4-28-13 – NO babies!

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That is correct. No babies yet. I cannot beLIEVE she hasn’t had them yet. Either they’re going to come out completely grown or she’s got 73 of them in there!


“You needs to stop harassing me, lady.”

This table is in the room; it’s where I store things like paper towels and baby wipes and the like. Β I opened it up to grab the paper towels, and she climbed inside.

Then she started digging at the paper that was in there. She dug and dug until the paper was out of the cabinet.

And then she said “This is cozy. I could give birth here!”

And then she said “Just kidding! What babies? Pet me.”

“Did I mention the whiskers?”

I did get some alien belly video! I’m posting it in hopes that it’ll make her go into labor immediately. With both Emmy and Kate, once I’d posted the videos of their alien bellies, Β they gave birth the very next morning. I’m hoping it works that way for Khaleesi, because the wait is driving me NUTS. The first segment, you don’t really see anything but her laying there and purring. I just thought she looked so pretty (and it shows how big her belly is) that I wanted to make sure y’all saw it. The second segment is where you see the movement. I shot it from above, because it shows better that way.

YouTube link.

Hopefully we’ll have babies in the next 24 hours!!!


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4-28-13 – NO babies! — 46 Comments

  1. This poor kitty looks like one of those skinny bolink girls with the chicken legs who get pregnant and have a beach ball belly but no other indication of pregnancy (like a fat[ter] ass or puffy face or swollen ankles)(I hate those skinny bolinks girls). And then fifteen minutes after giving birth, they snap back to skinny bolinkness with no baby fat, no extra skin, no stretch marks. Freakin’ aliens.


    I think those babies will be here tomorrow. Toooooooomorroooooooow, toooooooooomorrrooooooow….

    Sorry. Again.

    Too much coffee.

    • Help me out: What on earth is a bolink girl? I’ve been staring at my keyboard trying to think of likely typos, running down every reality show I’ve heard of/seen mentioned, even tested out a few ethnic-label references. Google’s just giving me some kind of race car and what I hope are breakfast sausages. Halp!

      Also, Robyn, please let Khaleesi know that 73 babies is not necessary. I’ll consider her contractual obligation fulfilled when she delivers the afore-requested dozen. (c:

        • The “bolink” goes with the skinny, not the girl. Maybe I should have hyphenated it. Skinny-bolink girl. It’s just an expression, I guess? Or I should’ve just said skinny-bolink.

          Hmmm. I just googled it and got this: http://tinyurl.com/cx489c2 Which sort of makes sense as my father was from Brooklyn, so maybe that’s how I picked it up??

  2. AAGGGGH! Her face is so precious! I think she’s holding off because she knows that once those babies come, FUNTIME IS OVER.

  3. Whoever adopts this adorably sweet beauty is going to hit the kitty jackpot. Carry on, Khaleesi girl!

  4. Dear GOD! That poor cat is HUGE!!!!!!!!! There is NO WAY she’s not WILDLY uncomfortable!!!! HAVE THE BABIES ALREADY!!!

  5. She is just the prettiest girl. And those whiskers ARE quite impressive! Khaleesi, please have those babies/dragons soon!

  6. Looks like first stage labor to me, but like human Moms, sometimes kitty Mommas have a few false starts and stops. When she starts panting and the belly really moving – it is very close to show time.

    • I think you’re right! Right now she’s sprawled out in the middle of her room, without a care in the world. COME ON, KHALEESI! Geez!

        • And Dangit (short for Dagnabbit) I’ve just managed to escape from the Random vortex, where I was reacquainted with young Clairee and then her slightly older renamed self, Mercury. She and Khaleesi have very similar features — great big eyes, similar noses, and very long whiskers; I wonder if they’re related — wait, did I just hear laughter? But seriously . . .

        • I endorse this naming theme! You could even go with middle names – Gosh Dangit, Jeez Louise, and Darn Blabbit.

          And, before I forget it, the favorite “cuss” of a dear and devout friend: “John Brownit.”

  7. I love how her stripes/markings seem to ungulate with the wriggling babies occasionally. Ok, so they say that a cats whiskers will grow as long as the cat is wide so they know what space they can get into… If that’s true, then I think we all know why her whiskers are so LONG! And growing! Does she always pant like that or is it the onset of labor maybe? Girlfriend looks like she was late for the donut store opening and ran, er waddled, all the way!

    • I think it was more purring than panting – or maybe a combination. She purrs very very hard, all the time. πŸ™‚

  8. Khaleesi is SO pretty. I don’t think I have ever seen a cat with markings quite like hers.

  9. There’s an impressive picture of a pregnant cat here: http://www.fortlangley.com/kittens
    Scroll halfway down and you’ll see the birdseye view. Also: a livestream kittencam of six kittens born March 18th.
    I haven’t completed much work since I discovered that!

  10. Mama Khaleesi!!! You have adorable whiskers – would be great to have baby kitties playing with them, wouldn’t it?!!? Yay!!!! Fingers crossed for a good birth and 73 gorgeous mini Khaleesis! LOL!!

    Take care

  11. I am sure you have told us, but do you know about how old Khaleesi is? She doesn’t look much older than a kitten herself!

  12. Did Khaleesi grow her whiskers out to be as wide as her baby-filled belly? Come on, Khaleesi, you have to be ready to POP! Give us those beebees! Your poor little panting self will be so much more comfortable. She and Kate are both so pretty. You’ve had the run of the pretty Mamas lately, Robyn.

    • Maybe! Boy, I hope they don’t all learn to breathe fire at the same time. Maybe I need to up the insurance on the house! πŸ™‚

  13. Lordy, Khaleesi is adorable! How do you not spend all day kissing that swollen pile-o-kitten belleh?

  14. I’ll be back tomorrow! Hoping for kittens but hoping that no matter when they get here * all will be well *.

  15. Maybe the whiskers are like human women with their hair when pregnant- a number of my friends report that their hair stopped coming out when they were pregnant and it was never shinier or fuller (like everything else, it all went to pieces once they gave birth). May e these are luxurious pregnancy whiskers?