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Aslan, atop the ess, lookin’ for someone to swipe at.

Charming, standing up and waving his front paws around in an attempt to show Jareth who the boss is.

Charming in motion.

Buttercup on the window sill. Yep, THIS doesn’t make me nervous at ALL.

I swear I’m going to have to line the floor with foam so she doesn’t hurt herself by falling.

Leia, keeping an eye on all the goings-on. Ignore how terrible that cat tree looks. I actually went upstairs and Furminated it after I saw this picture!

Aslan is apparently not only the Swiper, he’s the Biter.

But he prefers to swipe.

“HALLO, Mister Mouse scratchy thing!” It won’t be long before I find one of them hanging onto that thing and swinging back and forth.

But for now, Leia will stay on the ground.

Can you believe they’re SIX weeks old already? I weighed them last night (weights are at the bottom of their page) and found that Charming is just a bit under two pounds. He is going to be one BIG kitty! Leia’s now the smallest – it’s funny that if you put her next to Aslan, she looks much bigger, but it’s ALL fluff.

Charming and Jareth are now eating canned food pretty regularly. I bring in canned kitten food specifically for the kittens in the morning and evening. Both Charming and Jareth now run toward me with MUCH excitement when they see me walk in the door. They generally need a little help figuring out where the food is, but once they get going, they eat well. I got Buttercup interested yesterday by offering her chicken baby food – I’ve also seen her take bites off of Kate’s plate (Kate gets five 3-ounce cans of food every day, as well as having dry food available to her at all times). Aslan and Leia cannot be enticed with baby food or canned food. They’re not losing weight, so they’re eating something (they could be why Kate is skin and bones, I guess!). They very well might be eating the Royal Canin Babycat when I’m not around.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Okay, so, like, I think I might be ready to have these babies. While I sharpen my claws on your socks, I need you to tell me this: do I need to show them them the litter box as soon as they’re born, or will they find it on their own? How does this whole litter box thing work again?”


“FORGET IT. I’m not doing THAT! They can just stay where they are!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The other two pictures from the Tommy-and-Sugarbutt series (which started yesterday).

Tom Cullen, livin’ dangerously.


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4-30-13 — 31 Comments

  1. The series of pics with Khaleesi is hysterical. How can the Royals be 6weeks old already? I was in the hospital last week, and your pics were the one thing I couldn’t miss each day. I missed my own kitties, and hubby said they missed me. As feral kittens, who were about the same age as the Royals are now, I wasn’t sure they would ever become socialized. Lots of work, and three years of love, they are two sweet kitties!

  2. Khaleesi and Royals, you are rocking my world — mind you, Khaleesi, you could rock it even more if you let your offspring strut their stuff! As always, thanks, Robyn.

  3. Soooo cute!!! All the pictures… I want all of them… Mostly I want Khaleesi to have her babehs! Perhaps she’s waiting for a “May Day” delivery? Argh! This is killing me… I’m leaving tonight with no internet access until this weekend… did Khaleesi know this? Is she doing this on purpose? Whaaat? Okay, I’m not thaaaaat self centered. I will, however, expect a very big, very nice surprise when I return, Missy! (talking to Khaleesi, cuz you know she heard that… right? riiiiiight…..) You know I will be checking back as often as possible today… 🙂 sorry, lost all self control a LONG time ago.

  4. We have a scratcher that hangs off the door knob in the foster room….open the door and there is usually at least one kitten hanging off it. 🙂

  5. The Kahleesi pics are hysterical. You owe me a keyboard as I just spit coffee all over mine. So very funny.

  6. LOVE the Khaleesi pictures. I’m pretty sure I would have had the same reaction if I had to do that. Actually. if anyone had given me ALL the insight to raising kids they probably wouldn’t have happened. It’s MUCH more fun to “think and practice” having kids then to actually HAVE THEM! LOL! j/k

    • Ha – so true! This is the great thing about being an aunt or a grandmother (not that I’m a grandmother!) – you get all the fun without all the work. They get cranky? Hand ’em back. 🙂

  7. Awwww, Tommy and Suggie – brudders holding hands and snuggling. Kittens aren’t the only ones who can be sweet! Loved the horrified Khaleesi pictures, too.

  8. Robyn, I picked up one foster kitten last week. Named her Greta she is about 6-7weeks old. Was found outside. She weighs exactly what Leia weighs. Day one she cried and wouldn’t eat, I think she was still nursing her momma but you never know the whole story when someone comes in to the shelter with a “FOUND” kitten. Not exactly acting feral. I got her to eat the Royal Canin Babycat dry, Hills prescription a/d she loves, and a little KMR in a bowl. Didn’t want bottle. After a few days she is now eating and zooming around like a kooky kitten her age should. She needs a playmate so I thought maybe we could sneak her into Kate’s room and Kate might think she is hers, lol. She is grey like Leia..and sweet 🙂

    • I think Kate’s been beaten into submission by the kittens. If you presented her with one and said “Remember Greta?”, she’d just roll over and present the milk bar. 🙂

  9. Sooo…. the kitty countdown continues. You need to tell Khaleesi that you have absolutely no interest in having any more kittens around, and as far as you’re concerned she can just keep them to herself. Once she understands how much you really don’t want want another litter of babies, she’ll produce them in very short order.
    You must be convincing though.. she’ll know if you’re lying.

  10. Oh, good going Robyn! Now that Khaleesi knows the truth about the litter box situation, she’ll NEVER produce those babies!! 😉

  11. I see what you’re doing here, trying to make us believe that Kate was making that horrified face because she had just heard about pottying, when in reality she had just smelled your sock.


    • Shhhhhh. My socks are fresh like a summer breeze! 🙂 (I actually think she could smell Kate’s kittens on them, I’d just come in from the other room!)

      • A summer breeze? Huh-huh.

        I can just picture it. “Kittens? But they’re still in my belly! How can I smell kittens?”

        I can’t wait for the whole gang to be released in gen pop. You *must* wait for baby dragons to be old enough for that before the Royals are off to Petsmart. We want to see cross-litter snuggles!

  12. Buttercup’s (I think it’s Buttercup) face peeking out from under the scratcher in the picture with Aslan biting Charming’s butt kills me dead! Too cute! She must be waiting for the butt biting to be over.

  13. I read this with a “Dora the Explorer” theme in mind. “Swiper, no swiping!” So if Aslan is Swiper, I think Buttercup must be Dora (for her exploration of the windowsill). Khaleesi? The backpack… she’s stuffed to the gills with anything and everything (and if we’re lucky, she’ll offer more than three items when she’s ready to bust!)

  14. You know when you tell us not to look at something in a picture because it’s dirty? That actually calls attention to whatever is dirty. 90% of the time, I would never notice it if you didn’t say something. Just saying.

    Leia is the most precious little thing. She looks almost identical to my angel cat, Pepper, who lived for 18 years as my constant companion. Looking at this kitten makes me smile and breaks my heart at the same time. Also, I have a set of twins named Luke and Leia, so that makes her special, too.