4-27-13 – No babies yet

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Nope. No babies. Not a one. I think someone needs to step up and HAND THEM OVER.

“Who, me?”

“I’m too busy growing the longest whiskers ever! I’ll get around to birthing those babies one day… maybe.”

At this point, I’m almost hoping she waits and has them on Monday. Kate had her babies on my sister’s birthday. Monday is my mother’s birthday, so if Khaleesi had hers on Monday, that would be really neat.

(I will, however, be SUPER thrilled no matter WHEN she has them!)

My goal for today is to get a video of the alien belly. If I do get it, I’ll post it tomorrow. (Also, if she has the babies before Monday, there’ll be a post. If not, there won’t be one. Just so you know!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The always amazed Buttercup and her no-longer-blue eyes.

Aslan likes to sit in the curve of the ess and swipe at his brothers and sisters as they go by.

Aslan, swiping. Charming, astounded.

Leia tried to get a bite of Charming, but(t) he was too fast for her.

“Dude. I desperately need a manicure.”


Miss Leia, taking in some sun.

Jareth, in the cat tree.

They adore this feather teaser. Leia likes to drag it all over the room.


Buttercup, observing.

All five, waking up from a nap. Buttercup and Charming and their matching OH! EM! GEE! expressions are killing me.

Tuxies, stunned.


“And now we naps.”

“Tuxies is crazy.”

“We napping. You go ‘way now.”

“They’re all nuts. Take a few with you when you leave the room, lady. I INSIST.”

Jareth in Chompers McGee mode.

Bath time for Mama.

Video! Just the Royals, being the wild monkeys they are.

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I know it looks like Sheriff Mama was giving Tommy a real talking-to, but in actuality she was going for a head-butt.


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4-27-13 – No babies yet — 25 Comments

      • I was thinking that Charming’s white chest looked like a bib, but Luanne’s description is better.

        • OMG, that is the perfect description. I’ve missed 2 weeks and boy have they grown! Prince Charming truly is a charmer. And dragons coming?! How exciting. There was a news radio commercial that said, ” Miss a Day and Miss A Lot”. I feel the same way about Crooked Acres. Being gone for two weeks feels like years.

        • OMG, that is the perfect description. I’ve missed 2 weeks and boy have they grown! Prince Charming truly is a charmer. And dragons coming?! How exciting. There was a news radio commercial that said, ” Miss a Day and Miss A Lot”. I feel the same way about Love and Hisses. Being gone for two weeks feels like years.

  1. Oh my goodness, that video of the Royals was so cute. They are such sweet little monkeys. Just what I needed today.:)

  2. Royals young and old, you are SO adorable! Khaleesi, you’ll have so much more energy once you have those kittens! OK, maybe not, but your newly svelte physique will make your whiskers seem even more wondrous. Good luck, sweet girl.

  3. Starting to think Khaleesi secretly had her behbeh dragons already and they’re hidden in the room somewhere just so she can keep messing with you…

  4. The Royals Cupcakes look ginormous! They’re what now? 5 weeks?

    I love Khaleesi’s big, round eyes, LOL! She’s all “what is this birthing of which you speak?”.

  5. Sometimes I think Leia has a little bit of Looniness going on with that little grin she has.

  6. It’s really funny that you put up a picture of Tommy and Sheriff Mama because I had a dream about them just last night. I dreamt that I had adopted them for some reason, and one day, I thought to myself, “I haven’t seen Tommy all day long. Where is he?” Then I saw Sheriff Mama on the windowsill staring at something and I realized that Tommy was hiding behind the shade and wasn’t feeling well. His fur wasn’t cleaned and he was skinny. I was all worried that he was really sick and so I asked him what was going on. He could talk, of course, and told me that when he lived at Crooked Acres, he had to have regular treatments of some sort and he hadn’t had it since they came to live me with me, so he got sick. I said that we had to take him to the vet, and he ran and hid because he didn’t want to go. Sheriff Mama was very concerned since she was in charge of watching over him, so she helped me find him (she couldn’t talk, however, but I knew she was trying to help.) We found Tommy and got him in the carrier to bring him to the vet for his treatment, and I knew he would be okay, just as I knew that Sheriff Mama would be pacing around until we got home.

    And then I woke up. I may have been literally shaking my head as I did 🙂

  7. looks likes a few of these will be long hair kittehs… very cute. Have you had long hair fosters before?

  8. WTF, Khaleesi??? You’re swanning around like you can just have those babies whenever you want because you’re the QUEEN or something and… uh… Oh. Never mind…

  9. This post actually made me LOL~
    In the photo ‘Jareth in Chompers McGee mode.’, did you notice those claws???!!!
    Kate asking you to take some babies with you….hahahahahahahah