Kara & babies – 5-1-08

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So, Inara’s eyes are definitely open. They’re a little goopy, though, so I’m putting terramycin in them to help with that. I’ve definitely seen glints of eyeball from Kaylee (both eyes) and River (one eye) and though I haven’t seen Zoe’s eyes yet, she seems to be reacting to light, so I think all is good. Fingers crossed!

I happened to hit a visit to the foster kitten room just right yesterday, and the kittens were feeling social and active. They climbed over and “fought” with each other (“fighting” at this age consists of rolling onto their backs and kicking at each other while whining that someone’s picking on them). Inara can definitely see SOMETHING out of those eyes, because she saw me laying outside the box (the only reason I don’t lay IN the box is ’cause it’s not big enough for me, you understand) and crawled over. I petted her and rubbed her little ears, and then she rolled over onto her back and let me rub her belly. She crawled back into the box, and then River crawled out to visit. Kaylee did, too, and it was very cool to have them come out and visit with me.

I don’t know how I didn’t pick them up and squeeze the heck out of them, though. THEY ARE SO FREAKIN SWEET.



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