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Aslan certainly looks guilty, doesn’t he?

You’ll ignore the fact that we didn’t paint the underside of that shelf, right?

I don’t know what Buttercup did to make Charming get all floofy and tail-whippy at her – and it looks like she doesn’t know what she did, either!

I wish I’d gotten a better picture of it, but trust me when I say that his tail was curled up, and it was adorable.

Checking out the plastic bucket of litter. I was very sad when Sam’s stopped carrying Fresh Step litter in those buckets, because they were so HANDY.

Drinkin’ water. I’ve seen most of the kittens lapping at the water – though they don’t seem interested in the fountain.

Jareth and the stuffed kitty.

Aslan’s earned himself the nickname “Swiper” because he likes to hang out on or under the ess, swiping at his siblings as they run by.

Showing off the spotted belly.

Leia was MINDING her own business, playing with the stuffed kitty, when Buttercup ran over and chomped down on her. Leia’s like “What did I do?!”

Just waiting for someone to come on by so he can swipe some more.

Someone asked in the comments if I’ve had long-hair fosters before. I’m sure I’ve had more than I’m remembering at the moment, but the one that came immediately to mind was Jodie – from Rambo and Jodie. Also, all the siblings in The Christmas Kittens litter were long-haired. Then there was Augustus Gloop (Gus) from The Wonkas. Steely Dan and Fagen were both fabulously long-haired. And of course the fabulous blue-eyed Dandelion (now Pearl), who might have been more of a medium-hair. But the majority of fosters have been short haired kitties.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


“What babies? Are there babies? Oh, I like babies. Can I see them?”


Her appetite dropped off… and then it picked back up. Oh, Khaleesi, you like to keep us guessing, don’t you?

“Just think I’ll lay here and chill for a bit.”

No kittens. No babies. Not even any SIGNS that they might be on the horizon. Every time I go in to check on her, she looks RELAXED and not inclined to go into labor any time EVER.


By the way, a couple of people have asked how old Khaleesi is. She’s estimated to be about a year and a half old. At that age, unspayed, I’m going to guess that this isn’t her first litter. Maybe she’s keeping them in there in hopes that she can birth them and they’ll be big enough to eat and use the litter box on their own!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Suggie and Tom. Brudderly love, even at the age of eight. I love it.

He lubs his brudder.


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4-29-13 — 49 Comments

  1. I love the two tuxies! Charming and Buttercup would be mine Im telling you mine!!! πŸ˜€

    Cute and cuddly Im sure!

  2. I love the two tuxies! Charming and Buttercup would be mine Im telling you mine!!! πŸ˜€

    Cute and cuddly Im sure!

  3. Oh, Khaleesi… we will wait until you are ready.. promise.. but We’re. Ready. NOW. I admit to peeking this morning even before my coffee – in the hopes there would be an announcement… and it may be due to the no coffee that in the picture of Suggie and Tom I thought what? who? Tom? did they get a new cat? I’m so used to Tommie that it didn’t register. Off to get coffee now. sheesh!

    • Ha, you’re right – I do usually say “Tommy”, don’t I? In fact, we never call him Tom, I don’t know why I called him that in the post. πŸ™‚

  4. YOU DIDN’T PAINT THE UNDERSIDE OF YOUR SHELF?????? Sorry, I couldn’t ignore it. πŸ˜‰

    Perhaps Khaleesi heard that she’s having baby dragons this time and would rather not, thank you very much. Mama Clarice is guestimated to be around three years old. I hate to think about how many kittens she had raised before the Madisons (and us putting her out of the baby business).

  5. Seeing kittens cavorting: pure joy. Seeing grown-up kitties cuddling: priceless. Come on, Khaleesi girl, today is Robyn’s mother’s birthday; time to give up those little parcels you’ve been keeping all to yourself!

  6. I think she decided to have a Tortie dragon in this litter especially for us Tortie lovers and is just waiting for it to catch up with the other dragons in the litter.

    Ayup.. I predict at least one runty Tortie dragon in this litter.

  7. Oh, Khaleesi, you naughty naughty girl! I know you’re bakin’ ’em good and don’t want to let ’em out of the oven until they’re ready but AGGGGGH! As each day wears on I am more and more obsessed with seeing your little bundles. Please deliver them soon!

  8. My three kitties consist of two brothers who are ten years old and a little girl who is five years old. They all three snuggle and wash each other! Crazy sweet!!

  9. Charming looks like he is “high-fiving” the Fresh Step Kitty on the box. “Good job with the tasty, um, I mean, nice smelling litter!” he says. πŸ˜‰

    I think baby dragons must take longer to bake than normal litters…

  10. being the dragon queen we need to set a fire under that gals tail. or maybe just a ritual burning of some old twigs in the back 40…. We need fire to get those kitten dragons out.

    • You may be on to something. I think photos of a small bonfire with Fred and Robyn doing some ritualistic dance around it is in order. All in favor?

      • They at least need to smudge the room or something. I might even pay money to see Fred and Robyn cavorting around a bonfire in tribal/celtic costume!

        • I think you’re both right. I’d also expect some painted hens eggs. One for each of the 3 dragons….

          • I am now sad that I passed up on the left over plastic Easter eggs at the dollar store this past weekend. Would have made for good picture opportunities! πŸ™‚

  11. Aslan’s belly is adorable.
    The look on Leia’s face when she is getting chomped is hysterical!

  12. Aslan, that belly of yours hasn’t been snorgled anywhere /near/ enough. Robyn, will you get on that for me, please?

  13. FYI, I’m testing a new spam catcher (Akismet is giving me fits lately), and the current plugin I’m testing makes the comments look pretty different. Not sure if I’m crazy about it – but it’ll depend on how good it is at catching spam, I suppose.

    • It freaked me out for a moment cuz I had posted comments early this morning and it was normal. However, I am already use to it and it is “fancy”. πŸ™‚

  14. So I had a dream last night, that I checked L&H Facebook first thing in the morning, and I saw your announcement that Khaleesi had 9 babies in the wee hours of the morning… how she had 7 and you thought she was done, and then 8 & 9 came later and were surprises. Of course, then I woke up and ACTUALLY checked L&H Facebook first thing in the morning, and NO BABIES.

    I’m not sure it’s even possible to have 9 kittens, but apparently my dream-self believes it is!

      • Do you use minnow or worm for baiting your breath?
        I await your reply with bated breath… (c:

        Also, I can’t believe it is nearly 8 pm my time and WHERE ARE THOSE BABIES DANGIT! Khaleesi, I’m -thisclose- to demanding a refund, I’ll have you know!

    • I was just about to leave the same comment. I’ve checked here and FB numerous times today and wondered if I was the only one!

  15. I think we are all checking here and facebook and twitter for the news of BABIES !!!! We better be careful or the sites will crash and then we won’t know when it happens !! There is also a snowstorm happening here I hope there is no power outage !!!

    How many dragons is she holing in there?? I think too many of us have commented on the colors they will be so Khaleesi is trying to bake one of each color.

    The picture of Aslan needs a black bar on it or at least a warning about age appropriateness for viewing !! hee hee

    The last picture of Suggie is marmalade perfection !!! He reminds me of my Nico. sniff sniff makes me miss him so much. Give Suggie a big snuggle for me.

    • I have a friend who puts little gold stars on those “areas” in her pictures. πŸ™‚

          • I hadn’t thought of it like that Andrea ! It would be a good embarrassing photo for his adoptive Momma to use ! That is so funny !

      • Please tell me she does it in an ironic sense. I may have to resign my membership in the human if someone is seriously that disturbed about kitten genitalia. (See also: Victorians and their “petticoats” for articles of furniture that had legs, etc. Although to give the prudish Victorians some credit, even they didn’t actually DO that.)

  16. Oh, that little Aslan is such a pretty boy! Well, hell, they are all just beautiful kittens. I swear, they look like they have grown a ton just in the last few days.

    Khaleesi can hold those babies in for a while longer, ‘cuz I don’t know how much more cute I can take!

  17. Tommy and Sugarbutt! So sweet!
    Khaleesi.. I know you want to bake those babies until they’re done. But I think the fire alarm is about to go off because they’re burnt! Can you please send out a few, just to check?

    • I second this motion! (Am I the only one who has ever eaten a solid dozen fresh-off-the-cookie-sheet cookies under the guise of “checking them for doneness” while making a young child wait until after dinner, and had no regrets about it whatsoever?)

      ETA: Not that I would ever eat kittens. Just saying.

  18. Snuggling Sugarbutt and Tommy on my birthday post?! You do spoil me so, Miz Robyn!

    Happy birthday to Mamma Robyn too! πŸ™‚

    Come on, Khaleesi. We need more ickle baby goodies please!