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2012-05-02 (1)
You know, I don’t EVEN know where all that dust in the air in front of Logie came from. Maybe someone just sneezed or kicked up dust in the litter box. I sure didn’t notice it when I was taking the picture. Ignore the dust, appreciate the pretty kitten.

2012-05-02 (2)
Darwin, rolling around in the sun.

2012-05-02 (3)
Someone mentioned yesterday (I think) that Logie’s eyes appear to be changing. You can’t really tell in this picture, but they’re not blue anymore, they’re green. I’ll try to get a picture that shows her eye color better. I think all these kittens are going to have green eyes like their mama.

2012-05-02 (4)
I love that you can see her bottom teeth. I’m sure she was opening her mouth to complain that I was taking her picture instead of petting her.

2012-05-02 (11)
A catkin was dragged into the house and got into the guest bedroom. Newbery was a man obsessed.

2012-05-02 (5)
Then he tried to eat it, and it was apparently not very tasty.

2012-05-02 (6)

2012-05-02 (7)

2012-05-02 (8)

2012-05-02 (9)
“You must rub da belleh.”

2012-05-02 (10)
Bath time for Darwin.

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I got some video when Newbery was trying to decide if the catkin was friend or foe, as well as some playful footage:

YouTube link

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Emmy was spayed yesterday. I dropped her off in the morning (she went to the North Alabama Spay/ Neuter clinic). Fred actually had to go into work late because I just knew she wasn’t going to let ME put her in the carrier. She was NOT happy about being put in the carrier, but once he had her by the nape of the neck he was able to contain her long enough to get her in there. She howled until I got the carrier in my car and covered it with a towel, and then she didn’t make a single peep the entire way there.

The vet wasn’t able to get blood from her for a FeLV/ FIV test (she was tested before we got her, but several cats tested FeLV positive, so it was best to have her retested just to be safe.), so they had to wait until she was under anesthesia to be tested. I was worried all day until I got the word that the tests had come back negative. PHEW.

I’ll be leaving here in a bit to go pick her up. I expect she will NOT be a happy girl, but thank god that that’s done and over with. Especially considering that she went into heat starting Sunday. I am not kidding you when I tell you that that girl has got some LUNGS on her, and Monday night into Tuesday morning she was going off all night long.

“She’s probably just lonely,” Fred said. Yeah. I’m sure she WAS. I was reminded of when Kara went into heat and she decided that Spanky was her man, and she followed him around and howled at him and did the low march in front of him and he just looked at her, all appalled, like “I do not know what you want. Please leave me alone.”

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About Joe Bob.

Joe Bob will turn 7 at the end of June.

In early 2007, we had two foster cats, adults named MoonMan and MoonDance. They were with us for a break from the cage at Petsmart, where they’d been for a while. They were with us for, oh, about six weeks. They were very sweet, but MoonDance was a bit intense, and if she was irritated, she had a very loud, very scary scream. It was even worse because there was no warning at all, no hissing or growling, just a high-volume scream. They were set to go back to Petsmart, but then Joe Bob developed a URI and had to stay with us for a few more weeks.

While they were with us, they picked up the nicknames Joe Bob (for MoonMan) and Myrtle (for MoonDance).

MoonDance/ Myrtle was adopted pretty quickly (she was a very sweet cat, but like I said – intense) and eventually Joe Bob went back to Petsmart once he was over his URI. He was adopted out and then returned some time later. He sat at Petsmart for a while longer, and then went back to the shelter. We’d occasionally talk about him because he was really a super-sweet cat and he’d been good friends with Sugarbutt and Tommy and Mister Boogers.

At the end of January 2008, we said goodbye to Spot. We began talking about eventually adopting another cat. I was up for waiting a while, but Fred wanted to do it immediately. We talked about fosters we could keep, and we couldn’t decide what we should do, when Fred remembered MoonMan/ Joe Bob. I was okay with the idea of adopting Joe Bob, but wanted to wait a few weeks for things to settle down. Fred, however, refuses to wait one minute once he’s made up his mind, and went to the shelter to get him.

Joe Bob is just the sweetest boy. He’s a great big love and will sit and give you the Love Eyes all day long. Unfortunately, despite his previous best-buddies relationship with Mister Boogers and with Tommy and Sugarbutt, he never really clicked with them again. There are times when he and the other cats will be relaxed around each other, but then other times when they hiss and growl at each other. Joe Bob and Maxi do not like each other at ALL, and sometimes Newt and Joe Bob will growl at each other, and other times they just ignore each other. I don’t think it’s only the fault of the other cats – Joe Bob doesn’t like it when the other cats get too close to him, so he growls at them, which causes them to growl at him and then I have to yell “WHY CAN’T YOU ALL JUST GET ALONG” and then they look guilty and oh, it drives me nuts.

He is just such a people lover, though. I mean, I guess he’s a Fred-and-Robyn people lover, which my neighbor discovered when she asked if she could pet him, and Joe Bob saw Fred coming over to pick him up, figured out what was about to happen, and vamoosed in an instant. He’s never hissed or growled at us, never bitten or scratched; I think we could do just about anything to his sweet self, and he’d let us do it, probably purring the entire time.

Also, he’s a talker and if you walk outside and he sees you, he walks over, talking the entire way. Unlike Kara (who says “WHAT are you doing outside, you are NOT supposed to be out here, GET back inside, SCOOT, but rub my belly first!”), Joe Bob is happy to see us and says “HI, I’m so glad to SEE you, come here and give me a KISS, and then a belly rub, please!”

Nicknames: Joe B., Jobey, Jobey-Joe-the-tuxie-do.


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5-2-12 — 28 Comments

  1. Newbery’s got some great big paws going on, and Jobey-Joe could absolutely give lessons in the look of love!

  2. Emmy at the vet reminds me of my Atticus. I’ve been peed on, hissed at, bitten, scratched – and that’s just getting him into the carrier. He howls while waiting for the cab, in the cab (at least we get there in record time), in the waiting room, and while waiting for the Vet. He’s been known to have to wear the “Hannibal Lecter” mask while being examined, just in case he’ll lash out. On overnight stays, when being removed from his cage, the vet techs have had to wear those long leather gloves for protection. He’s a spitfire, that boy is.

    Then once home, Gandalf and Malcolm are all in his face because he smells funny from the vet’s office. Much hissing and puffing and pissing matches (not peeing pissing matches…) ensue.

    It’s always a crapshoot whether or not he’ll even make it to the vet’s office…

    • My late, great Einstein got so upset and worked up by the vet’s office that I feared she would either seriously hurt someone or have a stroke while she was there. I can’t prove it, but I think she was mistreated (borderline abused) by a vet or vet tech when she was about 2 years old (she was absolutely fine with it before then, even enjoyed her visits). During the last 7 years of her long life, I was blessed to have found a vet who made house calls. She didn’t get the benefit of all of the office technology, but she was able to stay home which reduced her stress about the strange man poking her.

      • At least one vet we’ve visited refers to my Philo as “Philo the Psycho.” I’ve been told before by a vet that “bottle babies” tend to get very attached to their humans, but don’t like anyone else touching them.

    • I’m thinking that all vet offices should have a “happy day” where you can take your cat in to be petted, given treats – so that cats have the occasional positive experience there and not just negative ones where they’re being jabbed and prodded!

  3. Love the invasion of the catkin video – I had heard the term and seen them before but never realized that catkin was the name of those stringy tree things. And it has got to be reassuring to you that as long as the Noms are in residence, your home is safeguarded against catkins!

    Thanks for the Joe-Bob backstory – it’s great reading the tails…er…tales…of the permanent residents!

  4. Dust? That’s not dust. That’s Logie’s magic kitten aura caught on film. Our babies aren’t looking like babies so much anymore. Eyes changing color and I swear their legs are getting as long as a giraffe’s!

    Sweet, handsome Joe Bob. Wonder what happened between his foster stay at Crooked Acres and coming back home as a permanent resident that changed his view on other cats? You can just tell he loves YOU in all these pictures, though.

    Good luck with Emmy, today.

  5. The second pic of Newbery with that catkin made me giggle. Such a great shot. I hope Emmy is doing OK. I didn’t realize she would go into heat again that quickly. Was it because she wasn’t nursing any more? Or would she go into heat even if she was nursing?

      • I’m pretty sure Kara was nursing when she went into heat. And for that matter I’m thinking that Maggie may have gone into heat while she was still nursing, too.

  6. I love the picture of Newbery with the derpy expression, post-catkin-tasting. “Bleah, I say! Bleah!”

  7. I love the profiles of the permanent residents. I hope you do them for the residents no longer with you, especially Coltrane and Mr. Boogers.

  8. I also love the post tasting expression. Great capture!

    and that isn’t dust, Logie “sparkles” πŸ™‚

    Logie is just so attractive she even attracts dust..

    what I was really thinking which is “what dust??” I guess you have to bigify the picture to see it.

  9. OK, ugh, you are scaring me about Emmy going into heat already, since Tabitha is about a week behind her as milestones go… My kittens are all eating and drinking on their own, and I rarely catch anybody nursing much, though Tabitha is still “fully loaded”. Another question for the vet tomorrow morning! πŸ™‚

    And you call that dusty??? Dang, I feel compelled to go vacuum the nursery again now…

    Snow Bob!! Love those shots of Southern kitties in the rare white stuff!

    • Love the Snow Bob! Very clever and it didn’t even occur to me how out of place a snow picture is for Alabama! I hated geography almost as much as math. I don’t get it because now it’s very interesting. Math will always be torture.

  10. Robyn, I’m certain that your home dirty is a heckuva lot cleaner than my home clean! I didn’t even notice the dust!

    I love this batch of photos and am very glad that you featured my love my love, Joe Bob, my love!

  11. P.S. It’s amazing that it’s been one year since those huge tornadoes ripped through Alabama and blew in Dorothy! How time flies…

    • I heard on the radio that for the first time since (I think) 2004, no tornadoes touched down in North Alabama in April. I think Mother Nature’s trying to make it up to us!

  12. It was wonderful how you described the very different type of talkers Maxi and Joe Bob are. Joe Bob is a gorgeous love bug.

  13. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I almost missed Jo Bob’s story day! Ok, I did miss it, but I’m reading it now! I love him, and knowing is story, I love him even more!! I wish I could talk to all the other kitties and tell them that he rocks and they should love him too!
    Kittens are getting so big! So sweet! I love that they’re playing with that thing and the one kitten jumped in and attacked the one playing! w