4-27-09 – The Seven

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Beulah roared past the one-pound mark this week – she’s now at one pound, five ounces! She’s still far outweighed by her siblings (Bessie’s the closest, weight-wise, and she weighs a pound more than Beulah now.), but she’s getting there!

Bessie and Caleb are both over two pounds now, so they’ll go to be spayed and neutered this week.

2009-04-27 (1)
Doesn’t it totally look like a patch of orange tabby leaked off her brother onto her stomach?

2009-04-27 (3)

2009-04-27 (4)
I swear she looks just like a little bulldog.

2009-04-27 (5)

I don’t know just how she does it, but somehow she manages to get cuter with every minute that passes.


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