4-27-10 – Maura & the Bookworms.

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Maura is really coming out of her shell since we’ve allowed her the run of the house. She actually has her favorite spots in the house – in the picture above, she’s laying in the sun in the kitchen. She also likes to hang out on my desk, sometimes she lays by the back door, and in the afternoons she can be found laying in the cat bed on the chair next to my bed. She has her playful moments, and she’s starting to be more interested in the kittens than annoyed by them, especially when the kittens are playing with each other.

Yesterday, she was laying in the kitchen and Rhyme and Bolitar were play-fighting. She reached out and smacked at Rhyme’s tail as it whipped by. He turned and hissed at her, and she just looked at him like “What’s YOUR problem, kid?”

She sure is a sweet girl.

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Corbett and Reacher, watching Kara in the back yard.

Fond of the office supplies, these kittens.

Better call the dishwasher repair guy. It appears we’ve got an infestation of kittens again. ::sigh:: WHERE do they come from??

I love how Rhyme is all “I WILL KEELL YOU!” and Reacher’s like “What’s going on over there?”

Reacher: “Is it snack time yet, you think?”

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“Trying to SLEEP here, lady.”


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4-27-10 – Maura & the Bookworms. — 8 Comments

  1. Maura probably thought you were being insistent that she have kittens. I can see her thinking, “That crazy lady, I kept telling her I wasn’t pregnant, then the doctor tells her also so she goes out and finds a mess of kittens for me to mother. I don’t want to mother, but I would like that extra food to come back.” Now that she knows she can just be Maura, she can finally acknowledge the kittens and play with them. It looks like she is very happy. 🙂

  2. These photos absolutely make my mornings!! They also make me want a kitten which my husband is NOT on board with! (Especially today – with the full moon approaching, our cats are insane!) 🙂

  3. Oh they are such cuties – but seriously I don’t get the fascination with the dishwasher. It is the same way at our house – the older cats don’t really care (they didn’t grow up with a dishwasher) but the 2 younger ones LOVE it still – and Virgil will be 2 in a few months! We always have to do a cat check before starting just to be safe (well, more my boyfriend then me – it isn’t like they are going to fit when it is closed since they are all big).

  4. Aaaaaaw. 🙂 How is Maura getting on with Miss Stinky these days? Is she warming up to any of the Residents?

  5. Who doesn’t like office supplies? Wow, stationery kittens! You can call you next lot after that. You know, Pen and Ream and Post-It and Ink-well…and…Label and…Pencil and Faber Castell and oh, you get what I mean. Ok, maybe HB instead of Pencil. Or I could just leave it up to you. Keep up the excellent snapping. thank-you!

  6. Awwww Maura is an absolutely adorable sweetie!!!

    And it’s so good to know she’s being more relaxed and being more herself now!

    The Bookworms are living up to their names! Apart from little cute psycho Rhyme!! 🙂

    Take care

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