Kara & babies – 5-5-08

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These kittens, y’all. They are going to be the DEATH of me, they’re killing me with the cute. Inara and River love to have belly rubs, and will come right over to me for them.

All the kittens have their eyes open – all that worrying for nothing, but what am I if not a worrier? – River’s got one eye that’s still a little bit closed, but it’s open more every day, so I think he’s okay. They’ve all got those gorgeous dark-blue eyes and they’re still working on the focusing part. Inara spent a good five minutes yesterday trying to figure out how to touch my arm with her front paw and when she accomplished it, you could see the “So THAT’S how it’s done!” connections being made in her brain.

I made a video of them yesterday. I apologize profusely for the fact that I am a blithering idiot and apparently cannot shut my mouth to save my life. I watched the video after I’d uploaded it and just cringed. The horror lies not so much in the incessant talking as the incessant INANE talking in a baby voice. Ugh.

But anyway, admire the cute here:

YouTube link

It’s getting much easier to take pictures of them, because they’re spending so much more time out of the box. They sure are adorable little things.

Kaylee, waiting for the belly rub.

Inara, waiting for the belly rub.

Zoe, Inara, and River.


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