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2012-05-01 (1)
Logie and Newbery, in the cat tree condo. It took them about a day to decide that the cat tree is the best thing on earth.

2012-05-01 (2)
“I lubs my sister.” (Darwin and Razzie)

2012-05-01 (3)
Sleepy baby.

2012-05-01 (4)

2012-05-01 (5)

2012-05-01 (6)
Someone just finished eating, apparently.

2012-05-01 (7)

2012-05-01 (8)

2012-05-01 (9)
The other favorite place to be: in the cat beds on the bed.

2012-05-01 (10)
Too bad they hardly have ANY toys to play with.

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Logie would like to say hello. And why are you not petting her? Whyyyyyyy?

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About Kara.

Kara just turned 5.

Kara came to us as a very pregnant cat in April of 2008. She was very friendly from the moment we brought her home, and when she gave birth 24 hours later, she was okay with us being all up in her space. She never minded us handling her babies (she had four), although if they cried she’d run right over to see what we were doing to them.


09DSC00054 05DSC00015

She’s always been the sheriff in charge of smackdowns, and this was made clear to us pretty early on. Mister Boogers was very interested in what was going on in the foster room and would hang around outside the door. We were careful about stopping him from running into the room, but one day I wasn’t fast enough to stop him. He stalked into the foster room, intent on showing those kittens and Kara just who the boss was, and Kara absolutely kicked his butt. By the time he turned around and ran back out of the room, there were tufts of gray fur everywhere, and it was just happenstance that I managed to catch Kara and push her into the bathroom (which is right by the foster room) before she chased him down the stairs and killed him. She’s been in charge of everything ever since.


She was an outstanding mama to her kittens, and she got along okay with our other cats. The kittens went off and were adopted, and finally it was Kara’s turn to go to Petsmart. She spent about a week and a half at Petsmart before we missed her so much that we went and brought her back home. She’s been keeping an eye on things ever since.

I often call her Kara when I’m talking about her to Fred, but more often we call her “Mama”, and if there’s a question about which Mama we’re talking about (Maxi’s also “Mama”), we clarify it by calling her “Upstairs Mama” because she used to hang out upstairs in my room a lot of the time, especially at night. There was a time when there was a nightly kerfuffle between Kara and Miz Poo because Miz Poo would jump up on the bed with me, of course, and Kara took exception to that. She eventually learned that we do NOT pick on the old lady of the house (even 4 years ago, Miz Poo was the old lady of the house!) and there was an uneasy peace.

2011-12-05 (9) 2011-08-18 (53)


Over the past couple of years, Kara stopped coming upstairs and made the top of the dryer – which is located directly next to the back door – her favorite place to be. There are other places she hangs out – sometimes on top of the kitchen cabinets with (not WITH, but in the general vicinity of) Stinkerbelle, sometimes on top of the canning cabinet in the dining room. But we still call her “Upstairs Mama” because “Dryer Mama” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

As part of her sheriff duties, Kara is a worrywart. If she’s in the back yard and she can see us through the fence, she squeaks at us until we’re where she can get to us – and then she scolds us. She’s always thrilled to see us, and will run over to us any time we set foot in the back yard. She’s one of our cats who absolutely adores going out in the back yard, no matter the weather, and if she’s not actually outside, she wants to sit on the dryer and keep an eye on the back yard through the window. She takes her duties seriously.

She’s also our tiniest cat and weighs around 8 pounds. Also, despite her past as a very good mama, she has NO use for kittens and will smack them if they get in her space.


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5-1-12 — 28 Comments

  1. I love the nursing pic with the “paws up” kittens. They look like they’re wearing Mickey Mouse gloves. 😉

    • I loved this picture, too! I also thought that they looked like they were about to be frisked by the cops! 🙂 Love your “mickey mouse gloves” reference!!!!

    • That picture of the nursing kittens with the white paws kills me dead!

    • I thought they were doing “jazz hands” or had their paws spread wide in prayer… what? sure kittens pray. what do you think Ceiling Cat is all about?

  2. In the last two nursing pics, those babies look to be almost the size of Kara!

    • Those babies nursed until the minute they were separated from Kara. I think they were probably close to three months old in that picture!

      • Odd how some Mama cats will allow her kittens to nurse forever and others start weaning them at five or six weeks.

        • I have actually not yet had a mama cat who would cut them off. Kara and Maggie let their babies nurse right up until they were separated, and for that matter so did Emmy. Maybe I’ve just had exceptionally sweet mamas – though of course, I’ve only had three!

  3. I’ve always loved Kara’s beautiful round face. Made me laugh to imagine her going into smackdown mode with the kittens, heh.

  4. Is that the heartbreaking help an animal commercial song playing in the backround of Logie’s video?

    • We have an electric fence around the back yard (in addition to the actual fence itself). If they get too close to the fence, their collar emits a warning beep. If they keep going, they get a short zap. It only takes once for them to get the idea. I’m planning, this summer, to put a barrier around the top of the fence so I can take the collars off of them. I hate how they look in pictures!

  5. I do think I see Logie’s eyes starting to change color. But she’s still a gorgeous little ‘squeaker’!

  6. Never imagined Kara was such a teeny-tiny thing until you posted a picture of her nursing a baby roughly the same size as she was. My teeny-tiny Einstein was also a “smackdown mama” but without ever actually being a mama. The little kitty ladies have a Napoleon complex? I know they have never been together for actual comparison, but how big do you think little Emmy is in relation to Kara?

    We have no elected sheriff in the house, but the dog is referred to as “the deputy” or Deputy Dog because he likes to keep order with the kitties. If they’re scrapping (usually Simba and Tommy), he runs over to get in the middle of it and break it up. Then Norman saunters over, bites the dog in the rear, and tells him to move along. I guess I was wrong… we do have a sheriff. 😉

    During the Logie video, I kept asking myself “How can Robyn torture her like that? Why doesn’t she drop the camera and pick up that baby?” Thinking the abrupt end of the video meant you couldn’t deny her anymore. Air kisses to Emmy today (wouldn’t think about offering her any other kind!).

    • I actually had to ask Fred – since he’s picked Emmy up and I would never dare to – and he said that he thinks she’s just a bit bigger than Kara, but not much.

  7. Awwww Logie and her tiny teeny squeek!

    Happy 5 years birthday gorgeous Kara!! Take care

  8. I love Sheriff Mama and how she is SO reprimanding you for whatever you were doing in the second outside picture! I certainly hope you never did it again! 😉

    Sweet Logie…how could anyone resist petting you??

  9. Sheriff Mama…the Regulator! Giver of smackdowns, administrator of justice. Also darned cute. ♥

  10. Logie says hello the same way (waggy tail) my one female kitty (Abigail) does; the only difference is that Abigail rarely says anything. I had never noticed it until you (Robyn) said something about it. My three male cats just have their tails straight up when they say hello. Odd, that.