4-30-10 – Maura & the Bookworms.

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Over at The Crazy Cat Lady, have you been following the story of two sweet kittens who have Cerebellar Hypoplasia? This weekend, they’re going home!


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Please note that that’s Maura on the right, Jake on the left, and Miz Poo sniffing Jake’s tail. And NO ONE is hissing or smacking or even growling. It’s a miracle!

Maura, staring out the window at a bird.

We’ve given Maura the run of the house 24/7, and it’s going pretty well. Until last night, we were putting her in the foster room overnight, just to prevent any middle of the night hissing and smacking matches. But she’s been getting along so well with the other cats that we left her out last night, and all was perfectly fine. Have I mentioned what a sweet girl she is? (Only a thousand times!)

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Corbett and Jake.

Bolitar, Reacher and Rhyme. Look at the ATTITUDE I’m getting from Reacher and Rhyme.

Corbett’s all “Yeah, that’s right. I’m laying here smacking the cord to the blinds around.”

“You got a problem with that?”

It’s a rough life.

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Grumpy Spanky, trying to get some shut-eye and not appreciating the interruption.

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Someone asked how Miz Poo is doing. I tried to get a movie with her where I’d ask her a question and she’d answer with her patented Poo chirrup, but it didn’t quite work out. Maybe next time I’ll try it when she’s not laying there sound asleep!

YouTube link


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4-30-10 – Maura & the Bookworms. — 10 Comments

  1. jake and maura, sitting in a tree…

    i heard miz poo purrip, if not chirrup. it was sweet. i love the kitten tail drooped over the side of the bed. i love all of them, all so cuddly.

  2. Miz Poo has the most beautiful calico face! She is very sweet to you and she’s be so much nicer to the babies. Has Maura rubbed off on her a little? I know she’s a Mama’s girl but the kitty tolerance is shocking!

  3. That profile photo of Maura is the most prosh thing ever. My Coco chirrups (her nickname is Cricket) and talks ALL THE TIME. Except when I have the camera; then she is quiet as can be.

  4. Thanks for giving the shoutout to Jane, the kitten mom. I’m sure she needs all the support she can get!

  5. Awwww Mizz Poo!! What a sweetie! But not as grumpy as Spanky! 🙂

    And Maura is looking as beautiful as ever and the bookworms as adorable. What wonderful wonderful pics, thank you!

    Jake is lovely – he stays with Maura and the Bookworms!

    Thanks for the link to Kittenpalooza – how heartbreaking. 🙁

    Take care

  6. Miss Maura seems like such a laid back kitty. It sounds like she has a very exciting weekend in store! 🙂
    I love the pictures of Tommy and Rhyme from your last post. Too cute!

  7. Love Miss Poo. I definitely heard a couple of purrips, so that means the trills would be said if she weren’t so darned sleepy. What a sweet beauty.

  8. Awwwww… the Miss Poo video was so sweet… we could, indeed, hear her little chirps! And her little “indignity” was so darn sweet, too!

    *sigh* I’m actually glad I don’t live closer. Corbett has me smitten and if I did… Well, I will be very jealous of his furever home, that’s for sure!

    Sweet Miss Maura, I’m so glad you’re fitting in with the Love’n’Hisses staff. 🙂

    And “Yay, Robyn!” for the shout outs for Kittenpalooza and Kittykye!

  9. MizPoo is just so beautiful. Her markings are so unique, almost like a Phantom of the Opera mask with the black and white. I just adore her.

    Thanks for the cheers on our boys! I am over the moon about their new home!! 🙂