4-29-09 – The Seven

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Troubles says “hi.”

2009-04-29 (8)

While my parents were here, Caleb earned himself the nickname “Troubles”, because that boy is into EVERYTHING. He races around and races around and races around, and gets into everything, chews on every wire he sees, jumps on all his siblings and kicks and bites them ’til they cry. And then when he gets tired, he climbs up on the nearest human and cries like a big baby. Even if you snuggle him and kiss him and tell him I know, it’s a hard life, it’s okay baby, still he cries until he falls asleep.

Then he sleeps for about ten minutes, and he’s refreshed and ready to race around some more.

He loves to play with his brothers and sisters, but what he REALLY wants is to be buddies with the big cats. The big cats, however, are not all that interested.

They’ve got plenty of friends already, THANKS FOR THE OFFER, KID.

Poor Troubles.

2009-04-29 (12)

2009-04-29 (11)
Inching ever so closer to Mister Boogers (who did not put up with this for long).

2009-04-29 (9)

2009-04-29 (10)
Like a rock, this one sleeps.


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