Kara & babies – 4-29-08

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Sometimes, when the babies are hungry, it looks like Kara is under attack, what with them all climbing on her and squirming and kneading.

It’s so cute I pass out from the sugar shock.

Inara’s eyes are definitely starting to open, and I think Zoe’s eyes are starting to as well (though I can’t quite tell). Kaylee and River, not so much. The shelter manager said eyes open around 10 – 14 days, so I have a few more days before I need to worry. I’m going to run a warm washcloth over their eyes later today in case there’s any gunk holding their eyes closed.

Kitten pictures may be scarce for the next few days; bright light can damage their fresh new eyeballs, and I cannot for the life of me get a decent non-flash shot in that room, since it’s so dark. I mean, I’ll keep trying non-flash pictures and share whatever I get, but don’t hold your breath and don’t worry – there’ll be ten thousand pictures a day when I don’t have to worry about making them blind.


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