list.

    Thank you Robyn and Fred for being angels and helping all these wonderful kitties past, present and future. The world needs more people like you.

  34. “Would you care for a cuppa kitteh to start your day?” Yes I would love a cuppa kitteh to start my day.

    My favorite dragon is Mayland Long from R.A. MacAvoy’s “Tea with the Black Dragon” but I don’t see it as a kitten name *sigh*

  35. Whee… I am SO EXCITED about the new kittens!!! And oh, that wee little orphan… have mercy.

    Also — I love the 5-Royals-in-1-bed pictures SO MUCH!!!!

  36. I’m a fan of the TSR “Dragonlance” novels from the 80s and 90s, so I would suggest dragon names from those books, but I can’t find a complete list online, just a Wikipedia entry confirming that yes, there were dragons in the “Dragonlance” books (who’da thunk it?). All I can think of right now is Blaize (spelled just like that), Ember, and Cyan. Cyan was an evil dragon, but I still like the name. I’ll try to find out some more names. Ember was a particularly sweet story, because she was an elderly dragon who sacrificed herself for her human “children.”

  37. I’m sort of fond of Eustace for a dragon’s name. From Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I dunno, I just always thought he got a bad rap in the stories, those other kids could be pretty snooty and full of themselves. (hee hee)

  38. I know it’s not a dragon name, but I would be tempted to call the adoptee Jon Snow. He’s even black (and the book/TV Jon has dark hair).

  39. I had a friend with a gorgeous stuffed dragon named Uther PetDragon (for you Arthurian and Merlin fans out there)

  40. Yay! Baby kittehs! πŸ˜€

    Being the Harry Potter geek that I am, I second “Norbert!” πŸ™‚

  41. Only five kittens? I was expecting a dozen looking at that belly. Glad everyone’s healthy and yes, Kate needs to take care of herself too.

  42. Aww, sweet babies… and so glad Khaleesi consented to take in the little tuxie orphan, poor thing.

    As far as dragon names–as you might be able to guess from my username, I’m a huge dragon enthusiast. LOL Most of the ones I would have suggested have already been mentioned (Custard, Errol, Spyro, Dragonriders of Pern stuff) but for a few which haven’t, one of my favorite authors wrote a 4-book series where the premise was basically ancient Egypt with dragons (thus combining two of my very favorite things in the world–the books are Joust, Alta, Sanctuary, and Aerie by Mercedes Lackey if anyone is interested in reading them). There were LOADS of dragon names in that series, but a few of the more prominent ones were:

    Kashet (male)
    Avatre (female)
    Re-eth-ke (female)
    Bethlan (female)
    Tathulan (female)
    Deoth (male)
    Apetma (female)
    Se-atmen (female)
    Wastet (male)
    Khaleph (male)

  43. I was trying to find the name of the Reluctant Dragon, but apparently it’s just.. Dragon. Love the idea of the dragon names from How to train your dragon. Fishlegs comes to mind immediately. But that may be the owner, not the dragon, let me look that up! …and no, rats Fishlegs is the guy, his dragon is Horrorcow, not a good kitten name probably, neither are the rest: Fireword, Seaslug, Killer, Newt’s breath, Hookfang, Purple Death, and Green Death.

    Just love the kitten pictures, can’t wait to see more of the little darlings!
    And yes please, I’ll take a cup of kitten!
    Newt, you’re adorable!

    • I dunno, I think Newt’s Breath and Hookfang would be fairly good names. Accurate, if not particularly lovable!

  44. Just read about the 5th kitten being the orphan. Really awesome that Khaleesi accepted him/her into the family. I guessed right for Kate’s Royals (5), and a week or so back I guessed 4 little Dragons for Khaleesi. Looks like I’m on a roll… maybe I’ll go buy a lottery ticket LOL.
    Looking foward to watching them grow up.

  45. YAY! Babies! Good job, Khaleesi, and what a good Mama, taking in the orphan kitteh, too. Glad everyone is healthy and doing well.

  46. What Orphan? I don’t get it and it’s driving me crazy. I read your facebook, I follow you on twitter, and I check this blog about every day, and I’ve read the archives and done a search on your site. WHO’S AN ORPHAN? WHaaaaaaaa!

      • Thank you! I didn’t know there was a Love and Hisses page on FB. Have you thought about naming them after the Starks? The Orphan could be John Snow! (Sorry if this has been discussed, I’m obviously way behind!)

    • I think the black and white kitten DOES have a different father…and mother too. But in order to have lots of variety in the kittens what you need is lots of variety in the genes – so be two different genes at each site rather than two of one kind.

      Since Mom has orange and black, half her boys will be orange and half black. Depending on Dad’s color, half the girls will be solid his color, half calico.

      There’s a dilute blue kitten so mom (and dad) must have a dilute gene. But since some aren’t, then someone snuck in a dominant non-dilute.

      Mom also has ‘with white’ so the levels of whiteness can vary if dad contributes one as well.

      So this kind of variety doesn’t seem too strange to me.

  47. Welcome to the world, sweet tiny babies! And great job, Khaleesi! I am so happy for that poor little orphan boy or girl. Can’t wait to see them up close and get to know them as they grow up!

  48. I like the name Saphira for the white and orange girl. Giving her an “S” name seems like a nice tribute to Spanky.
    Aside from Puff, which I am partial to because that’s one of my cat’s nicknames (because she came running when I was quoting Homer Simpson. “Here Puff!”) the only other dragon name I can think of is Trogdor. I’d give a link but I’m not quite sure how with my tablet. I don’t think I’d name a poor, defenseless kitten that.

  49. By the way, did you ever find out where the heck Fred went to when he locked you in the room?