Kara & babies – 5-2-08

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I made a video of Kaylee and Kara when Kaylee was about four days old. Kaylee’s nursing and I’m talking to Kara and rubbing her belly, and then I was talking to Kara and she got all excited and got up to come over to me for a belly rub, so I left the room so Kaylee could eat, and then there’s another 3 1/2 minutes or so of poor Kaylee wanting NOTHING but to nurse, while Kara grooms herself and lays down on top of the other babies and completely ignores Kaylee. Kaylee finally finds her way to Kara and latches on, but it’s a struggle there for a while!

(Side note: If your heart doesn’t melt and pour out your belly button when Kara rubs her face against Kaylee, there is no hope for you.)

It’s 5 minutes long; sorry about that. I’ve mentioned before that I’m no movie editor, haven’t I?

YouTube link

The kittens’ eyes are slowly continuing to open. Inara now seems to kind of recognize me and will come over to be petted. River’s doing a lot more exploring – I walked into the room yesterday afternoon and Kara was laying in the middle of the floor, and River was nursing. I suspect he’d seen his Momma off in the distance and decided it was time to eat, so tracked her down. Zoe and Kaylee tend to spend more time in the box, but they’re exploring a little more, too.

I love this age, when they still flop around on their stomachs like seals, but respond to being petted (and they certainly do enjoy a good belly rub!) and are starting to see the world.

They kill me with the cute.

Inara, sitting next to Kara and peering up at…. me!

Inara and Zoe, coming out of the box.

River, on an exploratory mission.


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